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How to Decide on the Size Of Area Rug For Your Bedroom? | Perfect Rug Size for King Bed

by Muhammad Erenay 15 Jun 2023
rug size for king bed

Bedrooms are always challenging to decorate, especially regarding the floor. Do you want to make it classy yet comfortable? What do you think of incorporating area rugs in your bedroom? 

A perfectly sized bedroom rug can soften the acoustics, making your bedroom cozy and relaxed. Various Rug Sizes are available, but choosing the right size for a king bed is always challenging. Knowing which size fits in your space depends on the room-by-room layout. This is important as it will be a perfect fit when it is time to unroll the rug.

rug size for king bed

Regardless of design and style, when choosing a perfect size and orientation, ensure the proportion to the space. If you have a large bedroom, a large area rug is required. Similarly, choosing the right rug that echoes its dimension is sometimes tricky for the smaller room. Consider the size of your bedroom, its shape, furniture orientation,  and placement. 

The right rug can bring life into your room and unify the decor. But before going to start shopping, there are certain things to consider. Decide on the right size of the rug and the face for its placement. Taking the correct measurements well narrows down your choices. A little homework will make it easier to start sifting through rugs' styles and colors.

Perfect Rug Size For various King Bed

rug sizes for king bed

Typically, a bed is a centric element placed on one bedroom wall. It is ideal for placing the bedroom rug centered underneath the bed. However, the space is less significant than having a rug to land on comfortably.  

If you have a wall-to-wall carpenter, you are looking for a bedroom rug to enhance comfort. While staying in style, considering the right bedroom rug size will add more functionality to your room. Here are some rug sizes to determine the right size for a king bed.

Placing the suitable Rug Size with Queen Bedrug for king bed

In a room with a queen-size bed, both an 8' x 10' and 6' x 9' is the best rug size for a queen bed. The 8' x 10' rug would provide additional coverage underneath the nightstands and leave about three feet at either end of the bed for a bench seat. On either side of the bed, the rug would give a border of 18 inches, and at the foot, it would give about 12 inches.  Whether you choose the 8'x10' or 6'x9' size rug, ensure enough coverage for your bed and decent comfort.

Place Suitable Rug Sizes with King Bed 

A large rug, such as a 9'x12' or 8'x10' rug, would be well proportioned under a king-size bed, covering almost the whole bed and nightstands. The rug should leave 2 feet under the foot around the bed. Also, consider jute rugs for king-size beds. 

king bed rug

Use suitable Rug Size with Full Bed

With only 15 inches on each side of the bed, a full-size bed is 5 inches shorter and wider than a queen, giving you more rug space around the bed. Both 8'x10' and 6'x9' rugs would work very well. There could also be two rugs that are 3'x5' on either side of the bed, creating ample cushioning on both sides.

Placing a rug under your whole Twin Bed

Most standard-size rugs would fit with a twin-size bed, leaving enough rug space around the bed. If you prefer two smaller rugs on either side, one 3'x5' rug would be perfect.

If you have two twin beds, putting a small rug between them is recommended, either a 3'x5' rug or a 5'x7' rug. A 2.5'x7' or 2.5'x10' runner rug would also look great running across the middle or side of both twin beds. 

Do you have different ideas about choosing the right rug size for your bedroom? We at Rug Gallery have all types of rugs to transform your space into a clean look to break up the floor space. Here are our decent rugs in various Styles, Colors, and sizes.


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Rug Placement For A Better Bedroom

Identifying the right spot for your work placement will create a better impression in your bedroom. Create a unified look with a decent area rug wide enough to accommodate all your furniture. You can place a large bedroom rug under your bed if you have a more oversized bedroom. Maintaining a proper distance of a few inches from the walls is the key.

Keep The Front Legs On By Using Suitable Rug for King Size Bed

Create a cohesive look for your bedroom with a beautiful room-size rug. If your furniture configuration does not allow you to place a rug under your bed, you can tuck it just above the outside of your bed. Also, if you have created a seating area in your bedroom, you can place the front legs of your sofa and chairs to unite your seating area.

You can choose a round area rug for your bedroom for an unconventional idea. This will distinguish your sitting area in your bedroom. Choose the perfect rug size for a king bed. 

