How to Clean a Rug

How to Clean a Rug

Area rugs are one of those rugs that almost every one of us has in our homes at least once. No matter whether you have a traditional taste or you gravitate towards contemporary, cleaning is the prime factor that has to be maintained. Area rugs can be traditional, transitional, or contemporary textures. You can get the desired rug at the rug gallery in Columbus.

There is no doubt that area rugs need proper cleaning and maintenance so that they will retain their original elegance even after years and years of their usage. The cleaning technique of an area rug depends upon its usage.

This is the place where high traffic steps in, all the pets play and stains are there. To have a great look, you cannot always look for professional cleaning because it is much expensive and tiresome as well.

How to clean rugs at home?

As was mentioned earlier, getting rugs cleaned by experts can cost you more than you can imagine. No doubt, professional cleaning is best to disinfect your area rugs as well. Especially in a busy home with guests coming over and pet droppings, you must clean your area rugs occasionally. However, if you can manage that task yourself, then why not! If that’s what you have been thinking lately, here is the solution. Let’s learn how to clean rugs at home:

So, there are techniques that you can use easily at your home to clean your traditional transitional and contemporary area rugs. There are some methods by which you can take the rug cleaning project yourself.

All these are the DIY steps on how to clean a rug.


Tools and ingredient you need for the cleaning of an area rug are

  • Rubber gloves
  • Wet-dry vacuum cleaner
  • Rug shampoo (a mild detergent)
  • A large bucket
  • Any brush with soft bristles
  • A sponge with the soft texture
  • Excessive water

1. Take away dirt and debris.

To take off all the dirt and debris. Use the vacuum cleaning on both sides of the rug. Make sure that even the last bit of debris gets removed. You can also use the brush to remove the hairs of the pets that are sitting on the area rug.

2. Cleaning solution

Prepare the cleaning solution. You can use mild shampoo and detergents with water to clean the rug. One of the most important things is that we must read all the instructions mentioned in the shampoo bottle before using it for cleaning a rug. Don't use the hot water for preparing the cleaning solution. It will fade the colours of the rug.

3. Colour testing

Before using the cleaning solution, always check it for a small portion first. This is done to check that the cleaning solution will not lead to fading of the colours. Colours are the real beauty of a rug. If there is no colour bleeding on applying the solution on a small portion, then you can use it fear-free.

4. Washing

After applying the cleaning solution to the rug let it settle for at least fifteen minutes. After fifteen minutes, rinse the rug. Anything less than this will damage the rug, and you will never find this rug in its great appearance again.

5.Rinse the rug

Perform the rinsing with large buckets of water, or you can also do it by using a garden hose. Rinsing must be done in a great way. All of the solutions must be removed, and the crystal clear water can check this.

6.Take out excess water

Try to remove all the excess water from the rug. Remove as much water as much as that the rug can be easily dried. You can also use dry vacuum cleaning for drying the rug.

Let the Rug Dry

Now let it dry. After removing the excess water now let it air dry. Try to dry both sides of the rug. First, dry it on the top side and after a short time, flip it on the other side so that it will be dried completely.

7.Brush out the rug

After completing the whole process now do vacuum cleaning or use a brush to make a smooth surface again. Washing of the rugs lead to the compaction and squishing of the threads. Try to use the soft brush with soft bristles. This will help you a lot in bringing the rug back in its original form.

Spot clean

Spot cleaning is one of the most important things when it comes to the cleaning of the rugs.

Spots become stains just after sitting on the rug. You can do nothing if you allow the stains to sit in for a longer period. You can do spot cleaning by identifying the type of spill.

1. For food and cosmetics

For cleaning the spots of food, cosmetics and medical products such as skin ointments, you can use a mild mixture of vinegar with water with few drops of a mild detergent. Drop the solution with a clean towel and after a short time, remove the towel and let the rug dry.

2. Red Wine and other juices

If there are a red wine spill and other spills of sweet juices, you can use salt for this purpose. Add the salt with a pinch. It will absorb all of the liquid after this purpose uses a few drops of cold water and let it air dry.

3. Pet Muddles

For dealing with pet messes, you can use the ammonia solution or any mild detergent solution to clean the rug.

4. Paint, oil & grease

For paints and grease, you can use the ethanol solution or the nail polish remover for cleaning the rug. Vinegar and ammonia solution will also work for these stains. Use the solution by using a paper towel or a syringe to remove it in a better way.

5. Chemical spills

Chemical spills are not easy to deal with. Wash the rug area immediately after the spill. You can also contact some professional cleaners for this purpose.

