Traditional Rugs vs Modern rugs vs Transitional Rugs

Traditional Rugs vs Modern rugs vs Transitional Rugs

The rug world is vast and diverse. It is a fact that shopping a rug is one of the most overwhelming activities but to find the best rug out of all is one of the most important things that defines your taste. The rug collection has got the utmost diversity and variety.

Before purchasing a rug, one thing that must be kept in mind is that try to outline the characteristics of all kinds of carpets and narrow down to the rug types such as contemporary, traditional, and transitional. This shortlisting will help you add a perfect rug to your place that comes with a packet of all the desired characteristics.

Rug styles and designs matter a lot. You may have a good idea about all the types of rugs, but there are still many points that you may not know about. Your overall style ideas and the stuff you want is also essential.

While furnishing and giving a completely adorable look to your room is not only about the excellent furniture and the wall decoration, your floor decoration also matters a lot. Rugs are the signature pieces that add significance to the entire house.

The addition of rugs to your home is not a small decision; it's not like a simple task to go to the market and buy anything that attracts you. Parameters that must be considered before adding a rug to your place are

What style suits the best?

What category is most appropriate?

What kind of furniture do you have in your room?

Your room size?

All these questions will engulf you, and you might get confused. Don't let all these questions overwhelm you to a great extent. Whenever you wish to buy a new rug, follow the below mentioned instructions and ideas that might simplify the rug selection process.

Why should you add a rug to your place?

The first and foremost thing about any new addition is why you are considering any particular something that must be at your place.

What are the factors behind this new idea?

So here goes the answer to why you should consider adding a rug to your home. A carpet can be a tremendous asset that is owned by any room and location. Adding a rug defines the site, enhances the look of the furniture, and brings a unified look to the overall accoutrements used for decoration purposes. 

You can use the rug for controlling noise that comes out from a wooden floor. You can also go up, adding a carpet to a carpet; it gives a deep sense of luxury. The Primary Purpose of Adding a Rug.

Space management

Rugs can be used to define the overall space. If you are following the open house concept, then carpets are very much helpful in determining the length and separating different zones. You can separate the dining hall from the TV lounge by adding a rug to separate the two.

Best optical illusion

Rugs give a broader and more comprehensive look to your room. If you consider adding a light color rug to a small space, it will appear larger because of the optical illusion effect.

Coalesce overall decoration

Rugs unify and enhance the beauty of the previously okay decor area.

Freshen the look

If you are bored with the room's previous look and want to freshen up, then go by adding a rug to your place. This is one of the best ideas to have a new look without dropping a lot of cash. A carpet is a wise investment with a lot of benefits .

Select the right rug style

The selection of a rug style and the rug design and look is one of the most challenging tasks. Choosing the right piece is not like selecting a piece of cake. If I will say about the rug styles, almost three main types of carpet encounter highly different properties and only have a minimal similarity just because they all fall in the rug category.

Three main styles of rugs are

●Traditional style rug

●Contemporary style rug

●Transitional rug

But which style is most appropriate and fits in your location is the big question.'

Given below are the exact differences between all these types of rugs.

Traditional rugs

One of the rug that is relatively easy to identify. A true definition of a conventional carpet is that any rug gravitates towards the oriental, Persian, and the classical looks and designs. Traditional rugs are mostly ornate and have detailed patterns of imprinted and fabricate with high-quality fabric. Most of the present systems around the globe mostly evolved and came from ancient history and traditions. All of these designs exist even centuries ago, but with time, many things in terms of material and quality have been changed. Traditional rugs are so sophisticated and give a royal look to the home.

Features of a traditional rug

Traditional rugs have some specific characteristics.

●The classic style offers a great idea by combining the classical style with comfort and complacency.

●Traditional rugs are the signature pieces coming out from the styles followed in the 18 th century that are indeed a combination of English and French techniques.

●Traditional rug's most important feature is their characteristic and unique color combinations.

●These rugs always have an ornate design.

●Traditional rugs also give the appearance of natural and still life.

●Traditional rugs are highly durable and long-lasting if they are made up of high-quality material and the right fabric.

●Most of the traditional rugs have straight lines, beautiful floral arrangements, medallions.

●They have quite complex and intricate diamond-shaped patterns, just like hexagon, octagon, and pentagon.

Types of traditional rugs

A large variety of conventional rugs along with various types are available at the rug gallery; few of the classes are

●Bergama Green Rug

●Fleur De Lys Red Rug

●Heriz ivory rug

●Kashan rug

●Medallion ivory rug

●A lot of rugs derived from Turkish culture are also available.

