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The Ultimate Guide For Choosing the Right Rug Sizes

The rug is one of the essential staples of a room. It would not be wrong to say that a room is incomplete in all the perspectives if it is without a rug.Vibrant colours, whimsical looks, feelings of warmth and comfort are the wonderful benefits of rugs. However, to decide on beauty, colours, shapes, patterns, and designs is quite easy and straightforward.

But deciding the right size is not less than a jigsaw puzzle, and if you don’t have an idea about the measurements, you will lose money and be left empty handed

You are not supposed to buy a rug that is too small in size and will get lost in the room and not appear. You are also not supposed to buy a rug that is too large for your space and gives a clumsy look. 

Choosing the right size rug is one of the most important things while rug shopping.

What are standard rug sizes?

Irrespective of the location from where you buy the rugs, standard rug sizes are almost the same everywhere. Particularly the standard size of an area rug is always the same regardless of the place. Rug size usually falls in the category of small medium and large rugs with subcategories in between.

rug sizes

Here is a brief idea about the standard rug sizes. Small rugs are usually less than or equivalent to 5 feet. Medium rugs usually have a standard size of 5 feet to 8 feet. Large size rugs are usually in between the range of 8 feet to 12 feet. These are some values; however inches may have some variation along with the feet.

If you are interested in buying a rug for a large space such as a living room or a basement hall you may have to buy a rug that is larger than the standard large size rug that might be more than the 12 feet. Besides the large size rugs, you have a good option for the rug runners as well. Rug runners are mostly used for the narrow passageways or entrances.

They can also be used in the bedroom. You can read the rug runner guide in the blog section. All the standard sizes are available at the rug gallery. You can get the desired size rug at the rug gallery Columbus.

Rug gallery offers you the durable rugs that can handle the high traffic that is quite difficult to handle.

Usually preferred and common rug sizes are

How can you use standard size rugs?

Different sized rugs complement the additional accessories in a great way. Adding a rug is one of the magical tools to change the look of your room using a rug wisely with proper decoration is one of the things that you will not regret ever in your life. A good rug is a wise and lifetime investment.

Small rugs

Small size rugs usually range in the size of 4’x6′. These rugs are designed to decorate small places. You can use a small size rug in the bathrooms and the kitchens. You can use the small size rugs in the outdoors and backyards. Small size rugs are used for the protection purpose on a hardwood floor to walk safely.

Medium rugs

Medium rug sizes usually range in between the 5’x8’ or 6’x9’. You can use the various decoration ideas with these rugs. These rugs are easy to carry. Medium size rugs are usually present in the apartments and the areas that are not too large or too small. These rugs are not appropriate for the dining rooms. However, you can easily find these rugs on the entrances and passageways.choosing the right size rug really matters a lot.

Large rugs

These rugs usually have a measurement between 8’x10′ and 9’x12′. Large size rugs are usually used for efficient styling of the room. Large size rugs are quite helpful in defining large and wide areas. Large size rugs help design the room and remove the obstructions of a room to use it specifically for one purpose.

Selection of the right size defines the place and also helps in defining the personality.

Small-medium and large size rugs in a variety of colours designs and patterns are available at the rug gallery Columbus.

Room to Room rug size guide

Room To Room Rug Size Guide

One pro tip is that whenever you wonder about buying a rug and restyling your place, first of all, handle all the accessories and arrange them in a proper way that suits them best.

By arranging the furniture and seating stuff, you can easily measure the space, and it will help you in getting the right size rug.

Before buying a rug, there are a lot of questions in the mind of the buyer like what centimetres or inches suits the best? What should be the rug size under a dining table? Are rug runners a good choice for hallways? No worries you can easily get the one of your choice and taste at the rug store. 

For choosing the right size rug read the given below article

Rules for deciding the right size rug

●Centimetres and inches

●Sizing tips

●Rug position

●18-inch rule

●Doubtful situations

●Use tape for measurement

Styling ideas

●Furniture arrangement

●Coffee tables

●Twinning layout

●Half layout

**Centimetres and Inches

Rugs are usually available in the measurement units of centimetres and inches. Try to take the measurements in these units. Rug gallery has a wide collection of rugs in these standard units. This scale will help you a lot in finding the right size rug that suits well to your place.

All the measurements might get different from brand to brand and from designer to designer. So first measure your space and then buy a rug.

