A complete guide to buying premium quality rugs online

A complete guide to buying premium quality rugs online

There is nothing worth appreciating for comfort when you enter your home, kick off your shoes and step in the best quality rugs. You can your luxurious and high-quality affordable rugs from the rug gallery Columbus.

The soft and smooth texture of the rugs is the best features that rugs have become an essential and integral staple of our homes.  Not only homes but rugs are also getting popular in offices, hotels and many other places.

For getting a cosy and comfortable environment you can use the latest rugs in the kitchens, bedroom, living rooms, on staircases, sitting areas and much more just like in your small nooks and corners of your homes. If you are living in Dublin, Ohio, you can get the high-quality rug from the rug stores in Columbus.

When it comes to the material of the rug, rugs are made up of natural synthetic as well as from human-made materials. A natural material used for rug manufacturing is wool cotton and silk. These materials are environmentally friendly as well as cost-friendly. Synthetic materials usually include polyester, polypropylene, and olefin. Human-made rug materials include nylon and similar other materials from this class.

All of these rug materials have significant variance in terms of softness, durability, texture and natural stain resistance. Living Room rugs and bedroom rugs can be of different sizes. Try to learn decoration tips. These areas are usually high traffic areas. Durable materials work well in high traffic zones.

Rugs made up of synthetic and human-made material are quite affordable and low in prices. These affordable rugs are available at the rug gallery.

As soon as it comes to the types of rugs rather than based on the pile, there are three primary classifications of a rug.

●Rugs with a pile height

●Rugs with a low pile height

●Rugs with no pile

rug material

Flatweave rugs usually have no pile. Kilims, durries and such other rugs from turkey and Pakistan come under the category of no file rugs.

Rugs are having the right pile height inclined in the category of hand-woven or programmed rugs. High pile rugs resemble the carpets in thickness. This thickness or pile height depends on the way the rug is manufactured. Rugs with more thickness readily accept moisture, and they do not quickly get dry.

However, low pile rugs have a low thickness, and they can efficiently deal with moisture as well.

There are various other types of rugs such as

  1. Handmade rugs
  2. Hand-knotted rugs
  3. Hand-loomed rugs
  4. Hand-tufted rugs
  5. Flat weave rugs
  6. Braided rugs
  7. Machine-made rugs

Hand-knotted rugs

Hand-knotted rugs are entirely made rugs by using high-quality fabrics and fibers. These are the rugs made with a great struggle and with amazing artistic effects. These rugs are the most expensive rugs made up of highly refined and luxurious material.

Hand-knotted rugs take a long time to weave, sometimes even years. You can find thousands of knots in per square inch. One of the remarkable facts about handmade rugs is that you cannot find the two same rugs even made by the same person. These are the signature pieces and made by highly skilled people.

Hand-tufted rugs

Hand-tufted rugs are designed using a hand tufting gun. Hand-tufted rugs follow a highly different technique. In this method, fabrics are connected on a metallic canvas, and then by a tufting gun, the rugs are designed. Hand-tufted rugs are very much different from hand-knotted rugs.

Latex is the main ingredient used to refine the quality and to join the fibres of the material. Hand-tufted rugs are stylish and affordable. You can get the best and the latest affordable rugs at the rugs gallery Columbus. These rugs do not quickly get shed over time. Hand-tufted rugs are durable and easily cleaned by using a vacuum machine.

Flat weave rugs

Flat weave rugs have no piles. Kilims and dhurries come under the category of flat weave rugs. These rugs do not shed quickly. Flatweave rugs are usually made and designed on a loom. These rugs are highly thin, luxurious and exquisite. These rugs are usually reversible and highly functional; you can use the rug from both of sides. These are low cost and affordable rugs in 2020. You can quickly get the flatweave rugs at the rug gallery. You can quickly get the flatweave rugs at a low cost from rug stores in Dublin Ohio. These no pile rugs are efficient for the unusually high traffic zones.

Handloom rugs

Hand loom rugs also come under the category of hand-knotted rugs with variation in style. These rugs are very easy to clean. These affordable rugs are available at the rug gallery in Dublin Ohio. These rugs have variation in knots and wefts.