Traditional rugs and home  decor

●Tradition rugs are versatile and can be used for the decoration purpose. Traditional rugs mostly offer an excellent and unique colour combination.

●Colour contrasts that are mostly used are neutral and work for the wood and bronze decor accessories.

●Traditional rugs can be combined with beautiful wall hangings, and it would be one of the most attractive decors.

●Traditional rugs make a great combination with the soft and gentle touch of furniture's accessories.

●The most crucial point in favour of traditional rugs for your home decoration is that if you are interested in using the candlesticks and decorating your home with still life masterpiece paintings, there is no wonder that traditional rug will be the final accomplishment.

●Traditional rugs are not gender-neutral. However, depending on the intricate detail, they can use for feminine rooms.

●If the bold colours are chosen, they can give a more masculine touch.

●Traditional rugs can be paired with the leather couch along with light embellishments.

Do I choose a traditional rug?

This question cannot be answered at once. It would be best if you had a clear idea about the surroundings and area for which you will select the traditional rugs. Try to use the conventional carpet that suits the most. If you have an overall classic look and your home accessories favour the traditional carpet, buy the best rug for you—traditional rugs with tremendous and more unique regard to your room.

Contemporary rugs

Contemporary rugs don't fit in the definition of all the mats that have been known and used for centuries. It is a modern piece of art. Traditional rugs are very different from the contemporary rugs. The contemporary carpet is looser fit in the definition of perfection, and its uniqueness only depends upon the buyer's identity and taste.

Traditional and contemporary rugs can be easily identified, even if you don't have an idea about the difference between the two. Visual appearance is so different that you can easily recognize the particular elements. These are not sophisticated at all. These rugs are for fun and play. Contemporary rugs are formal and give a more romantic look. These rugs depict a western look and are mostly used in the West's world in the informal house.

The colour scheme embed patterns, and the geometries are unique. These rugs don't follow the abstract styles naturally. A contemporary rug is a complete piece of art. They give a free and entirely charming look. This can be a perfect addition to your room. However, they vary in quality and prints and have wide diversity overall.

Types of contemporary rugs

Contemporary rugs available at the rug gallery are quite large in number some of the types are given below

●Diamond red rug

●Fantasy beige rug

●Keys black rug

●Capri amethyst rug

●Aubusson yellow rug

These are only view just visit the rug gallery and choose the contemporary rug of your own choice.

Features of a contemporary rug

Some most appealing features of contemporary rugs are given below.

Some contemporary rugs appear like the straight folios.

●These rugs give an in-depth look at architectural designs.

●Bold colours, contrasting and unique patterns, and geometrical alignment are the significant characteristics of the contemporary rugs.

●Most of the contemporary rugs own retro features, while some of these rugs have deco styles.

●The contemporary rug is very different and unique from all other rug types. Most of these rugs have a modern design, and they don’t have complex and intricate patterns.

●They have bold, big flower designs and sometimes still life impregnation on it.

Contemporary rugs and home decor

Contemporary rugs are vitally essential for your home decor. These are the carpets' combination and given an overall modern look; however, to use the decoration purpose mats, keep the following points in mind.

Selection of right size:

Size selection is an imperative factor. Sometimes the choice of size goes with the trends. The right selection depends on the overall look of the room. Try to select a large size rug if you want to run the carpet under the furniture else. If you don't like it, you can go with the small size rug as well.

Make it visual:

The most exciting thing about the contemporary rug is that before selecting this rug for the décor purpose, you must have a clear idea about your furniture's look already present in the room.

If you have heavy and giant furniture, then always select a rug that gives an overall attraction even if covered by the table. The appearance of both elements is essential. You cannot ignore any of the two. Don't hide the rug under the furniture; it will destroy the idea of beauty.

Pattern selection:

Pattern selection of your rug is the most challenging yet most straightforward task. There are some pro tips for the selection of patterns on your carpet. Don't select the printed rugs if your furniture has some prints. It will give a cozier and eye-catching appearance if your table has some broad pattern than choosing a carpet with small images and bold colours to make it more attractive.

Stay consistent

Most of the people are not in favour of changing run after a short while. This problem can be easily solved that even if you are bored and not interested in choosing the furniture, you can have many other options. Adding a rug as your additional decor and changing once in a while is one of the most suitable and reasonable alternatives to bring a change, and you don't have to invest a lot for this. Always invest wisely.

Do I select contemporary rugs?

