Everything you must know about Oriental rugs & Persian rugs

Everything you must know about Oriental rugs & Persian rugs

Oriental rugs

First and foremost thing that you must know about the oriental rugs is that neither they have an origin from the oriental zones of the world and nor do they follow oriental patterns designs and colour combination.

Oriental rugs are made in various parts of the world including Asia, China, Turkey, Afghanistan, India Pakistan and much more. all of the rugs are available in the rug gallery Columbus.

Oriental rugs are unique and add harmony to your location.

These rugs are the traditional pieces of art and they are always made by hand weaving techniques.

Some of the characteristics that are owned by the oriental rugs are

oriental rugs

●Oriental rugs are true pieces of art. Art work on the Oriental rug is very fine and evergreen. These rugs never go out of trend since centuries.

●This is a life time investment and the worth goes on increasing with the passage of time. Older the rug more the price and vice versa.

●Colours used in the oriental rugs mature with every passing day and give an exclusive mellowed look to the overall rug that no newly born rug can ever have.

●These rugs have stunning beauty and amazing designs.

●These rugs usually add an eastern touch to the place where they are sitting on.

●They have quite deep colour richness and intricate patterns that add worth to the all decoration.

Weaving technique

The weaving technique is one of the main factors that really determine the originality of any oriental rug. Oriental rugs are always handmade. If the rugs are designed by machine they are not oriental in any way no matter all the colors and patterns are the same. True oriental rugs can never be designed by machines. These handmade rugs have a uniqueness in all perspectives and no machine till now has the capability to design the same Oriental rug as it is in its hand-made form.


By checking the fringes of a rug you can have clear idea about the quality and the way by which it is designed. Hand knotted rugs have high fringes. If the foundation of an oriental rug is designed by using fringes than you can easily say that it is hand woven because this rug pile is woven by hand up to the top. If the fringes are only attached and not in the foundation than this rug is machine made.


Oriental rugs are made up of natural materials. These natural raw materials add more value to the oriental rugs. Typically oriental rugs are made up from the wool that comes from the sheep’s. Silk made oriental rugs are also available that are popular for their royal look.

If you are looking for some economical rugs you can choose cotton made rugs as they truly fit in your budget. Oriental rugs are never made by using the synthetic compounds. However now a days oriental rugs that come in the market are made up of the polyolefin and polypropylene material. These rugs have a good appearance but they are not real and worn out quite rapidly.

Factors for identifying Persian and Oriental rugs

Persian rugs

Persian rugs are very popular and known for their lush beauty and richness. Basic features and the quality of the rugs vary widely according to the areas where they are designed and manufactured.

Basic features of the Persian rug are

●Persian rugs are rich in designs and the basic pattern they own is the floral patterns.

●They have bold geometric designs bright and vibrant colors.

●These rugs have highland hand knotting and these knots are perfectly made and show a high level compaction. Some of the Persian rugs have almost 500 knots per square inch and the no of knots go on increasing with quality and size of the rug


●Persian motifs are so unique and usually own a bold design motifs such as medallions, spandrels and broad patterns on borders.

●Persian rugs are hand knotted rugs and they usually exist in a wide variety. This is one of the best investments that you will ever make for the decoration of your home.

Persian rugs are available at the rug gallery. You can easily get the rug of your choice and size at the rug store. These rugs are unique and amazing because they have evolved at the time where there is no concept of machine rugs. All the material used for the construction of a Persian rug are of very high quality. These rugs are designed by wool silk and cotton and sometimes by using the combination of three.


Persian rugs are usually made up of wool. Silk and cotton can also be used for making a Persian rug. Camel wool or Manchester wool is basically used for Persian rugs. This feature makes them quite expensive as well.


Persian rugs knitting is very important. Persian rugs are knitted with senneh. Persian rugs are also hand knotted. Knots per square inch determines the quality and originality of the rug.


Brisbane Persian rugs have diversity in size. However size or the location of the room mainly define what size suits best. Prices of Persian rugs vary according to size.

Weaving technique

Persian rugs are mostly hand woven and sometimes the weaving is also done by using the machines. Both of the rugs might fall in the same quality but you always have to pay some extra amount to buy a handmade Persian rug. Buyers can decide depending upon the budget that towards which category they will gravitate. Machine made rugs are easily and readily available at any local store.

Popularity among the people

Persian rugs are very popular around the globe. It is due to their enormous popularity that they are still made by the people of Persia and are available in both the handmade and machine made forms. These rugs add variety, warmth and harmony to your traditional taste. These are the pure traditional signature pieces. They are evergreen. They are always in trend. Some of the Persian rugs are very rare.