Machine-made rugs

Machine-made rugs are the programmed rugs made by machines. Electronically powered machines do everything. Once the command of design and Pattern is given to the machine, a large number of rugs get prepared.

These affordable rugs are highly efficient and take significantly less time to get constructed. Material for different machine-made rugs is different. Materials that are used include Wool, polypropylene, silk cotton and nylon. These rugs are usually in blended form. Material is blended to enhance durability.

Braided rugs

As the name indicated that these rugs have a braid-like structure. Braided rugs have long and thin stripes, Usually made up of Wool or cotton. These rugs can be used for traditional decoration. These are affordable rugs easily and readily available all the time. These rugs come in various shapes and sizes. Braided rugs are reversible and used on both sides.

Rugs based on style

rugs style

There are three basic rug styles. Mainly include traditional contemporary and transitional.

Traditional style

These are a combination of Asian and European traditions. Traditional patterns are the same since generations. These rugs have unique floral patterns, and they add beauty to the interior decoration. Specific designs such as the medallions floral and geometrical patterns are the real indication of a traditional rug. These rugs are best for casual places and living areas.

Contemporary style

Contemporary rugs are modern rugs. These are designed by using bold colours and stunning patterns. Geometric or free form both elements are used for designing contemporary rug patterns. These rugs give both the traditional and modern looks.

Rug runners

Runner rugs are the long and narrow rugs. These rugs add a stunning look to the narrow spaces. Standard runner rug comes into 6 to 14 feet. Runner rugs add style, beauty and warmth to the place where they are sitting in. bathroom runner rug, bedroom runner rug, kitchen runner rug, and staircase runners are available in all variety and colours at the rug gallery Columbus.

Indoor rugs

Indoor rugs are the delicate and stylish rugs that are placed in the indoor areas. Indoor area rugs can be of any style and material depending on the location and traffic. Indoor area rugs of high quality are durable. All affordable indoor rugs are available at the rug store.

Outdoor rugs

Outdoor rugs add beauty to outdoor places such as gardens and backwards. Outdoor areas get a great shine and style by using the contemporary styles of outdoor rugs. These colourful rugs give a stunning beauty to the place. Outdoor rug material is quite different from indoor rugs. Outdoor rugs are quite challenging and can bear rough wear and tear. Shag rugs work best for outdoors.

Transitional style

The transitional rugs are designed by blending traditional and modern rug styles. These are less formal traditional styles with modern aura. These rugs have a classical look. Transitional rugs have a border and intricate pattern with a very little colour contrast.For subtle feelings, you can use the transitional rug having a traditional look in every area of your home. You can buy transitional kitchen rugs from rug gallery.

Types of rugs based on the shape

The shape of the rug plays a crucial role in determining the overall look of interior decoration. You can decide the shape of the rug on two bases either you decide it based on your personal choice or secondly what shape is required by your room. Rugs also categorised based on shapes and sizes. Depending on the place for which you are buying, you can easily find out the desired shape. However, you cannot use the same size rugs for all the places.


These are the commonly used rug shapes. These rugs are usually available in all the sizes from small size coffee table to a large size bed. Outdoor rugs are usually in the rectangular shapes.


Square shaped rugs used in rooms that have square dimensions. Square Shape seems so awkward under the round table. So stay much professional while choosing rug shape.


Round shape rugs are eye stealer. This shape is highly appealing under the round coffee table, in the small corners and in between the stairs. There are many other shapes, as well.

Types of rugs based on pattern

rug patterns

Buying a rug is not easy when it comes to the selection of rug pattern. Rug pattern selection in a great brawl. Wrong patterns will vanish the decoration of your home, and a good pattern will add 100x beauty as you have expected. You can select any of these rug patterns.


Geometric Pattern usually includes the polka dots, hexagons, polygons, trellis and much more. Contemporary rugs usually have geometric patterns.


As the name indicated that this rug pattern involves the flowers, leave buds and branches. These plant features are grouped or ungrouped. Persian and oriental rugs have this Pattern. This Pattern gives a traditional look.


