Appalachian flooring

Appalachian Flooring creates an extraordinary comfortable atmosphere, is beautiful by its natural appearance, and easy to maintain. Appalachian hardwood flooring is ​​also effortless to install – fast, simple, and with excellent results. You will certainly succeed. Appalachian Flooring relies naturally on product development: the Appalachian Flooring is made of high-quality materials and in the proportion of over 90% wood. Appalachian Flooring is quality floors and patented High-Tech products.

The Appalachian flooring collections come with a variety of decorations and textures, the floors with a unique aesthetic, being exceptionally aesthetically pleasing products. The finishes of this collection can be adapted to any room, but also any style or interior design. This range through the V-groove finish (the grooves on the sides of the plate) offers besides the impression of natural wood and a feeling of space in the room in which it is mounted.

You want a little change in the house from time to time – and then new flooring would be the ideal solution.


 It emulates nature perfectly. With its rustic realistic texture and subtle surface, you can say that it is almost impossible to make the difference from a block of real wood. But, unlike real wood, the Costello Classic is easy to maintain and keep clean, giving you lasting beauty for many years from now!

The Appalachian flooring collection can be used successfully for rustic decorations, but also for classic decorations, where you want to keep the idea of ​​wood as alive and authentic. The Appalachian Flooring collections will transform the house into an ultra-stylistic, modern, and new environment. With a thickness and the average commercial traffic, the class is suitable for any residential space, both living rooms with higher traffic, as well as bedrooms and other rooms. Its main advantage is the possibility of the floating mounting without the need to attach it. Another great benefit is that it is cleaned quickly and easily, and it is recommended to use specialized cleaning products, which have the role of protecting the surface and keeping it in good condition for as long as possible. 

High Quality

Appalachian Flooring is subjected to a series of demanding tests to comply with international quality standards. That’s why we provide a comprehensive warranty for all products. You can be sure that no matter what flooring you choose, it is simple to maintain and will delight you in turn.


All Appalachian floors are environmentally friendly as standard, made from 95% wood from sustainably managed forests. Moreover, the entire production chain – from the raw material (raw wood) to the finished product – has been certified and is regularly inspected by independent experts, ensuring the protection of the environment.

Anti-Bacterial Coating

We cannot see the bacteria, but we know what consequences they can cause if they are not removed: they can cause allergies and cause diseases. That’s why the Appalachian Flooring endows all floors with Anti-Bacterial Coating, an antibacterial coating that does not allow bacteria to multiply. Bacteria and other microbes can reach the level through footwear, spilled liquids, animals, and other sources. But together with periodic hygienic cleaning, Appalachian Flooring Anti-Bacterial Coating gives the feeling of a healthy environment.