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Rugs: A definitive guide ( All you need to know)

Rugs: A definitive guide ( All you need to know)

by Rug Gallery 03 Sep 2021

Adding a rug is a soft and straightforward idea to transform any place. Not only for changing the look of your location but a rug also changes your entire mood. Due to certain practical and functional benefits, rugs are becoming a staple ingredient while home redoing.

From adding a unique foundation to warming your house and absorbing noise , rugs play a significant role.Homes are not carpeted these days, so most homeowners look for a rug as their perfect floor cover. Rug buying is not so daunting if you know the facts then it is an effortless process.    

Rugs exist in various types such as area rugs, indoor rugs and outdoor rugs. As far as rug styles are concerned, rugs exist in traditional, contemporary and transitional forms. Rugs are designed using both natural and synthetic materials.

To know about the rug,weaving process is also essential. Handmade and hand-knotted rugs are highly different from machine-made rugs. Rugs are available in various colours such as black, blue, red and all primary and secondary colors at rug gallery Columbus.

Just by adding a rug, you can make your home decoration extraordinary. In a nutshell, a rug is a simple decoration element. Rugs serve as a multitask-er to add some unique chic and entirely cover all the imperfections. Let’s plunge deeper about everything that you may need to know about rugs.

Rugs Guide

Why do we need rugs?

Rugs for home

There are certain benefits of adding a rug in your place. Ideas for adding a rug goes beyond specific reasons for its appearance, elegance and style. Undoubtedly look, colours and size of rugs are dynamic factors behind rugs purchase.

Besides decoration, an area rug is a perfect addition. Rugs cover the hardwood floor, tiles and although laminates in a significant way. Certain elementary factors intrigued you to add a rug on your floor.

Area rugs are an excellent addition—these rugs provide a unified look and bring all the elements together by adding an accent taste. Perhaps afar adding the rug, to add style its other benefits cannot be overstated and underrated.

So just begin with the basic rug benefits that are remarkably conceivable.

Benefits of rugs

Benefits of Rugs

Sound reduction

An area rug plays a significant role in reducing the annoying sounds and echoes in any place. Rugs not only provide a quiet walk on the hardwood but also well in absorbing noise from the air. Hard surfaces are not good at absorbing sounds, so adding a rug is the best way to calm the environment.


It was quite evident that rugs are softer than hardwood. Undoubtedly people agree with the fact that rugs provide more comfort than tiles and laminates. It is suitable for the skin and has good flexibility. Rugs are useful in providing the desired comfort to your tired body cells.


Certainly, rugs are useful in providing comfort, but warmth is also an undeniable factor. Rugs create warmth and make the cold environment cosier and warmer. This is one of those benefits that are obvious on basements where the ground floor is cold.


Rugs are significant decoration elements. When combined with bed covers and cushions, they provide a fantastic texture. Combine all your home embellishments with the rugs to add uniqueness and flavour to the home display.


Rugs are good for health. Previously carpeting causes specific allergies, and people usually have to suffer a lot. Rugs are easy to clean, and regular cleaning prevents them from causing any health side effects. So better use a rug as compared to carpets.

Cover Imperfections

Sometimes there are a lot of flaws in old houses. The uneven or cracked floor may ruin your location. To add an inordinate look and to cover a cracked and bare floor adding a rug is not less than a blessing.

Types of rugs

  • Traditional rugs
  • Contemporary rugs
  • Transitional rugs
  • Abstract rugs
  • Border rugs
  • Oriental rugs
  • Geometric rugs
  • Persian rugs
  • Southwestern rugs

Traditional rugs

Traditional rugs

Traditional rugs are so attractive and superbly knitted rugs that describe the ornate designs and even the minor details. Tradition rugs add superfluous beauty to your home. When they are combined with the right furniture combination, the whole house gives a great traditional look. Traditional styles came from the history of the 18th and 19th centuries.

Traditional runners have an embedded mixture of French and English, mostly influenced by French culture. Classic styles are comparatively rustic. These styles are well-designed and prescribed. In short, they are the silent decoration of your home rather than a thrilling popup.

Traditional rugs


Traditional rugs

Contemporary rugs are branded by bold colours, contrasts, and random patterns. These patterns are sometimes geometrical, and most of the time, entrenched elements are free form.

