How to choose a right area rug?

How to choose a right area rug?
Whenever you think about renovating your room or home, besides looking at furniture or walls, give a view to your floor as well. Sometimes, the addition of a single ingredient will do all for you. Adding a rug works as the staple of your room. get your favourite rugs from rug stores in Columbus. Rugs define basic room features, blend in and perform functional purposes, regardless of your reasons for why you want to add an area rug. There are always parameters that you must consider. Before buying a rug pay head to your location, measure exact sizes and match all the correlated interiors. Rugs serve both practical and useful functions. Placing a carpet in your home is simply a transformation from being nomadic to current civilisation in short. Following are the parameters that you need to consider before buying an area rug
  • Size measurement (Size must be appropriate)
  • Materials selection
  • Type of weave
  • Traffic analysis
  • Rug pads
Right rug size is vital
Right rug size is vital
Right rug size is vital. For right size measurement always consider your furniture. Irrespective of the no of items believe the arrangement. Given below is the rug size guide. Find out what size will fit best in your space. Rug gallery Columbus offers you the latest rugs at affordable prices.
Living room area rugs
Think wisely. Either you want the whole furniture on the rug surface, or you want to follow half on the half rule. The size will be different in both situations. Consult the internet or visit some homes.
Dining Room area rugs
Take it easy. Let the dining table chairs decide your rug size. Rule of thumb states that “your dining room rug should be large enough that it allows smooth movement of chairs.
Bedroom area rugs
Buy a rug that serves as a framework for your bed. Buy 8'x10' for queen size and 9'x12' for king beds. Cover the whole under the bed area or just spread it on the front. The choice is all yours.
Area rugs according to traffic
area rugs
Area rugs for high traffic areas have some specific properties. In areas with high traffic such as busy kitchens, numerous kids, efficient pets and tiring corridors bear consequential wear and tear. Consider these factors before buying an area rug for high traffic zones.
  1. Take account for durability. For places such as entrances and exits, staircases, kitchens, halls. Buy a tough area rug. Rugs must have many knots per square inch approximately 100-150.
  2. Buy hand-knotted or hand-tufted rugs for heavy wear and tear. Nylon and micro hooked rugs will also work. Don't buy mats based on natural sources.
  3. Consider the ease of cleaning. Find out the rugs that are easy to clean. For high traffic areas, you need frequent cleaning. Always keep some rug cleaning detergents at your home so that you can clean your rugs for a new look every time.
Type of weaving
Weave type of your rug will determine how the carpet feels to your foot. Rugs provide you comfort and solace.
Type of weaving
According to rug weaving techniques, there are following types.
Hand-knotted rugs
Hand-knotted rugs are made by human labour and designed on a hand loom. The scrupulous process produces high-quality rugs—handmade rugs with a more resonant price tag. Handmade rugs are a perfect choice for any home interior.
Hand-tufted rugs
Hand-tufted rugs are designed by using latex. They are prepared by cutting off the loops. Hand-tufted rugs have a luxurious and beautiful plush surface. Hand-tufted rugs are affordable as compared to hand-knotted rugs. Cleaning and maintenance are required.Rug gallery Columbus In Dublin Ohio offers you the latest rugs at discounted prices.
Hand-tufted rugs
Hooked rugs
Hooked rugs are the same as Hand-tufted rugs. Loops are connected instead of cutting. These rugs have a nubby and soft texture. Hooked rugs have good quality. Rugs are prone to continuous shedding.
Flat-woven rugs
Flat weave rugs are of good quality. These rugs are made up of wool cotton or silk. Flat weave rugs are highly durable. The carpets work well in high traffic areas. Highly easy to clean and handle. They correctly recommended a kids room, exits and entrances.
Machine-made rugs
Machine-made rugs are also called programmed rugs. Machine made rugs re not so delicate. Programmed rugs Work differently from the handmade rugs. Affordable yet highly functional. Programmed rugs have high quality, high durability and high pile length. Machine-made rugs have good more elaborated patterns and styles.
Type of materials
Area Rug material is also vital in rug buying. Don’t neglect the material. Find out the material that suits best according to high or low traffic. Different materials have different durability, stain resistance, softness and price tag.
Types of Material
Wool is the most well-known fibre utilised in mat development. It's strong, reasonable, delicate, and naturally stain safe. Wool mats likewise have significant warmth maintenance and protection properties. Vacuum cleaning is necessary at times.
Cotton area coverings are malleable, low-upkeep, and meek to clean. It is far less inclined to shed than wool.However, will, in general, be less stringent than thread-based rugs as well. area rugs with cotton settle on an excellent decision for the kitchen.
Silk area rugs are delicate and have a soft texture. Rugs are perfect for low traffic areas such as bedrooms. Silk is different from wool and cotton area rugs. Silk rugs have good resistance against moisture. Area rugs have good stain resistance and are highly affordable. Construction material is bamboo and banana.
rug materials
Natural rugs are made from materials like jute, sisal, and bamboo and ocean grass. They're regularly utilised for flat weave or interlaced carpets. Common constituents are Eco-friendly and among the most reasonable for rugs. Jute and sisal can have a rough surface that can feel short underneath, while ocean grass and bamboo are smoother. Natural material works best in dry rooms where there is a low probability they will be coloured, as they are hard to clean.
Polypropylene, nylon and polyester constitute synthetic rug material. Synthetic rugs work best in high traffic areas. Rugs are affordable and can bear extensive rough and tough conditions.
Ending thoughts
Rugs not only add style and colour to your place but also handle the traffic. Area rugs are available in different sizes, colours, styles and patterns at the rug gallery Columbus.
Frequently Asked Questions
How to clean an area rug?
You can clean area rugs at home by using a mild detergent. In case of delicate rugs consider professional cleaning. Always use mild cleaners.
What should be the size of area rugs for queen size bed?
Buy an 8'x12' inches rug for queen size bed. Rug size varies from place to place, you can never buy the same rug for all places. Take measurement appropriately before buying an area rug.
What size area rugs work best for dining tables?
For the dining table, buy a rug that is large to hold all the chairs. Smooth movement of the chair on the rug is a good indication of a good rug size for the dining table.

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