If you really wish to purchase a rare and antique Persian rug you may look for an auction. For auction information you must have to stay up to date so that you can join the auction and buy the rare rug for boosting up your overall decoration. you can get an amazing collection of rugs at the rug store.

Basic features of Persian Or Oriental rugs

Persian and oriental rugs are the real beauty and can be used for the interior decoration to your home. Suppose you have been given a beautiful rug, for example, gifted by someone or might be you purchased it yourself. In that case, you must have a clear idea about the basic features of

Persian or Oriental rug you can get your favourite Persian or Oriental rug at the rug store.


1Interior decoration

Decoration by Persian and oriental rugs gives a royal look to your place. These rugs are available in a wide variety. They are available in every size, shape and colour. Beautiful designs and exclusive patterns of oriental or Persian rug add extra beauty to your place that is adored by everyone. Using a Persian rug with your dining table gives a wonderful effect to the overall place. Persian or oriental rugs are when matched with the other things or colour scheme add artistic and eye-catching look.

2. Great investment

Persian and oriental rugs are the real piece of art that is unique and amazing. Due to their unique features, these rugs are sometimes really hard to find. Whenever you purchase a Persian or oriental rug always keep in mind that you are going to make a lifetime investment. 

These rugs are mostly handmade, and this feature makes these rugs more versatile and worth buying. These rugs are human made and hand-knotted that to prepare a single rug, it takes years and years, and the talent has been passed to generations after generations. Always buy these signature art pieces if you ever come across, so you don't have to regret later on.

3. Artistic effects

People who have an artistic taste and are blessed with an artistic mind always adore a Persian or oriental rug at their place. They always go for these rugs. All these oriental or Persian rugs are made with high-quality artistic effects that bring uniqueness and elegance to the place. Borders of oriental or Persian rugs are their real beauty.

4. Comfort zone

Oriental or Persian rugs are the perfect combinations for your comfort zone. These rugs are made up of soft fibres and of the highest quality that you will enjoy every activity while sitting on them than anywhere else. These rugs provide warmth in the winters. Persian or oriental rugs are the best comfort zones designed by using high-quality materials without any compromise on the style and beauty.

5. Evergreen trend

People around the globe have been using the Persian or Oriental rug since centuries and will continue using them in the upcoming decades. These rugs are evergreen and always in trend, so don't worry about the trend. These rugs are so versatile that they can fit in any place. Oriental or Persian rugs are the most stylish and beautiful rugs that you have ever come across. Rugs in the rug gallery Columbus are versatile and best in quality.

Tips for cleaning your Persian or oriental rugs

Cleaning is one of the most important things that must be considered whenever you think about having a rug at your home. Every spring or seasonal cleaning of your home mostly involves the vacuum cleaning and the surface brushing of your oriental or Persian rug.

But do you think that only vacuuming every once in a while helps clean your oriental or Persian rugs.no doubt vacuum cleaning is time friendly and cost-friendly cleaning process, and it aids a lot in getting rid of the loose dust and debris that is sitting on the rug Vacuum cleaning is not the best option for oriental rugs?

These rugs are quite delicate, and hard pressing of vacuum will damage the fibres. Oriental rugs are made up of natural fibres, so whenever you think about the vacuum cleaning for your oriental carpets, always select the normal and neutral setting. The same goes for the Persian rugs.

Brushing of the oriental or Persian rugs must be done with great care and concern; if you are thinking about washing your oriental or Persian rug, then buy the products of a good brand and a high profile company. The local brand will ruin the look and quality of the rugs. Oriental and Persian rugs are highly delicate and cannot withstand any harsh reaction.

Oriental and Persian rugs of small sizes can be washed and cleaned at home, but if the rug is quite larger than avoiding its washing at home, professional cleaning is a more appropriate option for cleaning large size area rugs.

However, here are some tips and tricks for cleaning of oriental or Persian rug.

1. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight.

Direct exposure to radiation coming from the sun is the worst enemy of Persian or oriental rugs. Sunlight will make the rug fibres brittle and also affect the colours of the rug. Colours are the real beauty of a rug, and if they lose their vibrant rug will be no more attractive. Avoid the rugs in the area with quite a high amount of sunlight, and by following this method, you can protect and use the rug longer than before.

2. Rotate rugs often

Rugs are used in daily routine. These rugs get worn out with the long term use. To enhance the lifetime and make sure that the rug is evenly worn out and can last for years, always rotate the rug at its different sides. This will be very helpful

3. Gently vacuum cleaning

Rugs sitting in a high traffic zone or the outside of your home are much dirty. They are exposed to dirt and debris more frequently. Vacuum cleaning is one of the best options to remove the loose dirt and between the threads. Gentle vacuum cleaning goes in favour of oriental or Persian rugs. Oriental or Persian rugs should never be shaken out and never brush them else all the fibres come out, and the rug will be in the roughest appearance.