**Sizing tips

It is not easy to select a rug from a wide variety and innumerable designs and patterns. So select a rug that fits the entire idea. Given below are some rules and tips that will aid you to find out the point from where you should take a start confidently. Right size rug for the room is essential in enhancing the look of the room.

**Rug position

First of all, decide a position for placing the rug. Try to place the rug in a position that gives a natural and sophisticated overview. You can select a rectangular rug for a rectangular-shaped room. You can position the rug in a longitudinal or parallel organisation. The position plays a vital role in creating a great look. Right size rug for a room that is correctly positioned gives an amazing impact overall.

**The 18-Inch rule

Suppose you are interested in buying a large size rug that covers the whole space, then the 18-inch Rule will help you a lot. Buy a rug that will be able to leave an 18-inch space between the corners of the rug and wall of the room. This Rule can be followed for small spaces as well. In this case, you will decree the margin so that the overall look will not get deteriorated.

**Doubtful situations

Certain situations will let you in doubt. Sometimes two rugs are similar in sizes with some minor differences, in such situations always buy a rug that is quite larger. Large size rugs will give a better look, and it makes the home more spacious however this situation is opposite with small size rugs.

**Use tape for measurement

You cannot take the exact measurement just by visual interaction with space. You have to use some proper criteria or methods for taking the right measurements. One of the easiest methods to take the right measurements is by using the masking tape. Use the tape around the area for which you are going to buy the rug. This is a good idea and time friendly approach. Right size rug for the room can be easily found by using this method.

measurement of rug size

Rug size guide differs from area to area

Suppose you are going to buy a rug for a foyer or right next to your bed. The accent is a good choice. This size ranges from 3’x5′ to 4’x6′ these are small circular or round rugs. They can fit in the other nooks as well.

Area rugs usually have a size range between the 4’x8′ 6’x9′ and 8’x8′. Area rugs have diversity in their usage. Area rugs can be used in the seating area, in the living rooms, in the dining halls and wherever you want. You can read the complete details regarding area rugs in the blog section. Area rugs are available in the rug store.

For the living room, 8’x11′ or 9’x13′ rug sizes are the best sizes. Rugs in the living room provide warmth and cosy feeling. You can use the room rug in any shape that suits your style and taste. You can select the one from the rug gallery Columbus.

Rug runners usually have a size of 2’x8′ to 2’x10′ these are designed for the narrow passageways. They can be used in the halls and entrances.

Some important considerations

1. Rug size for living room

To have a brief idea about the rug size for a living room, you have to follow some idea. First of all, do the proper scaling. Arrange the furniture and other accessories in such a way that they will show harmony. Your furniture is not supposed to be floating all around in the room.

living room rugs

Try to group things to create more space. Select a rug size that is quite large as compared to the space you have selected. You can select a rug that is a few inches large and spare some bare space in the room. Large size rug will be a focal point.

2. Rug size for dining room

For choosing the right size rug for dining room, dining room rug, buying is not quite easy. People usually have a concept that the size of the rug under the dining table should be the same as it is on the top. But this is not true. Small size rug will ruin the style and decoration.

Rug size for dinning room

Rug for the dining table should be large enough that it can hold the chairs easily and efficiently. In this way, you can easily move the chairs on the rug. Choosing the right size rug for the dining room is very easy if you follow the right rug size guide for its determination. you can visit the rug gallery for choosing the right size rug for the dining room.

3. Bedroom rug size

Bed room rug sizes are not difficult to select. You can select the rug of your own choice but make sure that it will not affect the style and decoration. Purpose of adding a rug in the bed room is to have a comfortable feel underfoot.

bedroom rug size

Rugs in the bedrooms can be the conversation points as well. You can select any shape as well. Rug runners are also suitable for the bedrooms. You can find a perfect rug for your bedroom at the rug store.

4. Rug Size for hallways

For hallways, runner rugs are a perfect choice. These rugs can easily handle the traffic and hold all the dirt that is sticking on the shoes. For a perfect runner in a hallway, you can follow the idea that there should be some space left on the sides of the floor.

Rug size for hallways

If there is some furniture in the hallway, then it should be placed in such a way that legs would not reside on the runner.

