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Our rugs make a hard surface look better and more comfortable. You can complete the section of your room with our contemporary, traditional, runners, geometric, and round rugs. Our rug knot, material, and designs bring a meritorious look to every room. With rug gallery, you can make your shopping simple to buy rugs online from wide collection of colorful rugs & carpets. We do not just display products in various sizes, styles, and colors at our rugs store online; we always sell to our customers what we display proudly. So, make your darkroom brighten with our quality rugs and protect your woodfloor from robust rugs.

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Our best-loved rugs, out of the more than 15,000+ we’ve sold.
Cascades Leavenworth
Regular price$58.30 From $35.00
  • Blue
Cascades Shasta
Regular price$58.30 From $35.00
  • Blue
  • Grey
  • Wheat
Cascades Yamsay
Regular price$58.30 From $35.00
  • Grey
  • Wheat
Cascades Tehama
Regular price$58.30 From $35.00
  • Sand
  • Blue/Grey
  • Silver

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The freshest style of the season, straight from the loom to your home.

What Sets Us Apart

Sheer sophistication! – Something we take pride in and something we believe sets us apart from other rugs vendors in Columbus. Now, you may find stylish and modern rugs all around Ohio, but here at Rug Gallery, we offer a perfect blend of exquisite, modern, traditional, and durable rugs in USA at affordable rates. Explore our endless collection and buy rugs online today!

What Our Customer Saying

We value the legitimate suggestions and reviews coming from our esteemed customers – In fact, it is the gratification of our customers that keeps us driven towards our aim of providing elegant rugs online at the best prices. Have a look at the reviews & the expressions of fulfillment from our valuable guests at Rug Gallery.

Girl in a jacket

Sudi Pramod

I bought these 2 rugs for my house and I am very happy and satisfied with the purchase. This place has good collection of high quality rugs. Staff is kind and patient. They helped me to choose the right rug. They also packed the rug and loaded them into my car. I highly recommend this place

Girl in a jacket
Girl in a jacket

Levin Askin

We recently bought these two rugs for our new apartment and they fit perfectly! We loved the white and grey tones on these amazing rugs! Lastly Sabir was very kind and helpful, assisted us to choose the rugs. Highly recommended!!

Girl in a jacket
Girl in a jacket

Saiyan warrior

The Salesman was a very respectful calm understanding and great person. We gave him a hard time putting down and taking out multiple types of rugs and he did them without any hesitation. We wanted a great deal on the rugs and he did. And did his very best to make us happy when we left.

Girl in a jacket
Girl in a jacket

Crystal Hall

Our experience was lovely. We were trying to keep to a color palette. The store owner even lowered the rugs for us to see them laid out. He was very patient and noble and treated us with much respect. He showed us every rug until he found us the right one.

Girl in a jacket

Rugs By Size

Every room has a different area.; that is why customers search for rugs in several sizes—it is important that you select the right size of rug for your room based on your design goal. For example, you have to select different sizes of rugs for the hallway, living room, kitchen and dining room. It is important to make sure the rug is proportionate to your space (large rooms require large rugs) etc. Orientation is positioned to echo the size (long rooms would need oriental lengthwise). The distinction between bringing the space together or letting it feel out of proportion can be made by a few centimeters. You can buy rugs in different sizes: 3 x 4, 2 X 8, 3 x 8, 3 x 5, 4 x 6, 7×7 RD, 7×7 Square, 5 x 8, 2x3, 8 x 11, 8 "Round, 10 X 13, 12 x 15 if you visit our online rug store.

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Why our Rug store online for affordable rugs?

Our online rugs store makes it easy to find desired rugs. The rug gallery is the best option in Columbus, Ohio. Following are the benefits of buying area rugs online in the USA.
  • Convenience for shopping
  • Huge rugs collection at better prices
  • No crowds option or time-saving
  • Discounts rugs
Our beautiful rugs not only add warmth but class to any room, regardless of the era. Our online rugs in Columbus, Ohio, look wonderful in modern and contemporary spaces or the traditional grand Victorian look for that elegant and historical touch.

