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Before accessing this page, please read attentively the following terms and conditions of access. Both users of this Web site agree to the following terms and conditions and other relevant regulations concerning the access and operation of this Web site. Please do not use this website if you do not adhere to these terms and conditions.


You will adhere to our privacy policy through the use of this site. To read more about our best practices to safeguard the privacy and protection of the information you provide us, please visit our privacy policies page.


You should be mindful that you must keep your account number, password and access to your computer private. You consent to be responsible for all the operation on this platform and for your password.


Rug gallery shall be not responsible, while Rug gallery is told of the opportunity for such losses, for any unique or consequential liability arising from the usage or the failure of the use of the materials on this website or the performance of the items. No restriction on the absence of liability or incidental or indirect damages can be awarded under the applicable statute.


Our platform only offers a guideline for the processing times, the average time of available goods (ETA) and delivery times. Rug gallery does not promise time limits for shipping. Any special or consequential charges incurred by the customer due to delay in item delivery is the sole liability of the customer.


For our product descriptions, Rug Gallery tries to be as unintentional as possible. However, the rug gallery does not guarantee the authenticity, completeness, durability, existing or error-free product specifications, diagrams, photographs, sheets and other materials on this website. If a product you buy from us is not as defined, you can only return it in unused condition


These Requirements apply when you visit the web and/or complete the login or shopping process. For all purposes, these terms and conditions can be finished at any time without warning at the rug gallery. The copyrights, logos, disclaimers, liability limits, reimbursement and diversity clauses shall remain in effect


You consent to keep such details up to date if you use rug gallery materials, and rug gallery is not responsible for notifying you or otherwise notifying you of any updates, corrections, additions, deletions and replacements which may be to the web and/or to the content.


Rug gallery reserves the right to modify or update these terms and conditions without prior notice. We reserve the right to add, correct, change, delete or substitute any information, information or site content at any time.

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