how to use rugs in homes , offices and hotel-A detail guide

how to use rugs in homes , offices and hotel-A detail guide

Rugs are the affixes that can transform your home and all the nooks and corners beautifully. Whether you are changing your home or thinking about the renovation of an old one. One of the most important things in both the processes is to rearrange the furniture and to decide the place of rug that you are choosing to place.

Finding the right area rug is a real challenge. It’s not easy to determine the pattern, the colour and the design. Size measurement is also a challenging task.

 You can quickly fail in the exact size measurement. You can use the rug in many places of your home, such as your dining room, your living room bedroom and even in the kitchens and bathrooms.

Rugs in homes

1. Dining rooms

You can place a rug in the dining room. A dining room rug enhances the overall look and improves the dining experience. Comfortable dining is all that you want. After a Hectic day, peaceful dining is a magical solution to deal with all the tiredness.

You can place a rug under the dining table in such a way that all the chairs can slide and roll easily. For a dining table, you cannot follow half on the half rule. You have to place the chairs entirely on the rug.

You can select shape and design according to the colour scheme. Condition of the rug should be similar to the form of the dining table. Dining room rugs area available in a wide range of collections at the rug gallery Columbus.

2. Kitchen

Rug runners that are suitable to the colour scheme of the kitchen can be used. They can be placed in the vicinity of the sinks. kitchen rugs are designed in such a way that if these rugs encounter any moisture then they will not take a long time to get dry. kitchen rugs have comparatively low pile height. Rug gallery offers you the rug runners at affordable prices.

3. Living rooms

Buying a rug for a living room is quite tricky. You can buy a carpet for a living room by taking proper measurements. First of all, you have to measure the size. Keep in mind that the colour scheme of the surroundings is essential. Buy a rug that suits the walls and the residing furniture. You can use abstract colours with some bold designs if the walls are light and neutral. 

You can buy a neutral and white colour rug if the walls are dark. You can follow and read the decorations tips for a more precise idea in the blog section. These rugs are available at the rug gallery. living room rugs enhance the beauty and elegance of the space. living room rugs have comparatively less traffic so you can also select wool as the best material for living rooms.

4. Bathrooms

Rugs in the bathrooms are the rug mats. Bathroom rugs are low pile rugs that can handle the moisture. Jute rugs, shaggy rugs and the other rug mats are the best and convenient option for the bathrooms rugs. Rugs are so versatile that they rectify the beauty of all the places no matter where they have been placed. bathroom rugs display your great artistic sense and add beauty to this place beyond imagination.

5. Bedrooms

For a rug selection for a bedroom is usually followed by the size of the bed. A king-size bed is almost nine by 12, and a queen size bed is eight by 10.

Always select the rug that fits the size of your bed. Select a large size rug for large beds. You have many options for placing the rug. You can follow the partial method. Place half of the ground on the carpet and half without it. bedroom rugs are variable and you can easily change the bedroom rugs depending on the season and your room decoration..

Rugs under or in front of the bed will provide you with a soft look. You can also place a mat to hold the furniture such as sofas. bedroom Rugs can be placed under the table and the seating placements. Rug runners are also an excellent option to spread them on both sides of the bed.

Rugs are the actual optical illusions. Don’t select a bedroom rug that is too small; it will affect the beauty and style of your interiors.


How to use rugs in the hotels?

Hotels and the hospitality industry need a lot of concentration in providing comfort along with the luxury to the guest. Buying rugs for the hostels are mostly considered in the decoration terms, and the other aspects such as the luxury and comfort of the people coming and residing in the hostel are often neglected.

Additive to the comfort and luxury hotels and its management team is supposed to provide everything along with these mandatory components: safety, protection, cost-effectiveness, cleanliness and unbearable acoustic situations. Designing and decorations aspects are also significant considerations.

Adding a rug and textile flooring is one of the luxurious trends that is being followed up in the hospitality industry. It is a relatively complex task to provide all the things under one roof. But half of the problems will get solved by adding a rug.

