Style Your Home With Our Shag Rugs In Columbus, Ohio

With thick fibers and tall pile heights, our shag area rugs are soft and plush with unique textures. These rugs look great in living rooms, bedrooms, nurseries, and even kids' rooms. Our favorite would be the Bliss Mercia White shag Rug, a stain-resistant, non-shedding design having a 2.5-inch pile height. It's also perfect since it's pet- and kid-friendly. This rug is perfect for areas with low traffic and cozy corners of your home. 

Modern Shag Rugs In Stylish Colors In Columbus, Ohio

If you want comfort, a shag rug is the one to go for. Once staples of the 70s, they have made a major comeback. Its deep, fluffy pile is perfect for sinking your toes into and bringing extra texture to your decor.

The shag rug has more variety than people realize. In the 70s, these styles started to appear in American homes as people became interested in international design and furnishings that are casual and comfortable. The shag rugs at Rug Gallery are available in various sizes, styles, and colors:

  • Black Shag Rug
  • Green Shag Rug
  • Blue Shag Rug
  • Cream Shag Rug
  • Perfect Shag Rug Sizes For Your Perfect Home 

    If you have a large space, our 8x10 shag rug will be perfect for you as it will make your room look even larger while giving you comfort. If you want a classic vibe, go for a "shaggy rug" or "sheepdog rug" that has a fluffy, dense pile. 

    Meanwhile, our 9x12 shag rug is perfect for your bedroom and it will cover your whole floor giving you a fluffy, comfortable walking area. You can style our Area rugs with sofas, and tables as well.  If you want a cleaner, chic look, you can go with a solid red shag rug or another solid-colored rug.