Common Mistakes When Buying A Rug

Common Mistakes When Buying A Rug

The importance of rugs is undeniable, there are inevitable mistakes that most people make while buying rugs. These mistakes will lead to the wastage of money and can spoil the whole decoration.

Rug buying is not routine shopping. Many people only buy a rug for their home not more than once in a lifetime. So the untrained people may not have a clear idea of how they can buy a perfect rug for their place.

There are specific questions that they don't exactly know. Just like from where they should start? What strategy will they adopt for buying a perfect rug? The rug buying process is an art, and not all ordinary people are an artist for shopping for rugs. Such people usually end up in buying a rug that does not fulfil the purpose of decoration and also improperly fir in their lifestyles.

Before boarding blindly to buy a rug first, the foremost step is education and awareness. Educate yourself properly with the right information and rug guides by proper research and ocean of knowledge and information available on the internet.

For instance, you must have a clear idea that what kind of material either natural or synthetic will completely satisfy the purpose. Selection of material is just an example; keep in mind certain other parameters for buying a rug. You can get the best rug easily at the rug gallery Columbus.

Here is a pro tip that if you are an amateur in rug buying don't trust an online website and companies for purchasing a rug. Select some valuable source for your rugs shopping.

Wisely choose a rug

Most of people have no clear idea that that kind of rug will suit them best. Many people put their efforts into selecting a rug that matches their existing decoration. This is a blunder. In many homes, rugs are the focal point and central units that tie all the components of a room together. Composition, colour, and pattern may vary to a great extent, but all of the rugs are relatively bigger.

If you have great artistic interior decoration and all the embellishments are well placed and work well with the colour scheme and furniture of the room then try to buy a rug that matches the existing elements. Finding the right rug is a real struggle. The rug gallery has a variety of rugs that can easily match to the entire decoration.

Throw pillows and wall hangings may not affect the room, but if the rug is against the demand, then it will ruin the look of your room.

Here are the three points that will help you a lot in choosing the perfect rug.

  1. Don’t buy a rug first in hustle without having a clear idea of how you are going to decorate the room.
  2. You can easily match a rug with existing decor, but you cannot change every other thing just to fit the rug.
  3. Invest wisely. Keep the window covers and throw pillow colours in your mind. Choose the opposite scheme.

This rug selection strategy will ensure that you have selected a fabulous rug for your place.

If you are not sure than Instead of choosing a neutral rug, try to make a bold statement, bold colours will make your place unique and magical.

Inappropriate size of rug

Apparently selection of an area rug is straightforward, but this is not true enough. Size selection is quite challenging, and it is one of those tasks that is more than to develop an eye-catching look. One common mistake that most of people make is that they usually select an area rug that is too small and gives an awkward look.

The primary purpose of adding a rug is to unify all the particulars of a room. A right rug anchors everything in the place and ties together all embellishments. The rug that does not land the room is a rug that is not for you. Below are the place to room rug guide that will aid in avoiding the mistakes that you might make unintentionally.


You can decorate your bedroom with the versatile rugs that are available at the rug gallery. One mutual opinion that goes in favours of the bedroom decoration with a rug is that buy an area rug large enough that can accommodate more than half of your bed on it. This is the perfect rug layout for the king and queen sizes bed.

Large size rugs are placed underneath the ground horizontally. This layout is ideal for a symmetrical bedroom. For asymmetrical room layouts, rug runners are the best option that you can easily place one on each side of the bed. he rug store in Columbus offers you the great bedroom rugs.

Living room

For a living room, you can follow the same strategy as you have followed up in the bedroom. In the living room, arrange the furniture half on the rug and half on the floor. For the living room, there is a second choice as well.

You can place the full furniture on the rug. For using the second option, you may have to find a pretty larger rug. The third option for the mats in the living room is to place a rug under the coffee table rather than placing everything on your rug.

Don't select the small size rugs because such rugs will make the space narrower. The rug store has a wide collection of living room rugs.

Dining room

For your dining zones, there is a golden rule of thumb that you can follow. Choose a large size area rug that is capable of accommodating the whole furniture. Select the rug that will be a perfect and easy sliding of the dining table and chairs.

Regardless of the shape of dining tables, this rule can be easily applied to all. Wrong rugs will discourage you but don't worry here is a list of mistakes that you must avoid having a great rug in your room.

*Small rug

Most of people while shopping for a rug usually consider buying one that is too small. The main reason for selecting the small size rug is that they are less costly and easy to carry. Purchasing a large size rug seems quite difficult for them. Small-sized rugs are also considered to be a safe choice. Always follow the ‘bigger is better rule for selecting an appropriate size are rug. The right side of the rug will make a huge difference.

*Multiple rugs

Over time you may need to buy more than one rug. Seeing more than one rug in a room is not strange. However, try to create diversity. Buy the rugs that are in contrast with different styles and patterns. Rugs that blend perfectly gives a great look.

