Impressive Ideas to Decorate Your Home With Colorful Rugs

Impressive Ideas to Decorate Your Home With Colorful Rugs

Do you have an idea that floor coverings or rug in the room have a dominant role in your room? Rug colour accounts for more than 30% of a room's splendour. The area rug in the room is considered to be a governing element, so choose all the details for an area rug wisely. Select the bold and vibrant colour combinations with intricate patterns to intensify the look.

You can finalise the room colour and wall painting shades by getting an idea from the glorious rug colour. By designing a good colour scheme, you can easily make your room magnificent.

If it’s time to renovate your home and existence decor consider adding a rug over there. Rug speaks a lot about the style and reflects your personality and how creative you are about the interior decoration of your home.

You may have a problem while selecting the rug color. But here is a suggestion that if you are living in Columbus, go to the rug gallery to find out the best color for your space.

You are not alone in this difficulty. Due to the vast diversity in the colors, most of the people are victims of confusion about what color will be best for their home.

Rug buying is an incredible investment because the rug you have bought will be your lifetime partner. To find out the best premium quality rugs, visit the rug gallery as soon as possible.

Pro-tip you cannot use the same colour rugs in all of the rooms. Every room and space has its own particular demand rug colours and patterns are so integral, and they have the ability to join or break the overall room decor.

Some important considerations

Rugs, along with the other embellishments in the room, are the elements that develop the overall mood of space.

1. Depending on the nature of the room, you can easily select the rug colour; for example, you cannot use the same colour for bedrooms and living rooms.

2. You wish to have soothing and calming colours in the bedroom because it is the place where you want a tranquil sleep.

3. If you have a recreational corner in your home, then add vibrant and energetic colours here. This will boost up energy.

4. Light colours have the ability that they present small spaces bigger. To make a room more wide and spacious, add some soft pastel colours. You can also use a combination of bright and pale colours.

5. Some colours create a soothing effect such as blue, green, white, purple and some others for restrooms monochromatic colours will work best.

6. Rich and deep rug colour combinations give more intimate vibes. For a cosy effect, you can use chocolate brown or similar colours.

Rug colour Ties the Rest of the Room

Color selection for the rug is quite challenging if you have left it on the last. If your room is already decorated and the wall paint and furniture is already placed then rug buying and deciding on a color is a real struggle.

  1. To minimise the stress and difficulty for the people most of the interior designers now recommend the people to buy a rug first than to renovate the room first.
  2. However, if by chance you have left the rug buying as the last option don't worry, you can still buy a game of rugby reading these instructions.
  3. Rug gallery Dublin Ohio has many options for you to pay a visit to rug gallery Columbus to opt the best options.
  4. If your room has a regular appearance with some bold and subdued shades, in this case, choose a rug that compliments these colours. This will give a great look to your room.
  5. Suppose the walls are brightly coloured then you can use white and grey hue for the rug. It will fit perfectly into the existing scheme.
  6. If the walls are dark orange or yellow, try to place a rug with soft shades or subdued tints so that the visitor's eye will attract the right location.
  7. If an area rug has an entirely new accent tone, then try to match the other things such as bed sheets, throw pillows, some wall hangings etc.This will significantly increase the overall impact.
  8. If the room has some concrete decoration elements, try to place a rug with some ornate patterns. Try to match the furniture and carpet to make an adorable look.

Rugs colour schemes

Choosing the color of an area rug does not only depend on the mood, and the other things here are some valuable considerations before you finalise a rug color.

Dark colours are a good option for hiding the stains that may appear on the wooden floor. For dark colour woods, it’s incredible to invest on a dark-Coloured rug.

If you want to make your room more focused and eye-catching buy a bright colour rug, it will enhance the beauty and the best combination with the muted and soft wall tones.

Select the rug material that retains its colour in a longer run. Wool is susceptible to colour fading. Imagine the rug with faded colours. Last but not least, choose a colour wisely by keeping a small point in mind. 

coloured rugs

At the rug gallery Columbus you can have a wide variety of coloured rug from white to pale and bright all the seemingly endless variety. You can have all the desired mat within the excellent budget at the rug store. Given below is the rug guide that says what colour of the carpet will be the best combination for your entire space.

Brown Colour Rugs

Brown colours are symbols of warmth. The brown shade is usually acquired to warm a cold space. Cosy feelings, warmth and style, are their additional properties. This earthy colour works best in the bohemian scheme.

Beige Colour Rugs

Beige colour is meant for providing a fresh look. These colours, when paired with the light colour scheme such as sofas and furniture, refresh the whole look. Neutral colours will not remain boring by adding a beige hue.

