How to Select an Area Rug From Rug Store

Area Rugs can be used as a contrast or as a combination as per your choice. These pieces of art can be used to present a soft and luxury look. Rugs are capable of holding the furniture in place so that they don’t float in the room. These unique pieces are the latest decoration trend.

Area Rugs have a great variety in colourful designs and patterns. The rug store in Columbus has various varieties of area rugs.  Striking patterns, lively colours and outstanding designs are the real reason behind adding a rug in your place. These things are so eye catching that you cannot resist buying one. 

All kinds of rugs including, traditional, transitional, and contemporary, are available in the rug gallery Columbus you can easily get one of the best rugs here. Dont forget to read out out article on 08 tips for buying transitional Rugs for Interior Decoration.

But there are a lot of questions that must be considered for buying an area rug, for example.  

Area rugs, rug store, rug store in Columbus, rug gallery
  • What is an area rug?
  • How to select the right size?
  • What should be the material of an area rug?
  • At what place I can use an area rug?
  • Can I use the area rug in a carpeted room?
  • What should be the color of an area rug?

All of these questions exist in the mind of the buyer, and without proper know-how and knowledge, no seller can buy a perfect area rug that seems to fit the place and purpose.

Area rugs not only help you in dressing up your living room or dining halls but now they exist in a wide variety of materials that you can use these rugs in your kitchen and bathroom right away. We have 07 Best Rug Materials for Different Rugs Types for your Home. Rugs are the best floor coverings that are highly economical and also add unique vibes. You can use the other accessories in the room or the room furniture as a contrast with an area rug so that everything seems to be coordinated. So you can buy affordable area rug from rug store in Columbus.

What is an Area Rug?

Area rugs, rug store, rug store in Columbus, rug gallery

As the name shows that an area rug is a rug that is used to cover an area. However, this is not enough to describe this multipurpose piece of art. An area rug can be used to define the area, to split the area and to join the area.  

These are the functional pieces in a home. The area rug in a living room can be used to identify the boundaries. Area rugs are so versatile and unique that besides decorating and splitting your living room, these rugs can also be used in holding your tables in the kitchen and as bathroom mats in the bathroom. 

 Area rugs are not only meant for functional purpose. Area rugs are also used for the decoration. These are one of the best elements that can fulfil the decoration need of any home. Rug gallery has a wonderful collection of area rugs in different shapes and sizes; you can easily purchase one of the best rugs at the rug store.

Buying Tips for an Area Rug 

Area rugs, rug store, rug store in Columbus, rug gallery

Area rugs are getting popular around the globe. These rugs are now considered to be mandatory, especially in contemporary homes. Area rugs are quite affordable. These rugs are used for the safety purpose in the homes that have wooden floors or tiles.  

Selection of Size and Shape 

Area rugs, rug store, rug store in Columbus, rug gallery

Traditional area rugs 

 Traditional area rugs are the best rug pieces. A simple rule of thumb while selecting the size of an area rug states that first of all, measure the size of your sitting area. Now select the size that is closest to the size. Having this size rug helps you to hold the furniture in place. Traditional area rugs give a unifying look. 

Modern Area Rugs 

Modern rugs are available in a wide variety. Vibrant colours and contemporary look make the room more appealing. To select the right size for modern rugs, always select a smaller rug. Modern rugs are usually designed to sit in front of furniture or behold the legs of furniture.

Full-Size Area Rug 

If you are willing to have a full-size rug that fits the entire room, you can select based on rugs perimeter. For this purpose, you can select a size that fits in the 2 feet of floor space surrounding the perimeter of the area rug.

The Layering of Area Rugs 

To make the rug area as your conversation zone, you can also go for layering of rugs. Use a larger rug and a smaller rug on its top to present a perfect rug layering. Rugs layering is eye-catching, bold colours at the bottom with neutral colours at the top attracts the visitors and enhance the visual interaction.

Pro tip: one of the best tip for finding an exact size that you want in your area is that  

  1. Lay a bedsheet. 
  2. Realize the looks. 
  3. Measures the size by folding to various dimensions. 

This technique is really helpful for taking the exact measurement of your area rug. Try to follow the rules because buying an area rug is a big investment.