Furniture placement with best size rug for king bed

Consider the area rug if you have a lovely day bedroom and want to organize it better. The right size of the area rug is enough to fit your bedroom. You can accommodate a soft rug to fit your bed and both nightstands. For a more oversized bedroom with a rug size of a California king bed, a rug of 8x10 size is perfect for accommodating along its end table. You can also place small rugs perpendicular to the nightstands to give your foot a comfortable touch in the morning.


8x10 Rugs


Round Rugs


Square Rugs


Runner Rugs

Add Perfection with a 6x9 Rug Size for King Bed

If you already have attractive flooring in your bedroom, you can still have the comfort of a bedroom rug in your room. Consider incorporating the 6x9 foot rug under your bed only. This is the perfect rug size for a king bed. Place this rug up to the nightstands to experience soft cushioning where it matters the most.

Keep your attractive flooring alive by keeping the bed on your bedroom rug. Select an ideal rug size for king size bed. Choose relatively more minor rugs that do not overlook your beautiful flooring. The small rugs are cost-effective too.

Flank Your Bed Sides with a Durable Runner Rug

Bedroom rugs allow you to play with a variety of choices. Consider incorporating a small runner rug on both sides of your bed. This is a budget-friendly option that brings comfort and luxury at the same time. Placing rugs on either side of the bed will give you a soft feel. Feel the coziness while getting in and out of bed. It provides an ultimate style at a fantastic fraction of the cost.

Choose The Right Rug Size for King Bed

big rug size for king bed

Rugs have become the ultimate furniture element that completes the bedroom interior. With so many designs, styles, and material choices, select the rug that perfectly suits your space in size and aesthetics. Use small runner rugs at either side of your bed to fit the bedroom rug with plenty of walking space.

Traditionally, rugs are placed perpendicularly across the bed in the room. There must be at least a distance of 10x10 feet. Also, ensure no more difference than 2 feet from the bedroom walls. 

Choose from the variation. Some bedrooms are smaller while some are wider. Break down your choices on the room’s layout and furniture orientation. It might seem like decorating your bedroom, but selecting the right or wrong rug can make or break your composition. Every space is different, so create a cozy and comfortable room with the perfect rug size for a king bed that works for you every season.

Tips For Non-standard Rooms And Layouts

Every room is built differently. Not every room has hardwood floors and centered beds. Below are some tips you can use if your room has a unique layout:

If your bed’s one side is against the wall: Opt for a 5x8 rug and tuck around inches of it lengthwise under the bed’s open side. This gives the illusion of a bigger room while providing plush comfort on the floor.

If your room has carpeted floors: Put a 5x8 or 6x9 area rug lengthwise under the bed. Put two inches on it under the footboard. This way, most of the rug’s design will pop out, adding flair to the room. Regardless, you will get a soft landing for your feet since the floor is already carpeted.

If you only want some rug under your feet: Lay down two 8-foot runners on either side of the bed, ensuring there are two inches of bare floor between the sides and the bed. Use a rug pad or tape to avoid spills.


After determining which size you want, various rug options exist for a king-sized bed. Considering choosing a rug is a challenging process, it will take you some time to decide the style you want depending on your furniture and the overall look of your home. You can also talk to the store specialist for the best guidance. Our guide to choosing the correct rug size for your king-size bed will help you choose the perfect size ensuring your room shines.

Frequently Asked Questions

What size rug for a king size bed is perfect?

No matter your design or material, a standard rug should extend 18 to 24 inches from all four sides of your bed. This design principle is ideal for determining the perfect rug size for a king bed.

What size rug for the bed is ideal?

The rug size depends on the furniture orientation and the layout of your room. There is no hard and fast rule. However, a rug of 9x12’ in size would be the perfect consideration place under the king bed. 

What size rug for a king bed will fit in your bedroom?

If you own a cal king bed, any rug covering the area of 9x12 foot will fit in your bedroom. Choosing this size allows you to accommodate your bed frame, nightstands, or even the foot bench at the foot side of your king bed. 

What size of rug should you choose for your bedroom?

There is never a strict rule for choosing the bedroom rug. However, depending on your bedroom's size, layout, and furniture composition, you can select the right one that perfectly fits your needs. 

How long can a rug sustain?

The durability and reliability of your bedroom rug depends on its construction and usage. Taking proper care can maximize its longevity. 

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