How to choose the best Area rug for your dream home | Rugs by size

How to choose the best Area rug for your dream home | Rugs by size

Rug size selection mainly depends on the design and location of your place. Area rugs can be a focal point or any brogue. Rugs are multipurpose elements that can help in making rooms united, make them separated or can also extend the space.

Rug designs also help in determining the overall room accent. Design is not an indication. Keep in mind one size is not perfect for all the spaces.Rugs make the environment cosier and calm. They bring warmth, colors and provide a unique tone. Rug shopping on the basis of looks is easy.

Like just by having an eye you can decide on colors and pattern but size selection is a daunting task. Deciding on a right size for all your home is not forthright.Buying a rug that is too small will drastically ruin your overall space and will get lost in between all the things. Larger rugs than your space will look like a mess. One key tip to find out the right rug is to measure the space by positioning the furniture.

First question before deciding the right rug size is to identify where you are going to place it.

●Living room

●Dining room



Rules for deciding the right size rug

●Centimetres and inches

●Sizing tips

●Rug position

●18-inch rule

●Doubtful situations

●Use tape for measurement

Distinctive measured mats supplement the extra adornments in an incredible manner. Adding a carpet is one of the otherworldly instruments to change the appearance of your room utilizing a floor covering carefully with legitimate enhancement is something that you won’t lament ever in your life. A decent floor covering is an insightful and lifetime venture.

Small rugs

Little size floor coverings ordinarily range in the size of 4’x6′. These carpets are intended to design little places. You can utilise a little size floor covering in the washrooms and the kitchens. You can utilize the little size carpets on the outside and patios. Little size carpets are utilised for the security reason on a hardwood floor to wall securely.

Medium rugs

Medium rug measures as a rule range in the middle of the 5’x8′ or 6’x9′. You can utilize the different embellishment thoughts with these floor coverings. These rugs are not difficult to convey.

Medium size carpets are generally present in the condos and the regions that are not very huge or excessively little. These rugs are not suitable for the lounge areas. Nonetheless, you can without much of a stretch discover these rugs on the doors and passageways. Choosing the correct size floor covering truly matters a great deal.

Large rugs

These carpets typically have an estimation somewhere in the range of 8’x10′ and 9’x12′ large size carpets are typically utilised for proficient styling of the room large size floor coverings are very useful in characterising huge and wide territories large size carpets help plan the room and eliminate the checks of a space to utilize it explicitly for one reason.

Determination of the correct size characterises the spot and furthermore helps in characterising the character. Little medium and enormous size rugs in an assortment of shadings plans and examples are accessible at rug gallery Columbus.

Living Room

Living room rugs

For deciding on a right rug for the living room never rely on a single layout. Make certain layouts and then decide on the size. Regardless of your living area’s location either it is in an open plan or a distinct defined area, rug size is always different. For living room area rugs define acoustics and add an excellent touch.

9’x12′ Rug 

9’x12′ rug is designed for a living room that is approximately 12’x18′. This size is also perfect for open space living rooms. This area rug is good to nicely hold all the furniture accessories. Living room area rug embraces all the decoration elements and provides a unified look.

8’x10′ Rug 

8’x10′ rug is a great choice for an 11’x 13′ living room. It also fits perfectly in the open and larger areas. Golden rule states that for a quite defined space try to leave 12’x18′ space. Consider this space as a leftover border for your area rug.

6’x9′ Rug 

Area rug 6’x9′ are designed for the rooms that are 11’x13′ rooms with exception of being small or large. For such rug size leave 2 feet space on both sides.

5’x7′ Rug 

For placing a rug under a coffee table this size is undoubtedly a great choice. Try placing this rug near the hearth. Always consider the rug that is able to hold and pull all the chairs easily.

3’x5′ Rug 

This rug size is small and can work as a foot mat or welcome note for landing on entrances and exits.

Dining Room

Dinning room rug

In dining rooms a typical idea to place the rug is underneath the chairs of the dining table. Area rugs are also placed in the centres. Find a rug that is able to hold all the chairs entirely. Leave enough space

With enough room to pull the chairs out and still remain on the rug. Typically, this would mean that your rug is larger than your dining table by 30 inches on all four sides.

Large table 

For large tables such as 8 chairs 9’x12′ rug for moving chairs back and forth easily.

Medium table 

Medium size dining table involves 6 chairs. For these tables 8’x10′ rugs will work well. Such rugs leave the space enough to scroll down all the chairs efficiently. Movement of chairs determines that either this rug size is good or not.

Small table

Small table usually constitutes 4 chairs. 8’x12′ and 6’x10′ rugs are reasonable choices for smaller dining tables.


Rug for bathroom

A rug in the bedroom can cause the room to feel warm and comfortable and mollify the acoustics, assisting with making a tranquil space. In choosing a floor covering for a room, the correct mat for you relies upon the size of your room and your bed.

King size bed

A 9’x12′ mat works best in a room with a jumbo bed. The mat would sit totally under the bed and end tables, and leave around 2′ of delicate mat underneath around the bed.

Queen size bed

An 8’x10′ carpet would cover the bed and end tables, with 3 feet of rug on one or the other side of the bed, while a 6’x9′ rug would give a 18″ verge on each side.


Rug for kitchen

Despite the size and state of your kitchen, the space before the kitchen sink is the awesome, practical spot for your rug. The kitchen sink is commonly focused on a divider with cabinetry neighbouring, so facilitate your rug with both your floor and cabinetry, and spot the floor covering fixated on the sink.

Large kitchen layout

Area rugs usually have a size range between the 4’x8′ , 6’x9′ and 8’x8′. Area rugs have diversity in their usage. Area rugs can be used in the seating area, in the kitchens, in the dining halls, bedrooms, living rooms and wherever you want.

For large kitchens 8’x11′ or 9’x13’rug sizes are the best sizes. Rugs provide warmth and a cosy feeling. You can use the room rug in any shape that suits your style and taste. You can select the one from the rug gallery Columbus.

Rug runners usually have a size of 2’x8′ to 2’x10′ these are designed for the narrow passageways. They can be used in the halls and entrances.

Medium kitchen layout

If the kitchen is of normal size neither too large nor too small you can use a rug that is 3’x5′ or 5’x7′. For the best possible outlook place a rug that serves the purpose of a runner.

Small kitchen layout

A small kitchen seems to be messy and cluttered all the time. Because of less space in such a kitchen you have limited options. Rugs with unique patterns will help in achieving the right kitchen look. You can use a 3’x5′ rug in small layouts. You can also use 3’x8′ rugs.

Long kitchen layout

Gallery style kitchens are relatively longer. Place the rug runner in such layouts to have a great overall look. You can place it underneath the sink and on any side. If the layout is narrower you can place a runner in the centre.


Not all the spaces are the same. You can mark the exact area size with the help of some tape. Tape aids you in having an accurate measurement.

Consider all the decoration and other elements within and beyond the rug area. Try considering the wall colors, furniture, embellishments, shape of dining table and windows. Buy a rug that is completely composed and can unify the entire look.

Frequently asked questions

Rug FAQ,s

What is the right size rug for the living room?

Always buy the large size rugs for the living rooms. The carpet must be large enough that it can accommodate all the furniture easily. Small size rugs give a dirty and awkward look.

What kind of material is used in rugs construction?

Natural materials including wool, cotton and silk can be used. Except for raw materials, human made and synthetic materials can also be used. Polyester, nylon and polypropylene are excellent materials for rugs. 

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