Choices for an area rug 

  1. Funky rugs 
  2. Flat weave rugs 
  3. Shaggy rugs 
  4. Colorful rugs 
  5. Wool rugs 
  6. Square shaped rugs 
  7. Circular or oval rugs
Choices for an area rug

Area Rug Buying Common mistakes

Area Rug Buying Common mistakes

There are certain things that you must avoid while you for buying an area rug. These mistakes prove to be detrimental. However below mentioned are the points that you must consider before buying an area rug.

  1. Don’t select a rug that is too small. Always take the proper measurements. You cannot buy an area rug blindly.
  2. Keep in mind that rug is not a filler for your space or your living area. It is a signature piece, and it shows your taste for decoration.
  3. The imperfection of the rug size will ruin the overall effect.
  4. As the rug that is too small seems awkward, opinion goes with the rug that is too large.

No need to worry about the mistakes mentioned above. Here are your guide and some pro tips that you must consider before buying an area rug. One thing is that you can measure the right size by using a bedsheet. The second option is that you can get some kind of tapes to calculate the exact area for which you are thinking about placing a rug.

For a living room, select a size that holds the furniture well. Legs of furniture will always be on the rug. For a dining room consider the 2 feet space on both sides. For stairs, select a rug runner.  

Before buying an area rug consider the level of traffic 

Here are some tips that will aid you a lot 

  • To extend the life of an area, rug uses it on surfaces that are not uneven. It will prevent the rug from premature wear and tear.
  • Always use rug pads. Rug pads are the best items that help prolong the life of the rugs. These rug pads are also used for safety purposes.
  • Make sure that your rug is never exposed to direct sunlight. Harmful radiations coming from the sun will lead to the fading of colours and weaken the threads of the rug.
  • Always remove shoes that contain dirt and debris before stepping in the rug area. 

Tips for Styling with an Area Rug 

Tips for Styling with an Area Rug

You can use an area rug in almost all the places in your home. However, buying a rug and spreading it right away on the floor is not a wise action. There are plenty of options and styles that you can use for decorating your place by using an area rug.

Let’s move forward to style every zone of your home from the kitchen to stairs and all in between by area rug.

Dining Zone 

Area rugs in the dining area seem so great. To have a suitable size rug for your dining area, you can take the measures both along the length and width and then buy a rug that is at least 2 feet larger on both sides. Larger sides are quite helpful in holding the legs of the chairs. 

Kitchen Area 

You can use an area rug in front of the sink on the floor and near the stove to stand for a long period. This will be helpful in lessening the pain in the feet and legs.  You can select any chic and pattern. A golden rule states that always keep your rug at least 6 feet away from the kitchen cabinets. For area rugs in the kitchen, try using rug pads to reduce the risk for slip and fall.

Living Room 

You can use the area rugs in your bedroom or the living room as well. You can use an area in front of the bed. This will be the focal point. While taking the measurements, make sure that your rug should be 2 feet larger on both sides of the bed. 

You can also use the layering technique to make the appearance more presentable. You can use the rug runner coming bottom side of the bed. Don’t follow layering if you are thinking about decorating the walls of your bedroom with rugs.  So you can buy living room rugs from rug store in Columbus at affordable wholesale rate.


It is a common proverb that the first impression is the last. It is true to a great extent. The right selection of rugs in your entrance put a great impression on the people. These rugs play the role of a welcome mat. Always go with one at the entrance.  

Lobbies and Corridors

You can use a rug runner in the corridors and lobbies. You can also use circular shapes for passageways.

Selection of material 

The selection of material is an integral part of selecting a good quality area rug. Always read the material tag on the rug. If the rug is made up of natural or plant-based materials such as cotton or wool, these rugs are great, beautiful and cosy in appearance. Natural materials are environmentally friendly. 

 These rugs are so delicate, and colours also fade. Synthetic rugs are made up of synthetic fibres. These rugs can resist stress reactions and are also prone to fade easily. These rugs are quite affordable as well.