Contemporary rugs wherever they are placed, bring a great artistic sense and a wide array of styles to synchronise the place with harmony, style, and creativity. Black Contemporary rugs are so elegant that they can work in any area of your home.

Transitional rugs


Transitional rugs

Transitional rugs are the mutual combinations of both the traditional and contemporary rugs.They occur in a wide variety. Comparing and combining different colours makes them much more versatile than any other carpets if you are interested in the modern trend.

Transitional rugs with bold and dark colours give your room a comprehensive look, and those with light patterns and placate hues are the ones that tie your furniture, and when both are harmonised, they put an incredible impact on the spectators.

They are so flexible that they fit anywhere if you have selected wisely. Suppose you are an adorning courtesan and want to update your home decoration scheme from time to time then these transitional rugs are best without mounting your budget.

Abstract rugs


Abstract rugs

Abstract rugs are exclusive and have no reiteration in design in the overall pattern. Abstract patterns are very much similar to the art form. These rugs use the shape, form, colour, the method that is not dependent on the pictorial veracity. Abstract patterns are not only decoration pieces. but they add a real twang to homes.

Geometric rugs


Geomatric Rugs

These are so flexible. On the off chance that you are exhausted with the current improvement add a rug, that enhances  style and variety.Hexagons, polygons, straight lines, and jewel-like shapes are the  geometric rugs.These rugs add fun and improve the magnificence of your home.

Border rugs


Border Rugs

The border rugs are the curative and similarly useful home fixings. These floor coverings add an interesting pizzazz and an extraordinary allure. These rugs work a great deal in establishing the whole area. Border floor coverings are delicate and warm.

Floor covers with borders ,incorporate a vast extent of tones, styles, and Materials. The limits of such tangles can similarly move in width, style, and Materials explanation.

Oriental rugs


Oriental rugs

Oriental rugs are genuine bits of craftsmanship. Fine art on the Oriental carpet is fine and evergreen. These carpets never leave a pattern for hundreds of years. With the passage of time the value continues expanding.

More established the rug, the cost and the other way around. Tones utilised in the oriental floor coverings develop as time passes and give a selective mellowed look to the available carpet that no recently conceived rug can have. These rug runners have dazzling magnificence and stunning plans.

Persian rugs

Persian rugs

Persian rugs  are wealthy in plans, and the actual example they own is the flower designs. They have intense plans for brilliant and lively tones.

These rugs have high hand knitting and show advanced compaction. A portion of the Persian floor coverings have right around 500 crews for every square inch, and the no of knots continue expanding with the quality and size of the carpet.

Persian themes are remarkable and typically own vital pieces, such as emblems, spandrels, and comprehensive illustrations on boundaries.

Southwestern rugs

Southwestern rugs

One of the generally known rug patterns is named as the southwestern rug pattern. This pattern is preferred all around the world. This is a mix pattern combination supported by a beautiful bucolic look. One of the best features of the southwestern design is that this works well with all kinds of colours and tones.

Ikat is one of the popular southwestern patterns. This southwestern pattern is not particular for any space it suits with all kinds of homes. Southwestern pattern is traditionally known for the diamond shapes. Ikat is a curvy tribal rug pattern, and it adds warmth to the place.

Materials for rugs construction

  • Natural material
  • Synthetic materials

Natural materials

Natural Material

Rug material is an essential factor in choosing a rug. Indeed! Rugs play a fascinating role in making looks better and enhance the functional characteristics. Can place rug in homes, hotels, offices, corridors and even on staircases. If you are buying a rug merely for decoration purposes, you may end up having a plethora of options. Wool, silk, sisal, jute, bagasse are the natural Materials You can use these rugs only in low traffic areas. A natural area rug will fit in your style and purpose.

Natural Materials mainly include

  • Wool
  • Cotton
  • Silk
  • Jute
  • Bagasse

Synthetic materials

Synthetic materials

Synthetics based rugs are also known as human made rugs. These rugs are highly durable and work in both high and low traffic areas. Synthetic rugs are made of rigid fabric material that can handle rough wear and tear up to a great extent. Synthetics based rugs are an excellent choice for pets and kids.

