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Powell is a city in the U.S. state of Ohio. It is 14 miles north of Columbus, which is the state capital. Delaware County, where the city is, is often on the list of the highest-income counties in the United States. In 2020, it will be the 35th wealthiest county in the country.If you're looking for the perfect rug to accent your home, don't forget to check out our online store, Rug Gallery. We carry a wide Variety of Rugs, all of which are made to fit your specific needs. Whether you're looking for an area rug to protect your flooring or a decorative rug from adding a touch of elegance, we have you covered. We have a wide variety of sizes and colors to choose from, and we can always order any rug you might want. Plus, our prices are unbeatable.

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We offer a wide selection of rugs in different sizes and styles, all of which are perfect for your Powell Area home. Our team of experts is always available to help you find the right rug for your space, and we can also help you get the most out of every rug by providing expert advice on care and maintenance.

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We have a wide variety of rugs including traditional,  transitional,  southwestern,  bordergeometric,  orientalabstract, and contemporary or modern rugs that will fit perfectly with your décor. Our selection is constantly growing, so you're sure to find the perfect discount rugs for your space. 

Like many other statement pieces, Rug Gallery offers the rug’s style, patterns, and overall display to be interpreted in a variety of ways. You may pair an abstract, bordered, oriental or contemporary large area rugs with certain themes and styles depending on what you pair it. Visit our rug store near Powell Area and buy rugs online of the suitable sizes.

Buy the right size of rugs near Powell

The perfect rug to decorate your home in Powell, you'll want to check out the rug gallery. We have a wide variety of rugs to choose from, and we can help you find the perfect size for your space. Our collection includes  2x33x55x75x88x10 rugs for smaller and moderate size lovers. Likewise, we also feature 9x12 rugs, 10x1411x1212x15squareround, and runner rugs to grace each corner of your space. 

Whether you have a large living room or a small outdoor space, Rug Gallery has everything to offer. We have large area rugs to give a beautiful aesthetic appeal to your living hall. Regardless of which design and style you choose. You can choose whatever size you are looking for. Plus, our prices are unbeatable. visit our onsite and online rug store new Powell and get the area rugs of your choice.

Variety of colorful rugs

If you're looking for a vibrant rug to add some life to your home in Powell, look no further than our rug gallery. Our wide selection of rugs comes in a variety of colors like Blue rugsblack rugsgreen rugsburgundy rugspink rugsbrown rugsivory rugsmulti rugsyellow rugsred rugsburnt orangepurple rugs, so you're sure to find the perfect one for your space. Our team of experts is available 24/7 to help you choose the right rug for your needs.

Throughout each of our rug collections, you'll find a thoughtful selection of fashion-smart, alluring colors that enhance each and every rug's brilliant design and texture. We've sorted each rug into its various color palette to make it easier for you to explore the boundless decorating ideas that you'll have based on the hues and tints. So why wait? See us today and start completing your home décor project. You can also buy rugs online from our rug store in Powell Area.

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Sudi Pramod

I bought these 2 rugs for my house and I am very happy and satisfied with the purchase. This place has good collection of high quality rugs. Staff is kind and patient. They helped me to choose the right rug. They also packed the rug and loaded them into my car. I highly recommend this place

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Girl in a jacket

Levin Askin

We recently bought these two rugs for our new apartment and they fit perfectly! We loved the white and grey tones on these amazing rugs! Lastly Sabir was very kind and helpful, assisted us to choose the rugs. Highly recommended!!

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Girl in a jacket

Saiyan warrior

The Salesman was a very respectful calm understanding and great person. We gave him a hard time putting down and taking out multiple types of rugs and he did them without any hesitation. We wanted a great deal on the rugs and he did. And did his very best to make us happy when we left.

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Girl in a jacket

Crystal Hall

Our experience was lovely. We were trying to keep to a color palette. The store owner even lowered the rugs for us to see them laid out. He was very patient and noble and treated us with much respect. He showed us every rug until he found us the right one.

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Discover Extensive Rugs Collection at Our Online Rug Store

The collection at our online rug store is truly extensive so that you get exactly what you want. Our products include Retro, Santa Barbara, Bliss, Contours, Amelia, Cottage, Tabriz, Prime, and a lot more. The styles adorning our traditional rugs find their origin from the Persian and Turkish intricate styling. All this is featured at the ideal prices in Powell, as our selection is mostly listed under discount rugs tag.

In addition, if you prefer geometric and modern rugs styles for, let’s say, your runner rugs in the hallway, we’ve got them for you as well. Likewise, the border pattern, deemed best for large area rugs, is also set to embellish your bedroom. So, all you need is to visit our online rug store, single out your fav piece, and buy rugs online right away!

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