4. Storage protection

Oriental or Persian rugs are highly vulnerable to the insect’s attack. Moths and termites are real threats and can damage the rug. If you are going to store you oriental or Persian rugs always take necessary precaution and careful measures to prevent the insect’s attack. Always clean your rug before storing and add some mothballs in different folds. Never bag the rug in a single layer. Always use three to four layering of bagging. This will help you a lot in maintaining the rug in its original form.

5. Clean oriental or Persian rugs professionally

The most appropriate option to maintain your Oriental or Persian rug's quality and elegance is that you must go for their professional cleaning at least one in a year. Professional cleaning or oriental and Persian rug helps maintain the colours' vibrancy and prolongs the life of the rug. Professional cleaning is done by professional cleaners who have a clear idea that cleaning is more appropriate for the rug without damaging the colour and preventing the rug threads from squishing.

You cannot deep clean your rug at home, especially Persian or oriental, because you will end up in loss. If you have a clear idea about Persian and Oriental rugs, care, and cleaning, you can use these rugs even for decades.

Conclusive facts about Oriental or Persian rugs

There are a lot of myths that might mislead you, and you frequently came across. Following things must be kept in mind before purchasing the oriental or Persian rugs. These facts will help you a lot in finding a true oriental or Persian rug.

Some of these facts are given below.

Oriental and Persian rugs are often interchangeable but one thing that must be kept in, the mind is that these rugs are not the same. 

  1. Oriental rugs are hand-knotted rugs, and the house of their production is mainly Asia, Iran, India and Afghanistan, turkey and china. However Persian rugs are only made in Iran or by the people of Persia who know about the true crafts of these rugs.
  2. Persian rugs are named for their location where they were designed. These rugs are now produced around the globe. Their global production does not affect their original names. Some of the most common names that are still in use are Tabriz, Mashhad, Heriz, Shiraz, kilims etc.
  3. Persian rugs have quite thick piles. They almost have 160 to 200 knots per square inch of an average quality rug, and it goes higher as the quality is increased.
  4. Oriental style and Persian designs are the terms that are not true for original Persian or oriental rugs. Whenever you have an encounter with these terms at any place, you must be very clear that these rugs are not handmade and hand-knotted. These rugs are mostly machine-made and programmed. Only handwoven rugs are real Persian rugs.
  5. There are a lot of myths about the oriental or Persian rugs. One of the most common myths that we often hear is that the heavier the Persian rug, the more durable it is.
  6.  This is not true in all cases and because there are a lot of factors that play an important role in determining the durability and total weight count of a Persian or oriental rug. Number of piles, quality and weight of fibre and yarn plays an important role in adding the weight to a rug.
  7. Persian or oriental rugs are usually hand weaving, and this feature is one of the most adorable features of these rugs. 
  8. Hand weaved rugs may have some irregularities and designs irregularities are quite frequent. To err is the human. Even most of the people who have perfection in knitting and hand weaving can make mistakes.
  9. Hand-knotted Persian or oriental rugs have a large number of knots. Knot count of a per square inch is almost 50 to 1500
  10. All oriental or Persian rugs are wonderful that as long as they are handmade or hand-knotted, their worth will increase over time. You will never regret buying a Persian or Oriental rug.

Frequently asked question

1. Are Persian and oriental rugs the same?

No! These rugs are not the same and have many differences. Oriental rugs are made in many countries around the globe. Oriental and Persian rugs are often interchangeable but one thing that must be kept in, the mind is that these rugs are not the same. 

Oriental rugs are hand-knotted rugs, and the house of their production is mainly Asia, Iran, India and Afghanistan, turkey and china. However Persian rugs are only made in Iran or by the people of Persia who know about the true crafts of these rugs.

2. Is Persian and Oriental rug still in trend?

People around the globe are using the Persian or Oriental rug since centuries and will continue using them in the upcoming decades. These rugs are evergreen and always in trend, so don't worry about the trend. These rugs are so versatile that they can fit in any place. Oriental or Persian rugs are the most stylish and beautiful rugs that you have ever come across.

3. How can I determine a true Persian rug?

●If you ever came across a term at a shop "Persian design "than it simply means that the seller is misleading and it is not a Persian rug.

●Persian rugs are handmade.

●These rugs are hand-woven rugs and have many knots, even in per square inch of the rug.

●Persian rugs have an origin in Iran and these craftsmen have special skills that no one else has in the world. These features made these rugs highly unique and versatile.

4. What material is best for a Persian rug?

Wool is the best material for a Persian rug. You can also choose silk because it is highly luxurious.

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