Buy Rugs for the kitchen

Online shopping for quality area rugs online may often feel overwhelming. We have rugs for sale in different sizes; our small-size rugs are the perfect choice for the kitchen. If you select an appropriate design of Modern rug, make your home alluring but, in a space, you do a lot of standing carpet runners can also give greater support and comfort. If your kitchen contains brown wooden cabinets, you can use traditional brown and gray color rugs.

Buy area rugs for the living and Dining room

We sell premium quality rugs in small, medium, and large sizes. If you have modern furniture in your room, you can try our contemporary rugs. We have elegant designs and colors in modern rugs. Maybe your living space will reflect your personality more than anywhere else. So develop a noticeable statement in the living room with our wonderful area rugs. Now at our rugs online shopping store, you can see huge variation rugs for the dining room. The dining room is a crucial room of the home. You can impress your guests, colleagues, family, and friends with our stylish and colorful rugs. Furthermore, you can buy online rugs in several sizes and textures for the dining room. If you’re your dining room contains a wooden dining set, try out brown and beige area rugs for an eye-catching look.

We are the best Place to buy rugs

We sale affordable oriental rugs in Columbus Ohio at affordable prices. Sometime your buddies ask, where to buy a rug near me? If you live in USA, we are the best Place to buy area rugs online. In addition, if you are trouble to find affordable modern rugs online, you have to put a query in the search bar “best rug stores near me online” and explore our huge collection of rugs.

Buy discount rugs online

If you want premium quality and affordable rugs, buy our rugs online. We have a huge collection of rugs including, contemporary, traditional and transitional. On our platform, you can buy discount rugs online. Now it has been easy to buy rugs from our online rugs store. Our foremost aim is to provide good quality rugs. Our rugs are stylish, colorful, durable, and reliable. You will not feel any regret about our rugs. Our online platform makes it easy to buy rugs online in the USA, such as you will have the option to select rugs by colors, sizes, and style. You can find our online platform by searching discount rug stores near me online.

Trustable rug dealer in Columbus, Ohio

There is nothing more satisfying than putting modern rugs in every room of the house. We're confident that we have the perfect rug for any space. As the best rug dealer in town, we offer soft underfoot feel rugs if you want to have a lively or calming atmosphere. Rugs for living rooms create the look of your house in the room where the entire family gathers. Our rug stores in Columbus Ohio offer rug that is durable, washable, and stain-resistant

Rug store with comfortable rugs

Our area rugs can endure the daily wear and spills without difficulty. Our modern rugs for outdoor use are an excellent option for any deck or patio that creates perfect areas for relaxing and talking. In addition, dining room rugs will add a special touch to your meals. Just ensure you choose an oval, round or rectangular rug that is large enough to accommodate the guests who can sit down in chairs on the floor!ne.

Durable and reliable material used in our rugs

The most common rug materials, such as wool, cotton, and jute, to the lavish and trendy ones, like silk, leather, and polypropylene: we deal in top-quality fabric. We are the best rug dealer in Columbus, Ohio, who bring reliability and quality to one place. Moreover, our stylish wool rugs are a deal-breaker for many buyers. Our premium quality modern and oriental rugs sell like hotcakes.

Affordable deals on rugs

Rug stores (near me) offer a variety of attractive options for simple designs and those with more sophisticated preferences. Similarly, at rug gallery, we deal in up-to-date wool, sisal, and hand-woven designs of rugs. Of course, they're more expensive, but they are worth the price, and you'll be grateful for the choice. Their colors are in trend and include lots of neutrals, greys, and an occasional pop of color. Ruggallery also offers versity of Rugs for sale online Which are the best rugs with minimalist designs.

Design and style options

As reliable rug dealers, we offer endless color choices, and rug styles, from transitional to traditional to modern. Best store to buy area rugs in Columbus, Ohio, features a range of stylish rug shades that are both moving and visually appealing. It includes powder blue and two shades of navy along with grey area rugs, black and other shades. These beautiful rug pieces are hand-tufted and made of wool. Of course, they come in a range of colors, styles, and costs.

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