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Hilliard is an American city in Franklin County, Ohio. At the 2020 census, 37,114 people were living there. It is a part of Norwich Township and a suburb of Columbus. The Early Television Museum, the Heritage Rail Trail, and the second largest First Responders Park in the United States are all in Hilliard. 

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We offer a wide selection of rugs in different sizes and styles, all of which are perfect for your Hilliard Area home. Our team of experts is always available to help you find the right rug for your space, no matter what type of flooring it's installed on. Whether you need a traditional Persian rug or something more Contemporary, i.e., modern rugs, we have you covered.

Stylish rugs 

We have a wide variety of rugs,  traditional,  transitional,  southwestern,  border,  contemporary,  geometricoriental, and abstract, that will fit perfectly with your décor. Our selection is customizable so that you can find the perfect rug for your space. Plus, we offer a wide range of colors and designs. See us today and start adding that special touch to your home. 

Choose rugs from Rug Gallery based on their unique characteristics, and understanding the differences between them will help you find the right rug for your home. There are various themes and styles you could pair an abstract, bordered, oriental, or contemporary area rugs with. You can always buy rugs online at the best rates from our rug store in Hilliard.

Different Sizes of Rugs

 The perfect rug to decorate your home in Hilliard, you'll want to check out the rug gallery at Rug Gallery. We have a wide variety of rugs to choose from, and we can help you find the perfect size for your space. If you’re looking for large area rugs for your large living room, no need to look further. Rug Gallery offers an extensive selection of area rugs in a variety of sizes, making it a great place for buying rugs. From 2x33x55x75x8 , and 8x10 rugs to 10x1411x1212x15, and 9x12 rugs - also discover squareround, and runner rugs

Our team is knowledgeable about all types of rugs, and we can help you find the perfect one for your home. We also have a wide selection of colors and patterns, so you'll be able to find the perfect rug for your style. In addition, all our rugs are featured as discount rugs to offer better value at the ideal price. Visit us today to get started!

Colorful Rugs

Our selection of Blue rugs, black rugs, green rugs, burgundy rugs, pink rugs, brown rugs, ivory rugs, multi rugs, yellow rugs, red rugs, burnt orange, purple rugs, rugs will have a rug that matches your room's style and color. We also have various red, burnt orange, and purple rugs. 

The bright designs of our individual rug collections are enhanced by wise choices of fashion-savvy, alluring colors. In order to help you find the right decorating idea based on the shades and tints of our rugs, our quality rugs are categorized by their unique color palettes. Choose blue, black, green, or even the multi-color large area rugs. Our rug experts are always happy to help you find the perfect rug for your home. We encourage you to visit our on-site & online rug store in Hilliard and shop our decent collection.

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Sudi Pramod

I bought these 2 rugs for my house and I am very happy and satisfied with the purchase. This place has good collection of high quality rugs. Staff is kind and patient. They helped me to choose the right rug. They also packed the rug and loaded them into my car. I highly recommend this place

Girl in a jacket
Girl in a jacket

Levin Askin

We recently bought these two rugs for our new apartment and they fit perfectly! We loved the white and grey tones on these amazing rugs! Lastly Sabir was very kind and helpful, assisted us to choose the rugs. Highly recommended!!

Girl in a jacket
Girl in a jacket

Saiyan warrior

The Salesman was a very respectful calm understanding and great person. We gave him a hard time putting down and taking out multiple types of rugs and he did them without any hesitation. We wanted a great deal on the rugs and he did. And did his very best to make us happy when we left.

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Girl in a jacket

Crystal Hall

Our experience was lovely. We were trying to keep to a color palette. The store owner even lowered the rugs for us to see them laid out. He was very patient and noble and treated us with much respect. He showed us every rug until he found us the right one.

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The Amazing Collections

Discover the amazing collections by Rug Gallery and buy rugs online in amazing style options. We have well-known styles such as Tabriz, Andros, Maz, Milan, Sorento, Tuana, and a lot more of them. Each rug style exhibits the vintage style of the oriental times. Also, the intricate designs originating from the Persian origin are also prominent in the collections at our online Rug Store.

On top of that, we have an endless variety in rugs when it comes to the sizes and designs. For instance, if you’re looking to adorn your hallway with an aesthetically pleasing runner rug, we’ve got a selection for you. Likewise, if you need the standard sizes in large area rugs such as 8x10 rugs or 9x12 rugs, our rug store near Hilliard is your place to be at! Our collection is all about discount rugs - so, schedule your visit today!

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