You can get all the rugs at the rug store.

If you have ever visited a hotel, you might have some idea about the decoration scheme that how well all the things are managed and arranged. If you look around the hotel space, you see some decoration on walls, placed furniture, vases and some accessories on the table that are quite necessary for the attraction of the visitors.

But have you ever wondered and have a brief look at the floor on which you are walking comfortably. If not then look at the bottom when you visit your favourite hotel next time what kind of textile flooring or rug is used here.

Either the combination of carpets and walls match. Either it’s too fancy or too dull. Rug gallery Columbus has a wide range of rugs for various purposes. To have the best carpet for the hotel, visit the rug gallery.

Buying guidelines

However, there are some essential guidelines on how you can use a rug in the hotel.

●Whenever you buy a rug for a commercial purpose such as for a hotel, try to buy a carpet that is multi functional and can perform many duties at the same time.

●Buy the rugs that are perfect for practical use.

●Buy the rugs that will provide comfort and warmth.

●Buy the rugs for a hotel that are meaningful because hotels are destined to manage a long array of the events at different times in a different season. So invest wisely that one rug will satisfy the need of all the possibilities.

●Themes or aesthetics given by the host must be satisfied.

●Best rugs are the ones that perform their function in a highly efficient way. They must overcome the visual and functional aesthetics.

These are the buying guidelines and how to use the rugs in the hostel is one of the most significant queries yet to be answered.

Rugs are the real signature pieces that transform the whole location and interior decoration. Rugs are an excellent addition to the floor for the protection of the wood or marble underneath. Hotels are the places where unusual traffic is not a big deal, and the bottom is vulnerable to continuous wear and tear.

These rugs are sources of beauty, but they also need continuous cleaning and maintenance.


1. Space guidelines

For having the best rug, first of all, you must have a clear idea about what is the actual measurement of your space. If you are a bit confused than following the” bigger is better” rule. Buy a large rug. For large areas that are oversized buy a shaggy or a solid colour rug.

These rugs attract visitors because of their stable composition. However, if the hotel has a vast hallway then always go for a rug runner. Rug runner adds style to the place. You can also add a runner in the large room which will enhance the elegance.

2. Room to room guidelines

Room to Room variations play an important role. This is a straightforward thing that one rug size will not fit in every place. Depending on the size of the room and its accessories, you can select a rug. Furniture plays a vital role in the rug selection.

In a bedroom, you cannot use the same size rug as it is on the bed if you are using the same size rug then place the half of the ground on the rug and display the other half.

For the dining zone by a rug that must be large enough that all the chairs can be placed comfortably on it. Rugs under the dining table will help a lot in the safe sliding of chairs without damaging the floor. At the rug store, you can buy all sizes contentedly.

3. Shape guidelines

Shape consideration is crucial. Rectangular shape rugs are better for the rectangular rooms. You can read the shape selection blog in the blog section. Rectangular shapes usually complement the space. These rugs hold the furniture in the best way.

Circular shapes can defeat the purpose if they are used in the rectangular spaces. Circular rugs work well under the circular accessories such as a round table.

4. Flooring guidelines

Floor consideration is an integral part of selecting a rug. Underneath flooring type will improve your view about adding a rug. For example, if the floor is already carpeted and you are thinking of adding a carpet over it, then it will defeat the whole purpose of adding a rug for decoration. You can use this option but in contrast.

To prevent the sliding of the rug lying over the carpet try to place some furniture in the array. Utilising a rug over the hardwood flooring is more appropriate. Hotels that have such kind of flooring can use a rug to ensure safety. You can use a suitable rug from the rug store.

5. Maintenance guidelines

Hotels need much maintenance in everything. Rugs are the critical point which gets visual interaction as soon as someone gets on the floor. Clean carpets are essential to maintain the pristine of the floor.

