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New AlbanyLocated in Franklin County, Columbus with a small portion extending into Licking County. Being a growing suburb, it is a bright and colorful place to live.

Depending on the choice of the area you live in, this city has a lot for everyone. The residents of New Albany love to make their homes super luxurious and comfortable. With beautiful interior maintenance, they give particular attention to their flooring. Including most flooring elements, explicitly the contemporary area rugs, are more common. This can be interpreted as a representation of their luxurious lifestyle.

Rug Gallery got you covered with every modern rug design. We take pride in providing our services to the people of New Albany. Therefore, if you want to get discounted rugs for your flooring in an affordable price range, contact us and get your situation solved. Our durable and reliable area rugs are perfect to complement your bedroom, living room, dining room, and even outdoor.

Our Services

With our massive collection of eye-catching and modern-style area rugs, you can make your space outstanding. Regardless of any location, you can still get our premium services through our online rug store. From New Albany, you can order our high-quality cabinets at affordable prices. We serve the people of New Albany with the following services.

  • Offering a variety of modern rug styles such as Traditional rugs, Transitional rugs, Bordered rugs, Abstract rugs, and many more
  • Have plenty of area rug sizes to meet your requirement such as 2x3 rugs, 9x12 rugs, 8x10 rugs, etc
  • Offers plenty of color choices to choose from including black, blue, and multirugs.
  • All rugs in quality material
  • Guaranteed durability and reliability
  • Allows you to choose rugs in several sizes, designs, and colors
  • Offering discounted rugs
  • Offer to shop rugs online

Rugs By Styles In New Albany

In the same way that many statement pieces can be interpreted in different ways, Rug Gallery allows visitors to imagine the rug's style, patterns, and overall display in countless ways.The type of area rug you choose may go with certain themes and styles, depending on what you pair it with.

Rugs By Sizes In New Albany

Rug Gallery offers a wide selection of runner rugs in all sizes, allowing you to choose the perfect rug for any space. Whether you want rugs in your living room, dining room, hallway, or outside, you can find them that fit your needs.

Rugs By Colors In New Albany

In all of our individual rug collections, you’ll find a wise choice of fashion-smart, alluring colors that accentuate the brilliant designs Our rugs are categorized according to their color palettes to make it easier for you to find the right decorating idea based on their shades and tints.

Girl in a jacket

Sudi Pramod

I bought these 2 rugs for my house and I am very happy and satisfied with the purchase. This place has good collection of high quality rugs. Staff is kind and patient. They helped me to choose the right rug. They also packed the rug and loaded them into my car. I highly recommend this place

Girl in a jacket
Girl in a jacket

Levin Askin

We recently bought these two rugs for our new apartment and they fit perfectly! We loved the white and grey tones on these amazing rugs! Lastly Sabir was very kind and helpful, assisted us to choose the rugs. Highly recommended!!

Girl in a jacket
Girl in a jacket

Saiyan warrior

The Salesman was a very respectful calm understanding and great person. We gave him a hard time putting down and taking out multiple types of rugs and he did them without any hesitation. We wanted a great deal on the rugs and he did. And did his very best to make us happy when we left.

Girl in a jacket
Girl in a jacket

Crystal Hall

Our experience was lovely. We were trying to keep to a color palette. The store owner even lowered the rugs for us to see them laid out. He was very patient and noble and treated us with much respect. He showed us every rug until he found us the right one.

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Shop From The Reputable Rug Store In The USA

When it comes to flooring, there is no better solution than modern rugs. It is the decor of the home that reflects the personality of the homeowner. You will find a wide variety of home essentials at Rug Gallery that are tailored to your particular taste and needs. With our one-stop shop for home necessities, you can pick from a wide variety of affordable and high-quality area rugs in New Albany.  Our products come in a wide range of sizes, shapes, colors, patterns, and materials to match your home's decor. With Rug Gallery's abundance of options, you have an abundance of choices.

Get A Wide Collection Of Area Rugs At Rug Gallery

At Rug Gallery, You have endless choices in terms of fiber, texture, and color, no matter what you need. In our Rugs collection, you'll find everything from traditional rugs to contemporary, transitional, oriental, and everything in between. Through our online rug store, we are sure you will find the ideal area rug that fits perfectly in your budget and your space. Visit our rug store in New Albany or shop online and get yourself a unique element of comfort.

Promising Quality And Affordability

Making our customers our high priority, Rug Gallery is committed to providing quality material products that last longer. We offer eco-friendly, renewable area rugs made from natural fibers at The Rug Gallery. Whether you are looking for chunky jute and sisal rugs, light, and airy cotton rugs, or warm wool rugs, we have everything for you at affordable rates. With our abstract rugs, you can decorate your bedside table or family room to your heart's content. Visit our store in New Albany and discover the perfect area rug for your space even inside or outside.

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