Southwestern rug pattern is also pervasive. We have traditionally followed since many centuries. This rug pattern will give a unique look to your overall decoration.

Type of rugs based on colors

rug colours

Colour plays a fundamental role in designing and beautifying the interiors decoration. Colour selection of rug is essential. Don't select random colours.

Choose wisely ☺

It's quite challenging when you make a colour selection bluntly. Find out the best suitable rug colour depending on the colour scheme of your room. Colour of furniture and your room wall aids you a lot in picking up the right rug colour.

Adding a rug in the room is usually the final step. Picking rug colour is accessible after the complete renovation of the room. Just look at the room with an eagle eye notice the colour scheme you can easily decide the colour now.You can use the blend both primary and secondary colour for deciding a rug colour.

Rugs based On materials

Rug trends

When it comes to material selection for a rug, a trained eye is usually required. Generally, Wool is considered to be one of the best material for making the rug; however, it is quite expensive and delicate. You cannot use the wool rugs in high traffic zones. By taking good care of rugs, you can use them for an extended period; wool rugs are expensive but most durable.

Cotton rugs vs Wool rugs

Wool has a superiority over the other fibres such as polyester, polypropylene or nylon. Silk is also durable and used for making rugs. Beautiful dhurries and kilims are made of cotton fibre. These rugs are easy to clean and affordable.

Rug buying guidelines

rug buying

Rug buying is not rocket science. If you have a clear idea about the other embellishments of your house, you can buy a perfect rug to enhance the inner and outer beauty of your home. Shopping for a perfect rug needs some special guidelines some of the aspects are given below

Always buy a rug that is worth suitable for your home. Please don't buy a rug that looks odd in its place check for






❖Life style

❖Focal point


Color is one of the fundamental things that we must consider before rug shopping. Suppose you have bright colours in your room, such as bold colours then try to find the right contrast colour that can be neutral or light in the shade.

You can buy a single color rug with a decent and straightforward pattern if your room has already a great deal of fancy decoration. Curtains, throw pillows, bed sheets, and sofas will help you a lot in finding the best rug for your place. Try blight colours with bold and dark walls to give a stunning appearance.


Rug texture selections matter a lot. You can find out the best rug texture if you are having a clear idea about the traffic in that particular area. This is one of the most neglected factors. There is an ostensibly endless variety of rug textures at the rug gallery Columbus Ohio. You can use the sisal or shaggy texture for your home. Sisal is quite hard to walk on. Try to find the rug that gives a smooth feeling.


Rug size is one of the most challenging choices. Try to buy a large rug as compared to a smaller one if you have any confusion. The golden rule of thumb states that buy the larger one or, the bigger is better. Buy a large size rug for the Living Room and bedrooms. Use an appropriate size under the dining tables that all the chairs can easily roll through. You can use the bedroom runner on both sides of the bed in the

Moreover small, medium and large size rugs are available at the rug store Dublin Ohio.

Fibre / Material

Select the rug material wisely. Wool is a good material but is delicate and cannot handle the high traffic with a lot of dirt and traffic. Use human-made and synthetic material rugs for high traffic areas. Material selection is an important thing that you cannot ignore. Rug buying is a worthy investment. You cannot pay for something for what you have to regret later on.


Traditional and all kinds of handmade rugs are very expensive. Wool rugs are costly to buy durable. Try to make a perfect choice at the right place. You can fine the affordable rugs at the rug gallery

Life style

Find out the rug that suits your lifestyle. Don't buy a rug that is too expensive and cannot handle dirt and debris, because the rug is the first place where you step in after entering your home. Don't buy a rug that is against your lifestyle. Buy a rug that gives a cosy and comfortable look to your place. Best and latest rugs in 2020 are available at the rug stores in Ohio.

Focal point

This is not wrong to say and declare the rugs as the central point of your room. Rugs are appealing as well as eye-catching and mostly attract visitors. Try to get the masterpiece for your home. All the affordable rugs are present at the rug gallery Columbus that will add a gorgeous look to you home.

Rugs cleaning

rugs cleaning

❖You can use vacuum cleaning to remove dirt and debris.

❖Sticky soil on the rugs can be removed by using the leaf blowers.