Grey Colour Rugs

Grey colours give a cooling and soothing appearance. Grey colours balance the tone of the room. Grey provides a relaxed atmosphere,

White Colour Rugs

Except for white, no colour has the power to reduce the great crisp in the room. Place it in an airy space, and it will be the most adorable part of the room. It will work as a fabulous central piece. Try it with dark colour schemes.

Black Colour Rugs

Black colours are considered to be the contemporary homes prerequisites. This colour provides a stunning look. When placed in an airy environment, they put a significant impact.

Red Colour Rugs

Rug colour is a symbol of elegance. Most of the traditional rugs have a red colour scheme. You can add a red carpet to enlighten your home.

Orange Colour Rugs

Orange colours are the symbols of the vibrancy and energy. This colour is quite eye-catching and appeals the most when placed with the neutral embellishment.

Green Colour Rugs

The green colour is symbolised as the colour of youth and vitality. These rugs are highly functional to give a natural feeling. You feel like you are in a great outdoor while sitting in green coloured rugs.

Blue Colour Rugs

Blue colours are the symbols of tranquillity and serenity. To add vibrancy and calm feelings, the blue colour rug will work the best. This colour is perfect for adding a fresh look.

Multi colour Rugs

Try multi colour rugs in one room to add more creative touch.

Many people while shopping at the rug gallery Columbus ask for the recommendations for selecting the best rug colour for their space. This is much obvious that you cannot use the same colour for your entrances and bedrooms.

Colour schemes vary based on location and embellishments of the room. Colour schemes define the overall ambience and location of the room. One of the central concepts that most professionals are recommending is that start with choosing the rug colour rather than to buy the rug at the end.

5 Tips To Choose a Rug Colour

You can visit the rug gallery Dublin Ohio to find out a great rug. Rug gallery Columbus has a complete guide that will help you in picking up the most appropriate colour for your room. Given below are some essential tips that will aid you in selecting the right colour rug.

5 Tips To Choose a Rug Colour

1. Decide on Rich Colours

Rich colours are usually taken under the meaning of darker and deeper hues. Just like a dark blue rug or dark maroon rug would look great when combined with the light and somewhat neutral furniture. To display a more ambient aura, these rugs are a great choice. With white walls, rich colours look adorable.

2. Decide on Light Colour

Interior designers usually suggest using light colours, particularly for the small spaces that are not spacious enough. Use a light colour to make the room more spacious and airy. With dark tones or the dark walls, light colour adds splendour and adds warmth to the location.

3. Decide on Rugs with Contrasting hues

Soft and muted hues are the best contrasting shades. These colours blend significantly with all the colours. Suppose you have a yellow and red colour on the walls and add contrast with the light colours. To provide a classier look, you can compare the rug with the furniture as well. Try different shapes, sizes and colours at the rug gallery Columbus.

4. Decide on Rugs with Cool Colours

If you want to have a calming and soothing atmosphere in your home, then simply decide on the cool colour of the rugs. Cool colours can add tone and vibrancy with the dark walls. The right colour combination will enhance the aesthetic beauty of the room. Cool colours are so relaxing. Try placing them in your bedroom.

5. Decide on Darker Colours

Darker colours did not fit in every place easily and readily. There is an incredibly important consideration while deciding on dark colour rugs. Use the dark colours in the place that have more than enough lightening.

Using dark areas in dark places will ruin the overall effect. You can decide on a rug with a dark colour in the regions lightened it will bring life to the area and also looks more appealing.


In the blog section at rug gallery you can read about all styles and patterns. We have previously explained about how to decide on the size and shape to have a perfect rug. Colour selection is also an integral part before you buy a rug.

At rug stores you came across a wide variety of the rug colours. Decide on the colour that suits the best. Given above are all the necessary details that you may need to read before buying a perfect rug for your place.

Frequently Asked Questions

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1. Should the colour of rug match the wall colour?

Rug colour must be decided very carefully. Rug buying is a worthy investment in fact. Always select the colours that are prominent and add energy to your place. Rug is a focal point and uses a colour that fits best. Use dark colour with light coloured walls and vice versa.

2. Can I use the dark rug colours with lighter tones?

Darker colours do not fit in every place easily and readily. There are certain important considerations while deciding on dark colour rugs. Use the dark colours in the place that have more than enough lightening.

Using the dark areas in the dark places will ruin the overall effect. You can decide on a rug with dark colour in the lightened areas it will bring life to the area and also looks more appealing.

3. How can I choose the best rug colour?

Before deciding on a rug color first get the full knowledge about the space. You can visit the internet and can take professional guidance for this purpose. You can visit the rug gallery Dublin Ohio to find out a great rug. Rug gallery Columbus has a complete guide that will help you in picking up the most appropriate color for your room.  

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