5x7 Rugs for Home

The living room, bedroom, or dining room can all be covered by a rug that is 5x7 in size, which is perfect for large rooms. 5x7 rugs' expansive dimension gives your interior area a daring appearance. Depending on your preferences and the style of your interior, select 5x7 rugs in any color, design, style, and material.

Our online rug store has a huge selection of 5x7 rugs that are featured at low prices and offered in a variety of sizes, designs, and colors. Are you unsure of the best location for your 5x7 area rugs to leave the desired impression? All you need to know is this:

Perfect Spots to Place  5x7 Rugs

You must consider a number of aspects when putting 5x7 area rugs in your house. The location of the rug in your home is the most important of these considerations. 5x7 outdoor rugs are super deluxe to transform your outdoor space. Here's how to guarantee the ideal appearance for the specific spots.

5x7 Rugs in Living Room

A 5x7 area rug can be a wonderful focal point in your living room, enhancing the usefulness of your flooring and giving the room its best appearance. Choose a rug for your living room that is 5x7 in size based on the wall color, furniture, and flooring colors. Make an effort to contrast. For instance, a traditional oriental or Persian 5x7 rug with eye-catching colors and exquisite details would offer the perfect contrast in a neutral-toned living room. So use a 5x7 rug in living room and enjoy the cozy gathering with your friends and family.

5x7 Rugs in Bedroom

Due to their enormous size, 5x7 carpets fit perfectly under queen and king beds. In order to greet your feet instead of the chilly, stiff floor when you awake in the cold winter mornings, make sure that a section of the rug extends beyond the three sides of the bed.

For your bedroom, trust the quality and have a delightful 5x7 rug under queen bed or you can also consider our later 5x7 shag rug. We guaranteed comfort!

5x7 Rugs in Dining Room

5x7 rugs are suitable for a large dining room with seating for more than 6 people. Even in a dining room that seats eight people, they can extend beyond and encompass the full sitting area. Dining rooms typically reflect your hygienic, orderly personality. Therefore, a dining room with a mix of contemporary and geometric rugs would leave every visitor and guest with the ideal impression. To achieve this, check out our collection and you will be in love with our black and white rug 5x7. 

Shop  5x7 Rugs Online from Rug Gallery

We have a beautiful selection of 5x7 rugs at Rug Gallery, all at great prices. We are also delighted to offer our collection of 5x7 indoor outdoor rugs.  Discover these enormous carpets' styles, colors, and designs to make the best decision! Today, you can also go to our showroom, which is close to Columbus, Ohio.


  • How big is a 5x7 rug?
  • A 5x7 area rug is wide enough to entertain your bedroom, dining room, living area, and even small hallways. Choose the best quality area rugs from our collection.

  • Can a 5x7 rug fit in a washing machine?
  • a 5x7 rug will be washable if you have a washing machine for 5 cu ft. Before putting your rug into the washing machine, make sure that your rug fiber is washable. 

  • What size rug pad for a 5x7 rug?
  • A rug pad that is 4'10" x 6'10" and the same thickness would be ideal for a rug that is 5' x 7'.