Shag Area Rugs

Defined by their long, lush fibers and soft, dense pile, Shag Rugs bring a sense of luxury and coziness to your living spaces. These rugs are not merely the floor coverings but the statement of comfort and style. At Rug Gallery, explore the modern design of Shag Area Rugs effortlessly complements contemporary decor styles, adding a chic and trendy element.

Shag Area Rugs By Size

Explore the diverse designs and sizes in our Shag Area Rugs collection, each promising a blend of contemporary charm and timeless indulgence. From the cozy comfort of small rugs to the expansive elegance of large rugs, find the perfect fit to enhance the style and comfort of your living spaces. 

8x10 Shag Rug

Create a focal point in your room with the cozy comfort of an 8x10 Shag Rug. This moderate size allows you to anchor your furniture and create a well-defined seating area. The 8x10 size of the Shag rug is well-suited for living rooms, providing ample coverage without overwhelming the space.

9x12 Shag Rug

The larger size of a 9x12 Shag Rug is perfect for defining separate zones. Featuring expansive elegance, 9x12 Shag Rugs are designed to transform larger areas into luxurious retreats. 

Shag Area Rugs By Color

Shag area rugs come in a variety of colors that blend luxurious comfort to your space. Every rug brings a unique composition of classic luxury and modern charm. From the bold sophistication of a black Shag Rug to the immaculate elegance of a white Shag Rug, choose the perfect color to update your decor. 

White Shag Rug

The pristine elegance of white brings a sense of purity and tranquility to your space. The white rug is ideal to enhance the feeling of spaciousness and calmness.

Black Shag Rug

Black is a timeless color that exudes glamor and sophistication. Elevate your decor with a touch of drama and modern elegance by choosing our black Shag rug.

Green Shag Rug

Green Shag rugs create a refreshing and harmonious atmosphere. From earthy greens to jewel tones, explore our collection and find the shade that resonates with your decor style. 

Blue Shag Rug

Evoke a sense of calmness and tranquility with our remarkable collection of blue Sha rugs. From deep navy to vibrant turquoise, our collection of blue Shag rug adds a touch of contemporary elegance to your decor.

Gray Shag Rug

Discover the modern neutrality of Gray Shag rugs, providing a versatile backdrop for various decor styles. These rugs serve as a neutral base, allowing you to experiment with other colors and patterns in your decor.

Pink Shag Rug

Add a touch of playful elegance to your space with a pink Shag rug. Whether in soft pastels or bold magentas, a Pink Shag Rug is a delightful addition to bedrooms or areas where you want to infuse a sense of charm.

Immerse your space in a plush comfort and vibrant haven of contemporary charm with our exquisite collection of Shag rugs. Visit the Rug Gallery now and transform your home into a haven of comfort and style!