You can go for contemporary rugs only if your other decoration styles and your room's location fit in the idea if you have a clear picture of what kind of rug suits you the best and then purchase the rug if you are not clear and even have a little ambiguity about that than take some more time to make a right selection that goes right with you other inventories.

What you want and what is needed are two of the essential queries that must be adequately addressed to make a perfect selection for your home. Rug gallery offers you the great quality contemporary rugs within a suitable budget.

Transitional rugs

Transitional rugs lie in between the traditional and contemporary style. These rugs are quite difficult to define. These rugs are so versatile and exist in a wide variety that now instead of choosing specific types of rug just traditional or contemporary you can easily choose the combination of both.

Numerous individuals feel generally excellent with a transitory carpet since they don't need to pick between one extraordinary and the other. Having the option to join affable components causes a temporary floor covering one to can without much of a stretch fit into numerous homes.

If you need to include a bit of class and advancement, regular rugs might be worth consideration. For the most part, traditional floor tops allude to either conventional Oriental or Persian examples or conventional European or Victorian examples.

This style is impressive and is generally made in a pre-characterised shading range. Most traditional floor coverings have a nearly similar arrangement of hues, including maroon, dark, red, naval force blue, earthy colored, white, and green.

In conclusion, transitory carpets are a more easygoing style that falls among regular and contemporary. They are frequently adjusted from conventional plans with an advanced wind or revamping of familiar hues.

Features of a transitional rug

●Most intriguing and attractive features that go in favour of selecting transitional rugs

●Transitional rugs gravitate more towards the traditional context but yes, with a contemporary twist.

●When you choose a transitional look, stay concerned about the pattern, most of the people usually get confused between the two.

●Transitional rugs usually have asymmetrical elements.

●The unique feature of long-lasting durability and fabric used makes these rugs the best option.

●Patterns and designs are mostly bold.

●Transitional rugs fall in the true spirit of interior decoration because they can be suitable for all the elements such as organic elements or granite.

●Geometric and abstract rugs fall in the transitional rug category.

Types of transitional rugs

A wide variety of transitional rugs is available at the rug store some of the types are given below

●Damask teal grey rugs

●Anatolia beige

●Heriz anthracite

●Vintage brown grey

●Teal grey

Transitional rugs and your home decor

●Transitional rugs can be used for home decoration.

●Transitional rugs usually come in soft colours and diverse patterns.

●Transitional rugs usually give a sophisticated look along with comfort.

●Transitional rugs give a decent and unique effect and make your room cosier.

●Dark tones and the bold colours, along with the wooden floor and furniture combination, given a unique effect; although transitional rugs are neither modern nor contemporary, still they are so versatile.

●Combining bold transitional colour and light or plain white carpet is the perfect combination for your drawing room.

●Transitional rugs usually give a feeling of peace and tranquillity. Try using these rugs in the living room and library where comfort is most preferred.

Do i select a transitional rug?

Transitional rugs are the right option only if you are not looking for the pomp and fun, as appeared in the contemporary rugs and noise control properties in traditional carpets. Transitional rugs are quite flexible and decent. Traditional rugs are in between in terms of quality and pattern of classic and contemporary rugs. You don’t find a lot of difficulties making the right choice for selecting transitional rugs. You can easily get the rug of your choice at the rug store

Statistical analysis

If you want to have an idea that how much rugs are getting common in US you can simply see that in the years 2019 carpets and area rugs sale is almost 11.32 billion us dollars and the floors that really exist in a wide variety such as tiles, wooden and laminate flooring has a sale of 27.6 billion dollars.

However a complete analysis of sales of carpets and area rugs in US from the year 2014 to 2019.

Frequently asked questions

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1. Do Persian rugs come under the category of transitional rugs?

Persian rugs are the rugs that have an origin from Iran. These rugs basically come under the category of traditional rugs. Traditional rugs have bold colours and classical look and these are the features of traditional rugs. Transitional rugs have decent looks and quite different patterns.

2. What is the most suitable choice in Transitional rugs vs contemporary rugs?

Transitional and contemporary both the rugs have their own specific features. However if you have a clear idea about the different parameters and your overall decoration scheme then it becomes very easy to select the rug that is most suitable.

3. Are contemporary rugs available at Rug gallery Columbus?

Yes all the kinds of the rugs including traditional, transitional and contemporary in different colour and sizes are available at the rug gallery.

4. Can I use rugs for home decoration?

A carpet can be a tremendous asset that is owned by any room and location. Adding a rug defines the site, enhances the look of the furniture, and brings a unified look to the overall accouterments used for decoration purposes.

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