You can use your aesthetic preferences to design the look by using rugs as a central point. Don’t follow the same rugs in the entire room. Different sizes and shapes of a rug in one place will make the space more mesmerising.

*Contemplate other furniture

One common mistake that most rug owners usually make is to leave the rug buying at the last moment, for living rooms select the rugs that will dominate the look. Whenever you think about curating any space, make an option for rugs that suits them best. Try to make a perfect blend. Try to match the rug with everything else in the room. Decoration success or failure depends much on the rugs. It serves as a starting point of any space.

*Furniture on rug rule

If you have placed a rug under the furniture, make sure that instead of partially setting the table over it, but the whole furniture on the rugs. Select large and wide rugs so that they can allow the easy sliding of the chairs and get out of the table as well. Put all the furniture over the rugs instead of just placing the half legs.

Over variation

Don’t go for over pomp. Keep in mind simplicity is the best. If you have planned to buy a rug, try to find out a simple one. Please don't put on too many designers, it will put a detrimental impact on the views.

Don't put too many intricate patterns and textures; it will not put a lively look. To avoid the clash between the rug and other accessories keep everything in mind from the colour of the window to the throw pillows, make sure everything must be coherent.


Living rooms have a lot of traffic. Dining rooms have a lot of spills. Guest rooms are not used daily. Rug selection also depends on the environment of the location. A rug that can be used for the dining room is not the right choice for the guest room. Choose wisely.

Use the rugs that are easy to clean and washable in high traffic areas and use the delicate or handwoven rugs in guest rooms. Appropriate size and material will make a huge difference and make your home more desirable and worth living.

Overlooking the rug pads

One main error that most of people encounter is that they mostly ignore buying the rug pads along with the rug.

Rugs life enhances up to double with a rug pad. Don't ignore the rug overlay else you are spending on something worthless in all the prospects. It's not essential.

Avoid falling

Rug pads that are of quite good quality usually hold the rug in place with a perfect grip. Rug pads keep the mat in place and help them not to slide around. Even if you have put the weight of your furniture on the rugs that it still is not enough.

Without the carpet overlay rug will slide and slither all around. Improper rug overlay will lead to severe falling and slipping hazards.

Prolong the rug life

Although rug pad will not add any extra beauty to the rug, a good overlay with a firm grip will definitely. Rug pads can handle all the necessary traffic that will damage the carpet instantly or earlier. Rugs pads will enhance the lifetime of the rug and also hold the unfavorable traffic easily.

Flooring shield

Rug pads act as the flooring shields. The rug can have serious consequences on the floor because of continuous wear and tear. Adding a rug pad on a hard floor will protect the flooring as well. Sometimes if the material is not original colours may get a leak and can affect the beauty of the bed, adding a rug overlay will not let the colours of rug to affect the flooring directly.

Professional cleaning

Vacuuming cleaning of the rug once or twice in a week is imperative. Vacuum cleaning will remove the dirt, debris and other contaminants sitting over it that will ruin the beauty of the rug.

Though routine vacuum cleaning is not sufficient to remove the spills, stains, food particles hairs of your pets that wander on the rug, frankly, deeply embedded toxicants and contaminants will make the carpet an ideal hub for bacteria and viruses production.

These microscopic living organisms are not visible for a naked human eye. Unusual dirt in the rug will destroy the shine of the carpet, and it is quite hazardous as well.

It is always recommended to clean the rug by having some professional cleaning services. Professional rug cleaners will clean the rug in a more appropriate way and also allow the carpet to stay in its prime shape and shine throughout its life.


Rugs speak a lot about the space besides decorating the walls; these are the pieces that are an ultimate decoration to the place and must unify the room altogether. Right rugs joint the room and make the space more spacious however wrong rugs will ruin the look and disjoint all the components. There are many choices for rug selection. Inexperienced persons cannot buy a perfect rug.

Rug selection is an intimidating task, even for the great experienced interiors designers. You cannot hide a rug in the room because either an excellent or lousy rug is one of the focal points that attract the visitor's attention.

Frequently asked questions

1. Should you match your area rugs?

Don’t get over designs and patterns. Try to create diversity in colours and patterns. You can easily match the area rug with the rest of the decoration elements.

2. How do you pick a good quality rug?

Rug material, rug size, rug colour, pile height, pattern and geometry, and cleaning are some of the most important features to identify before buying a rug.

‘Rug store in Dublin offers you all of these characteristics in a rug in a wide range of collections. Their originality is 100%, and you will not regret buying a rug from the rug gallery.

3. How do I choose the rug for my space?

Before boarding blindly to buy a rug first, the foremost step is education and awareness. Educate yourself properly with the right information and rug guides by proper research and ocean of knowledge and information available on the internet. For instance, you must have a clear idea that what kind of material either natural or synthetic will completely satisfy the purpose

4. How do you pick a rug together?

Try to match the rug with all the other embellishments and nature of the room. For example you cannot buy the same rug for high traffic zones such as your hallways and low traffic area just like your guest rooms. Choose wisely.

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