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Area Rugs dos and don’ts

by Rug Gallery 03 Sep 2021
Area Rugs dos and don’ts
An area rug is an overwhelming addition to any place. It is simply not more than a carpet. However relatively much smaller than the overall dimensions of a room. Indoor Area rugs are lightweight, plush and portable beautiful pieces. These rugs exist in a wide variety of colours, textures and patterns. One of the most fantastic things about rugs is that they fit in every space irrespective of size, shape and dimensions.
Rugs are an excellent alternative to wall carpets. Furthermore, rugs are easy to clean and maintain. Switching an indoor area rug from one colour to another and one to other patterns is relatively easy. Whenever you get bored of existing decoration, or want to replace, add this ingredient and relish a whole new look. Redecoration is much easier now.
Don’t move in a hurry. Take a deep breath. You cannot buy a rug in one go or blindly. There are always some rules and tips that you must remember.
Area rugs dos and don’ts
Always make a checklist first. Moreover, prepare a dos and don’ts list. Nonetheless, whether it's your simple luxurious bedroom or fancy hotel, an executive farmhouse site or distinctive lounge, some elements always add extra shine and beauty to your place.
To maintain a comprehensive look with your pretty snug sofa, fairy lights, wall paints, and furniture add a rug to enhance consolidation. You can buy rugs at rug gallery Columbus.
Have you ever wondered what the proper steps to Use a rug are? Given below are some of the Dos and Don'ts that will help you a lot. Apart from just buying and placing it, follow some tactics to make the process undanting.
No doubt spending dollars on your area rug is frustrating enough if it will not favour other embellishments. To get rid of severe consequences afterwards, just Read the post given below.
Dos for area rugs
  1. Outspread area rugs under furniture
  2. Always leave equal spaces on both sides
  3. Place rugs in high-traffic zones 
  4. Always follow cleaning guidelines
Outspread area rugs under furniture
While selecting an area rug for the living room find out a piece that can easily hold all furniture. A rug that extends easily beneath the furniture. For instance, in a living room rugs should be large enough that all the furniture items are on top of the carpet. The second idea that goes in favour is that upfront legs are on the rug with half on the bare floor.
Outspread area rugs under furniture
For other locations such as the dining room buy a rug that is quite large. One rule states that the best rug for the dining room is the one that holds all the chairs with easy movement. Chairs should be on the carpet even after movement. In Dublin Ohio buy large rugs from The rug gallery Columbus.
Always leave equal space on sides
Idyllically, leave an equal on all sides of the area rug. The floor should remain equally naked on all sides. You can follow 8 -24 inches on all sides.
Always leave equal space on sides
Using an 18-inch space is standard. Your primary purpose is to make a rug a focal point. You can leave less room for small areas and vice versa.
Clean Rugs
Place rugs in high-traffic areas
Validate thoroughly! Cover high traffic zones with hard rugs. Use the rugs that can handle heavy wear and tear.
Place rugs in high-traffic areas
Cover the whole expanse. Don't leave some space. People should place one foot on the floor and one on the rug. It will complicate the scenario. It's quite stroppy and bumpy and can cause damage to both base and carpet.
Always clean area rug by following cleaning guidelines
Try to follow the right cleaning tips. Always read the instructions mentioned on the rug guide. Wool is delicate and needs careful cleaning.
Always clean area rug by following cleaning guidelines
However, sisal jute and other rugs are made for heavy wear and tear and need regular cleaning. Consider your budget and space needs before buying an area rug.
Don’ts for area rugs
  1. Don't go for wrong rug sizes 
  2. Don't buy bedroom rugs randomly
  3. Don't be too touchy about rug colors and patterns
  4. Don't place delicate rugs in the rugged zone
Don't go for wrong rug size
Selection of the wrong size is one of the prime mistakes. While buying a rug always consider size measurements. Small size rugs no matter either your favourite blue area rug or favourite black rug size is essential.
Area rugs
Decoration goes well with large size rugs. Small size rugs will cause absurdity. Don’t make the wrong selection because of the more resonant price tag. Rugs are an excellent addition, so make the right decision.
Don't buy bedroom rugs randomly
Buy a rug for your bedroom that extends across the bedroom. You will not like to step on cold and hardwood flooring on a perfect winter morning as compared to a perfect smooth rug on your floor.
Bedroom Rugs
Take proper measurements. Preferably buy a rug that is large enough to extend on both sides, for twin beds consider 12 inches as an ideal choice. For, the king or queen size bed is considered a perfect measure of 18 inches. It is a standard estimation. You may vary measurement according to size.
Don't be too touchy about color or pattern
Rugs are a great inoculation to any place. Rugs add value, warmth and comfort to your location. For a fun feeling, consider and embrace nice colour combinations and patterns.
Don't be too touchy about color or pattern
Don’t buy by going out of your budget. Buy a one that is easily replaceable whenever you feel bored.
Don't place delicate rugs in rugged zones
Don't shop for a rug that is delicate enough to deal with your place. For high traffic areas make a wise choice. Don't ignore colours and patterns but buy a piece that adds temptation as well as can handle severe wear and tear. Keep an eagle eye.
Don't place delicate rugs in rugged zones
Please don't buy the rug that is wool and spread it on the entrance. Wool rugs work well in bedrooms. For entry points, buy sisal or jute. Consider incidents for spills and stains. Find out a one from the broad loam category. These mats are easy to clean, but no doubt, stains are always difficult to remove regardless of rug material.
Easy to clean area rugs are available in the rug gallery Columbus. Don't make your life difficult. Find a tough carpet if you have pets and children in your home.
A rug is worthless if it is not clean. To maintain cleanliness, browse the internet or buy some branded detergents rather than using your homemade cleaning solutions.
Moving towards summary, a room is restless and incomplete without adding a rug -no matter what type of home you own. Either your home is traditional, contemporary, or a mixture of two rugs will always work. Rooms look more welcoming and restful with this simple addition.
Choose wisely. Indoor area rugs work as mood transformers. Rugs Beautiful tone, great colour patterns and the right size will add extra flair. At the Rug gallery Columbus you can quickly get affordable area rugs. Rugs at discounted prices will mesmerise your home.
Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions
Why should I add a rug pad under an area rug?
Rug pads provide safety. Area rugs with rug pads remain in their place. Incidents such as falls, slips and trips reduce to maximum. Rug pads enhance the life span of rug.
Why to add an area rug?
Rugs are wonderful mediums to add value, warmth and colours. Rugs serve as a focal point of your location. Your place looks 100x more attractive with these tiny but great ingredients. Adding a rug that is according to overall embellishment puts a great aesthetic effect.
Can I use two different area rugs?
Yes you can use two different rugs. You can use two rugs with different patterns and colours. If your room is large enough, make different styles and add them. It will give a whole new look to your room.
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