❖Stains can be removed by adding some baking soda and let it dry.

❖Never rub the spill on the rug else colour will fade away.

❖Try to use ammonia or baking soda to remove the odours.

❖Never place the rug in the sunlight; it will weaken the fabric.

❖Use the mild detergent solution to wash the rugs.

Decoration by using rugs

decoration by rugs

●Here are the some tips that you can use for decoration with rugs

●Rugs brighten the room.

●Rugs make the place more spacious.

●Rugs are used for decoration.

●Rugs attract the visitors and persons.

●Rugs enhance safety.

●Rugs modify the color scheme

●Rugs cover the imperfect floorings.

●Rugs absorb the noise.

You can read detail decoration tips in the blog section of rug gallery.

Concluding verdict

The rug is the best addition for a great makeover for your room. No matter what material is, it finds a rug that suits the whole colour scheme of your home? Rug buying is not a challenging task, and there is no hard and fast strategy to buy a rug. Rug gallery offers you the best rug at the affordable prices. Once you visit and buy a rug from the rug store, you will love it in every moment of your life.

Frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions – INSCOL India | INSCOL Uae

1. What size rug for the living room?

Always buy the large size rugs for the living rooms. Rug must be large enough that it can accommodate all the furniture easily. Small size rugs give a dirty and awkward look.

2. How to clean a rug?

Clean the rugs by using the following methods

❖ You can use vacuum cleaning to remove dirt and debris.

❖Sticky soil on the rugs can be removed by using the leaf blowers.

❖Stains can be removed by adding some baking soda and let it dry.

❖Never rub the spill on the rug else colour will fade away.

❖Try to use ammonia or baking soda to remove the odours.

❖Never place the rug in the sunlight; it will weaken the fabric.

❖Use the mild detergent solution to wash the rugs.

3. How to clean a shag rug?

Shag rugs can be cleaned by using the following methods

●You can use vacuum cleaning to remove dirt and debris.

●Sticky soil on the rugs can be removed by using the leaf blowers

4. How to clean a wool rug

wool rugs are usually washable. You can wash the rug by using the mild detergent. Time to time vacuum cleaning can also be used.

5. How to wash a rug?

Use a good quality detergent of a good brand. Dissolve a few drops in water and prepare a mild solution. Apply the solution on a small portion for testing if the color bleeds don’t use the solution for washing the rug.

6. Where to buy affordable rugs

If you are living in Columbus or Dublin, visit the rug gallery Columbus for getting the affordable rugs. High quality rugs are available at the rug store.

7. How To Clean A Rug At Home?

You can wash the rugs at home for this following the below mentioned instructions.

Use a good quality detergent of a good brand. Dissolve a few drops in water and prepare a mild solution. Apply the solution on a small portion for testing if the color bleeds don’t use the solution for washing the rug.

8. How to place a rug in a living room?

Buy a large size rug for the living rooms. Rugs must be large enough so that they can easily accommodate the furniture of the living room.

9. How To Wash Bathroom Rugs

Use a mild solution of a good detergent for washing the bathroom rugs. You can use these rugs in the washing machine. Washroom rugs don’t require professional cleaning.

10.  Which Materials Used In Rugs?

Natural materials including wool, cotton and silk can be used. Except natural materials man made and synthetic materials can also be used. Polyester, nylon and polypropylene are the good materials for rugs.

11. What Size Rug For Dining Room

Use the rug according to the size of the dining table. Rug should be large enough that you can roll the chairs easily.

12. How to measure a rug?

Use the measuring tape for the appropriate measurements. You can also use the bed sheet for measurements as well.

13. Can I Clean A Rug With A Carpet Cleaner?

Never use the carpet cleaners for cleaning rugs. Confirm the brand and then use it for cleaning.

14. Can I put rugs in the washer?

Yes if the rug material is good for washing you can wash it in the washer. Always read the cleaning guide before washing the rug.

15. What is the difference between rugs and carpets ?

Rugs are usually placed in such a way that there is some exposed floor. However carpets are usually fixed to the wall. No floor is exposed when the carpet is spread as floor covering.

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