Spots and stains will damage the elegance of the rug. Always use some primary methods for cleaning. Your interior decoration defines the real beauty and warmth of your house.

How to clean different rug types

Rugs add warmth style and beauty to our homes. Besides adding beauty and harmony to our homes, rugs are much vulnerable to dirt and other materials that can damage them particularly when they are sitting in the high traffic areas such as your living room or you dining room where you have to go frequently. You spent most of your time in your living room. Rugs are so versatile, and every kind of rug either traditional, contemporary or transitional needs specific cleaning or a great skill is required to clean these rugs. Rugs material and fabric plays an important role. Materials and fabrics that are used to construct a rug also determine which cleaning methods will be the best.

All kinds of rug have a specific cleaning method. You cannot use the same cleaning method for a wool rug and a jute rug. They are two opposite sides of a coin, and the material used for their design is completely different.

Many questions require reasonable answers up to satisfaction some of these questions are

Can all the rugs be vacuum cleaned?

Can I wash my rug?

Can I remove the spills and stains from the rug?

All of these questions are answered in detail and how to clean a specific material is also mentioned.

Pile rugs

Pile rugs are one of the most frequently and commonly sued rugs in our homes and offices. These rugs are one of those rugs that most of us have mostly in our homes. It’s quite probable that you may have one at your home that is to be clean. Maintenance and cleaning of a pile rug follow some specific care and unique tricks that this rug won’t get damaged in the long run.

Basic tips for cleaning a pile rug mainly involves

●Use vacuum cleaners. Try to keep up the vacuum cleaning at least thrice a week so that all the dirt and the soil particles that are stuck in the fibres get removed easily.

●Suppose there is a spill on the pile rug. Read the rug specification guide that comes up with the rug and let it air dry first.

●Never rub the rug.

One of the most important things to maintain the quality and shine of the rug is that always go for professional rug cleaning near you to have a deep cleaning every once in a while.

Flat weave rugs

Flatweave rugs are one of the most used rugs. These rugs are durable and long-lasting, and those properties make their use more common in busy houses and frequently high traffic areas. These rugs are most preferred because they require a very low level of maintenance, and there is no need to clean and maintain the flatweave rugs with utmost care.

●These rugs are one of the best options for people who are vulnerable to allergic reactions and skin diseases.

●Flatweave rugs have a smooth texture, and the fine fabric does not allow the particles to settle in the rug. Pile rugs can hold a large amount of dirt regularly.

●If there is any liquid spill on a flat weave rug, you can easily use the wiping technique.

●You can take the rug outside easily and can do shaking to remove any stuck debris.

●Always read the rug guide to have a better cleaning.

Oriental rugs

Rugs are different because all the rugs are not made up of the same quality. Material and fabrics used in every kind of rugs are highly different. There are some rugs that you can clean yourself, but this is not a good choice for all kinds. Oriental rugs are available in a variety of colours at the rug store.

DIY cleaning technique is detrimental for most of the types.

●Oriental rugs are highly sensitive.

●These rugs are made of sensitive and delicate fibres that if you ever try to deal with the rugs carelessly, you will ruin their overall look. These rugs have an adorable and elegant look that defines the word beauty.

●Oriental rugs must be dealt with properly when it comes to cleaning these rugs.

●Don’t clean oriental rugs yourself.

●Always hire a professional for deep rug cleaning.

●Only use vacuum cleaning to remove the dirt and debris once a week.

It is most suggested that if you want to use oriental rugs in their original appearance for a long period select a good professional company for this purpose because they have good types of equipment and good cleaning products for both the handwoven and machine-made rugs.

Natural fibre rugs

Natural fibre rugs are getting so common because these rugs are environmentally friendly and easily degradable. Natural fibre rugs add beauty and style to your place in a natural way. Natural looks are always attractive and add warmth, as well.

Natural rugs have dual qualities Eco-friendly and striking beauty at the same time. Seagrasses, bagasse, jute and sisal mostly fit in the category of natural fibre rugs. rugs made up of natural material are present at the rug gallery Columbus.

However, one thing will not have all the benefits. These rugs are highly vulnerable to liquid spills and cannot retain water and other spills in the longer run.

●Vacuuming will go best in favour of cleaning the area rugs to remove dirt and dust from the fibres.

●Do vacuum cleaning every day or at least after every two days otherwise dirt will be in the depth of the fibres and it will be very difficult to remove the dirt later on.

●Spills and stains need immediate cleaning.

●Always read the rug guide for better rug cleaning ideas.

