Teak wood Flooring

Teak wood floorings have precise ink lines, and oil spots, fake or no ink lines or ink lines are scattered and scattered. Smell the fragrance and see how it feels. Teak wood flooring will emit a particular mellow aroma.

If a lot of teaks is put together, the hall will be full of scent. The fake Teak wood flooring is either not scented, or the smell is unpleasant. However, artificial, Teak wood flooring doesn’t.

Teak wood flooring has a special quality to sustains immense Water and fire burning. Put the Teak wood flooring in the Water and run for 24 hours. If bending, swelling and other phenomena occur, it is fake teak; take a small sample to burn, the smoke from real Teak wood flooring is significant, and the smoke from artificial Teak wood flooring in Columbus is little.