Great establishments such as the hotel and hospitality sectors are exceptionally known for interior decoration. So if your establishment has no rug yet, visit the rug gallery Columbus to have the one best of your choice. 


How to use rugs in the offices?

Adding a rug to the office is key to transformation and change. Carpets in the offices and workplace are the best way to reflect the spirit, style, work and overall ethics of the company. Just like the handmade rugs have their own particular identity and when these rugs sit in your office, they will also enhance the ethos of the office. This unique rug will be a unique addition to your company.

Making a beautiful office space is a source of inspiration, creativity and productivity.

Quality of work in any work place depends highly on the working environment. Comfortable and luxurious working places will enhance the ability of the work and boost up their spirits every day.

Adding a rug in the office is not a much-adopted idea until now. But in this blog, you will find out the guidelines and the ways by which you can enhance the look of your office is a great way.

Floors of the office are usually bare, and traffic sounds on such floors are quite irritating. Adding a rug on such bare feet is a beautiful way to brighten up the look of the office. To transform the office and to feel like home, a rug is one solution to many problems. You can get the rugs at the rug gallery Columbus.

Rugs with vibrant colours and beautiful designs and patterns will magically change the appearance of the offices.

You cannot work in a boring place. It will tire your soul and body. No matter either you are working in a company office or using your homeroom as an office. You always need some charm and colours to work by adding a rug all the worn-out spaces will transform into the formal and decorated rooms.

While renovating your office, first of all, put some attention to the floors. To refresh the look, change the flooring concept. You can use the hardwood flooring or can also carpet the floor. You can do anything, but adding a rug is the real effort, and the way you use the carpet is the real struggle.

Here are some guidelines on how you can add a rug in your office to make it more attractive

1. Bold colours

You can use bold colours and hues around the office with a brilliant splash. You can also use a rug with neutral colours if the overall colour scheme is bold.

2. Develop a rhythm

Don’t use a random scheme. Try to make a rhythm. You can use sophisticated designs with the patterns.

3. Rug texture

According to the location, you can also add texture. Rug texture can, flat weave or handwoven. The choice is all yours.

4. Bigger is better

You can augment your interest by using an area rug. Area rugs are available at the rug store. You can add an area rug under your desk and chair. Following the larger is a better concept. Buy an area rug large enough to slide and roll the chairs easily. Carpets must be good enough in the material so that it can allow the careful and safe rolling of the chair.

5. Rugs for accommodation

Rugs in the offices can be used for accommodation. Large rooms can utilize the rugs for seating arrangements. Size should be good enough so that all the four sides of the carpet will give a good outlook.

6. Rug on doorways

Besides these places, you can also consider adding a rug in the doorways or entrances. You can also consider accommodating a carpet in the hallway if the doors are to be frequently open and close than don’t add a rug

You can clasp the homily feeling in your office with all the comfort and luxury you have ever wished for by adding a rug at your workplace. An area rug can add value to the overall decoration in a decent way. An area rug is a signature that can add style to your location.

You can read all the information related to area rugs In the blog section. It will help you a lot. 

 Frequently asked questions

How to use rugs in hotels?

Rugs create variety, creativity and harmony in any location. Hotels are the places where most of the ceremonies and other events take place. In hotels rugs are used on the floor of halls, in the rooms on the staircases, in bathrooms and in every place where the bare floor is not acceptable and decoration is needed.

How to use rugs at home?

Homes are now incomplete without adding a rug. Rug is a mandatory part of any home that is following contemporary styles. You can add a great touch and a stunning look to the living room, dining zone, and bedrooms by adding this great piece of art. Rugs can also be used in the bathrooms to enhance the decoration. Runner rugs can be used on the staircases, entrances and narrow passageways.

How to use rugs in the office?

In the workplaces or offices try adding a rug at the entrance and in the center of the hall. Try different ways of adding a rug in the offices according to the trend and your own choice. Rugs are so versatile that they can easily enhance the look by anchoring all the things in the place.

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