Wool rug

Cleaning a wool rug is a big deal. These rugs are so soft and so delicate that to maintain their elegance and beauty, you must select some good professional rug cleaning company.

One of the main reason to avoid professional cleaning is that this is quite expensive and also a serious budget constraint as well.

There are some tips and tricks that will help you a lot to clean your wool rug at home. All the cleaning techniques must be used with great care so that the fibre would not get any serious damage.

●To remove the surface dirt and debris use vacuum cleaning.

●Vacuum cleaning must be done from side to side and not along the length.

●Use the vacuum cleaning for both sides of the rug; it will be more helpful and least damaging.

●Along with vacuum cleaning, you can also do steam cleaning once in a while but with appropriate care and concern.

●You can use mild shampoo and water at a normal temperature to wash the rug.

●Loose dirt will be removed by the shaking technique.

●Suppose you are going to wash your rug than first of all soak the rug in the water. Make a mixture of mild detergent and then use a sponge to clean the rug. Do proper rinsing of the rug to remove all the debris retained on the surface. Allow the rug to get dry in the sun but make sure that the rug surface will never be exposed to direct sunlight and heat.

Antique area rugs

Never try and use the DIY technique to clean antique and delicate rugs. They cannot be cleaned at home properly. Go for some professional rug cleaning for these rugs.


Besides other cleaning methods, odours also need serious attention. If your rugs start emitting odours that are not acceptable at all for this purpose

●Sprinkle some basic soda on the surface of the rug.

●Allow it to settle on the surface for at least 15 minutes.

●After the set period, use vacuum cleaning. This will help you a lot in dealing with the bad odours.

●If this technique is not helpful, you can go for a professional rug cleaning guide.

The cleaning of rugs highly depends upon the rug material. Always read the rug guide and the cleaning steps that come with the rug packing from the company.

Here are a few guidelines to avoid incidents

●Always remove shoes before stepping on a rug no matter what material it is made up of. This is not a necessary guideline only for wool rugs.

●Shoes step on every place on the public roads and in the bathrooms if you can't remove shoes then try to adopt the habit of changing shoes at the doorstep.

●Don’t let your pets sit on a wool rug. Wool rugs are the favourite place for pets to sit. Their dirty paws will ruin the look of a wool rug.


guidlines to avoid accidenet

●Have your red with much care if you are sitting on a delicate rug.

●Train the kids for better usage. Never allow them to use their art products while sitting on a rug.

●Never smoke while sitting on a rug if there are some ash particles on the rug than sooner or later it will lead to the fading of the rug. Smoking is injurious to health, and it is also a damaging cause for the wool rugs.

●Avoid flames near a wool rug.


All the cleaning methods have been mentioned above in detail. Your rugs need extensive care and cleaning. Rugs, on the one hand, add beauty and style to your interior decoration but if their cleaning is taken for granted, this idea will not work. Cleaning is very important, and the most important thing is that you must use the specific cleaning types for all different rug types.

●Always use vacuum cleaning regularly to remove the dirt particles and debris from the surface of the rugs.

●Rotation is one of the most important tips. Always rotate your rug to avoid the traffic to be in one place on the rug. Rotation will be a great thing that adds unity to the appearance of the rug.

●If you are investing in a rug then also invest in the cleaning process of the rug.

●Once every season go for professional cleaning of the rug so that its magnificence will be maintained.

Rug gallery offers you the best rug material of all the types of rugs.

Frequently asked questions

frequently ask questions

1. What time is best for cleaning a rug?

There is no doubt that summers are the best season to clean your rug. In summers the weather is much clear, and the sun is at its peak. Wash your rug with a mild shampoo and let it air dry and sundry. You will find a new look for your rug after cleaning.

2. Can I wash liquid spills on a wool rug?

First and foremost thing about any rug is that never wash the liquid spills on the rug and if there is any liquid spill just let it air and don't rub the rug area. Washing and rubbing the rug will affect its quality and can cause damage to the rug as well.

3. Do I always need professional cleaning of the rug?

No, you don't need to always hire some professional cleaners for cleaning the rug. You can clean your rug yourself as well. Unless and until a deep cleaning is required once a year, you don't need to hire some professional for rug cleaning.

4. What is the best cleaning method for a traditional rug?

Vacuum cleaning is the most reliable method for cleaning a rug that doesn't affect the quality of a rug to a large extent. However, mild shampoos and oxy free detergents are also good products for cleaning a rug. Always study the rug cleaning guide thoroughly to have the best results.

5. Who cleans rugs?

Some companies are specially designed for this purpose. You can easily find one near your place.

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