5. Rug size for accent

Rug size for accent

Small size accents are the best ways to add style and flavour to decoration. These rugs are a good choice for foyers and small nooks. This rug should be wide enough so that it fits the best. You can select an accent rug from the rug store.

6.  Size for runner rug

Runner rugs are the narrow rectangular rugs. These are the best choices for hallways. However, beyond decorating the hallways, you can also add a runner rug in the bathrooms, bed rooms and kitchens. Select the appropriate length that goes along with the furniture. Selection of length is more important when you are planning to buy a runner rug.

Runner rug

After selecting the right size rug, rest is all about placing and decorating the space with these signature pieces. You can select the colours and patterns regardless of the size. Choose the one that is best for your location. Never choose a rug when you are in a hurry. This is a good investment and its value increases with time

Which rug size is right for my room?

A rug accomplishes more than look and feels dazzling: it can likewise bind together furnishings, make a point of convergence, or split an open-plan room. Rugs add warmth and magic to your room. You can use your artistic approach with this rug. Rugs are not only pieces of fabric. Much attention is required for buying the right size rug.

Some of the few styles are given below. You can use these for better and improved style.

Furniture layout in this layout legs of the furniture will reside on the top of the rug. It is one of the best methods to have a great look. More defined furniture arrangement enhances the decoration of the space all around.

Right rug size for room

Half on Half layout

This is the perfect layout. In this approach, half furniture resides on the rug, and half is on the bare floor. This approach is good at creating illusions. Armchairs and sofas will give a great look in this way. In this situation, no doubt the chances of both the things to get damage are more than putting it completely on the rug. Your furniture on the bare floor will damage the floor covering.

Coffee table

Coffee table layout is a great way to improve the decoration sense. In this approach, the rug is placed just under the coffee table. You can only extend it to the sofas. This is a good layout for closed and compact spaces. Try to leave some space between the coffee table and the sofas. It would be a good idea.

The twining layout

Twining layout is one of the most favoured layouts with the rugs. In this layout approach, two rugs that are matching are placed on both sides of the bed. Rugs must be outside, and the furniture legs will not lay on the top of the rug. This is a great idea to have good contrast with flooring as well. Always select the rugs that are of the same length with the bed. This is an ideal situation and gives an eye-catching look as well.


The golden rule says that one rug size will not fit all the spaces. Whenever you are speculating about the right size rug, one thing is 100 % sure that the rug that fits in your living room might be the worst choice for your dining hall. So size varies from place to place.

However, there is some standard size that is much helpful in selecting the right size rug. Rug charts will help you a lot in finding the right size rug. Rug gallery Columbus has innumerable options and a proper rug size chart that will aid you in getting the right size rug without any confusion. You will never have a bad experience at the rug store. 

Frequently asked questions

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1. What size of rug should be in the living room?

To have a brief idea about the rug size for a living room, you have to follow some idea. First of all, do the proper scaling. Arrange the furniture and other accessories in such a way that they will show harmony. Your furniture is not supposed to be floating all around in the room.

Try to group things to create more space. Select a rug size that is quite large as compared to the space you have selected. You can select a rug that is a few inches large and spare some bare space in the room. Large size rug will be a focal point.

2. Does the rug pad must be of the same size?

No rug pad should be smaller than the rug size. It must be selected wisely otherwise it will have a detrimental effect on the beauty of rug. Improper rug pads will affect the embellishment as well.

3. What size of the rug should be under the king size bed?

For rug under the king size bed always keep the bigger is better rule in mind. Select the rug size that is large enough to cover the whole space. It would cover the whole space in the perpendicular direction. However for a queen size bed you can follow the 18 inch rule mentioned above in the blog post.

4. How to choose the right size of an area rug?

There are three basic size choices whenever you think of buying a right size area rug. These choices are 5×8, 8×10 and 9×12. Keep in mind that the rug should be large enough so that all the furniture must be placed appropriately on the rug.

5. How to pick the right size rug for a room?

Standard rug sizes for a bedroom varies according to the size of the bed. But don’t get confused about having the right size rug buy a rug that is larger in size. You can get the king and queen size rugs at the rug gallery Columbus.

6. How to choose the right size rug?

Finding a right size rug is a real challenge. Because rugs are meant to make the room bright and spacious. Never buy a rug that is small. Always choose the bigger size. The golden rule also states that “bigger is better “so choose a rug that is better.

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