Necessary synthetic rug materials for rugs construction include

  • Polyester
  • Polypropylene
  • Acrylic

Rugs patterns

Rugs patterns

Deciding on the patterns is the real thing and a real struggle. The pattern must be unique and unforgettable. It will add a chic to the home. To find out the rug and print the patterns of your own choice, you can gravitate towards  choosing custom rug patterns.

Points of Rugs Pattern

Rug Dublin Stores Columbus Ohio offers you the premium quality rugs with a great variety in the rug pattern

  1. Floral pattern
  2. Geometrical pattern
  3. Southwestern patterns
  4. Trellis pattern
  5. Abstract patterns
  6. Distressed vintage rugs

Rugs In Homes

Rugs In Homes

Rugs are the affixes that can transform your home and all the nooks and corners beautifully. Whether you are changing your home or thinking about the renovation of an old one. One of the most important things in both the processes is rearranging the furniture and deciding the place of rug that you are choosing to place.

Finding the right area rug is a real challenge. It's not easy to determine the pattern, the colour and the design. Size measurement is also a challenging task.

You can quickly fail in the exact size measurement. You can use the rug in many places of your home, such as your dining room, your living room bedroom and even in the kitchens and bathrooms.

Dining rooms

You can place a rug in the dining room. A dining room rug enhances the overall look and improves the dining experience. Comfortable dining is all that you want. After a Hectic day, peaceful dining is a magical solution to deal with all the tiredness.

You can place a rug under the dining table in such a way that all the chairs can slide and roll easily. For a dining table, you cannot follow half on the half rule. You have to place the chairs entirely on the rug.


Rug runners that are suitable to the colour scheme of the kitchen can be used. They are used in the vicinity of the sinks. Kitchen rugs are designed so that if these rugs encounter any moisture, they will not take a long time to get dry.

Living rooms

Buying a rug for a living room is quite tricky. You can buy a carpet for a living room by taking proper measurements. First of all, you have to measure the size. Keep in mind that the colour scheme of the surroundings is essential. Buy a rug that suits the walls and the residing furniture. You can use abstract colours with some bold designs if the walls are light and neutral.


Bathroom rugs are low pile rugs that can handle the moisture. Jute rugs, shaggy rugs, and the other rug rugs are the best and most convenient bathrooms rugs. Rugs are so versatile that they rectify all the places and add beauty no matter where they have been placed. Bathroom rugs display your great artistic sense and add astonishing look  to this place beyond imagination.


For a rug selection for a bedroom is usually followed by the size of the bed. A king-size bed is almost 9'x12' and a queen size bed is 8'x10'.

Always select the rug that fits the size of your bed. Select a large size rug for large beds. You have many options for placing the rug. You can follow the partial method. Place half of the bed on the carpet and half without it. Bedroom rugs are variable, and you can easily change the bedroom rugs depending on the choice and your room decoration. (ruggallery)

Rugs In hotels

Rugs In hotels

Hotel Lodgings and the business need a great deal of focus in giving solace along with the privilege to the visitor. Purchasing rugs for the inns are generally viewed as in the improvement terms. In Different perspectives, for example, the extravagance and comfort of the individuals coming and apartment in the lodging are habitually ignored.

Adding an area rug and material deck is one of the rich patterns being followed up in the hotels. It is a generally intricate assignment to give all the things under one rooftop. In any case, half of the issues will get tackled by adding a carpet.

On the off chance that you have ever visited a hotel, you may have thought regarding the adornment conspire to show how well all the things are overseen and orchestrated. If you check out the inn space, you see some enrichment on dividers, set furnishings, containers, and a few extras on the table that are vital for the guests' fascination.

Rugs in offices

Rugs in Offices

Adding a rug to the workplace is vital to change regularly. Rugs in the workplaces and working environment are the ideal approach to mirror the soul, style, work, and general morals of the organisation. Much the same as the handcrafted floor coverings have their specific personality and when these carpets sit in your office, they will likewise upgrade the ethos of the workplace. This exceptional floor covering will be one of a kind expansion to your organization.

Making an entertaining office space is a wellspring of motivation, innovativeness and profitability.Nature of work in any workplace relies profoundly upon the workplace. Agreeable and rich working spots will improve the capacity of the workspace and lift their spirits each day.

