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    Oriental area rug

    An Oriental area rug is usually a woven heavy textured textile typically made for decorative and utilitarian purposes in non-Orient countries for household use. We have oriental weaver rugs that are traditionally used for interior decoration. However, these rugs have gained more popularity as decorating accessories and modern-day interior design features.

    The foundation of our rugs was built on three major types of weaving processes: vertical loom, horizontal looms, and needle loom. Vertical looms used yarns pulled between two upright poles, horizontal looms were used to weave fabrics over long distances, and needle looms allowed finer yarns and designs to be woven into fabrics. However, we have a huge collection of oriental rugs for sale at affordable prices.

    You can select oriental rugs by size because the rug gallery sells various eye-catching types of oriental weavers' rugs online. The most common styles are the heated carpet, which consists of a single thread that is pulled through yarns to create a fabric, and the pallet weft, which consists of several horizontal looms that are interconnected through eyelets on either side of a frame. Furthermore, there are many varieties of outdoor oriental rugs including Persian oriental area rugs, Chinese rugs, and Turkish oriental carpets.

    The material used in Oriental Weavers Rugs

    There are several common types of materials that we use in making brown oriental area rugs. Two of the most common types of materials are silk and cotton. Silk is considered by many to be the best of the materials available, however, it is more expensive than cotton. Additionally, you can add our latest wool oriental rugs to homes and offices. So, both the cotton and silk grey oriental weaver rugs are often used in conjunction with other materials to provide more vibrant and vivid colors, as well as to add additional texture and protection to traffic areas, such as floors.

    Add oriental rugs for a stunning look

    Oriental area rugs can add an elegant touch to your home, office, or business. It is easy to clean a quality blue oriental weaver rug because it is easy to spot loose threads, stains, and signs of wear and tear, such as thread ripped stitches, fringes, and bald spots. However, because these carpets are made from natural fibers, you must also be aware of the proper way to care for and maintain them. Proper maintenance will ensure years of enjoyment and protection for your investment.

    Stunning color choices 

    A rainbow of colors is possible to produce today with ease, but it used to require artisans to master a labor-intensive process. There are several colors that are common to oriental rugs, including blue, red, cream, black, and brown. The blue oriental rug has stood the test of time, despite the vibrant colors of many rugs today.

    The beauty and history of pink oriental rugs are timeless. In spite of other design trends coming and going, oriental rugs have remained popular. As well as blending seamlessly with traditional and rustic interior design, red oriental rugs have rich colors and intricate patterns.

    Sizes of our oriental area rugs

    We have the size 2x3 oriental rugs, which are 2 feet by 3 feet square. Our rugs are not as popular as some other sizes because of the difficulty in arranging furniture around them, but 2 x3s can be used effectively to create a focal point on a wall or room divider if placed against one. On the other hand, our 5x7 oriental area rugs are the best choice to arrange luxury furniture in the room. We also have 4x6 oriental carpets in various designs and styles.

    Why choose us? 

    Rug gallery in Columbus has various types of inexpensive oriental rugs. You can buy from us an affordable and reliable oriental area rug at a wholesale rate. So, we have the latest oriental rugs for sale.

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