Adding a rug in the workplace is certifiable, not a much-embraced thought up to this point. In any case, in this blog, you will discover the rules and how you can improve your office's appearance is an incredible way.

Floors of the workplace are customarily uncovered, and traffic sounds on such bases are very bothering. Including a floor covering such exposed feet is a lovely method to light up the workplace's appearance. To change the workplace and to feel like home, a rug is one answer for some issues. You can get the floor coverings at the carpet exhibition Columbus.

You can't work in an exhausting spot. It will tire your spirit and body. Regardless of possibly, you are working in an organization office or utilizing your homeroom as an office. You generally need some appeal and tones to work by adding a rug. All the exhausted spaces will change into the formal and enriched rooms.

While redesigning your office, most importantly, put some consideration regarding the floors. To invigorate the look, change the ground surface idea. You can utilize the hardwood flooring or can likewise cover the bottom. However, you can do anything; adding a rug is the genuine exertion, and how you use the rug is the actual battle.

Cleaning Of Rugs


Cleaning Of Rugs

Care and cleaning are fundamental to rug determination. Purchasing a mat and straightforwardly setting it over isn't the finish of the game. When you are buying a rug, you need to deal with it and to clean it till the end. Floor covering cleaning isn't attractive; it's direct.

To add your insight, vintage and the more established floor coverings are more substantial and remarkable when contrasted with the new rugs. New floor coverings may have underlying complexities when contrasted with the more seasoned ones. Here goes your mat cleaning guide as per the various materials that you may have

  • For rugs composed of natural material, you can spot clean them, and steam cleaning is additionally a decent choice. For these rugs, you can choose the vacuum cleaning choice too. These floor coverings promptly ingest the earth and garbage.
  • For fleece rugs, you can wash them with a gentle arrangement. You can locate a reputable brand in the retail plaza to make for cleaning. Apply  the cleaner with a toothbrush to eliminate the stains.
  • For different mats that are  fragile,search for some expert cleaning administrations.
  • You can utilize mild detergents to eliminate smells and odours.
  • Mats are the best expansion to your inside enhancement. Try not to disregard their cleaning else you should endure actual results later on.

How to buy rugs online?

How to buy rugs?

Area Rugs buying process is tricky yet so interesting. Before selecting your ideal rug, you may need to consider no of  factors. Room style, overall decoration, furniture, cushions, curtains and bed sheets are the significant parameters that enhance the overall rug effect. The rug is not merely a focal point, but it's a statement that defines your taste personality and reflects everything around.

However, there are some essential points that you must know before buying your dream rug.

Rug buying tips

  • Right size
  • Colours
  • Patterns
  • Rug Materials
  • Weave
  • Rug pad
  • Area
  • Style

Let’s discuss each aspect in detail.



You can use a rug to enhance the overall look and beauty of your room. The colour scheme of your room rug matters a lot.

Rugs Colour Graph

Carpets serve as a foundation for your room's colour scheme. You can buy a transitional, traditional or contemporary rug first to your furniture or vice versa.


Rug Size

Size selection is incredibly essential. An area rug that is not of the right size gives a messy feeling and seems awkward throughout its life. Correct size and placement of contemporary rug is vital and cannot be ignored as well. One golden rule that will help you in the right size selection is that it is always larger. Buy a rug that is large enough and can accommodate all the furniture over it.

At the rug store, we offer authentic traditional arts and craft deco with a contemporary touch. If you are looking for the rugs near Dublin Ohio, select the rug gallery for the best rugs.

Without any budget constraint, you can get the high-quality, luxurious rugs at the rug store.

rugs exist in three basic sizes

  • large rugs
  • medium rugs
  • small rugs

however extra large and extra small rugs are also available depending on your need and choice.


Rug Patterns

Choosing a rug pattern is not easy. Pattern selection in the rug is significant and integral to the whole decoration. Rug patterns can add beauty and enhance the overall look of the room. Rug patterns add variety to the decoration. There are various rug patterns that you may not know before buying a rug. Read the complete rug guide so that you may not have any difficulty in finding the right rug pattern for your home.

Before deciding on the rug pattern and to avoid extreme confusion, first of all, you must have a clear idea about the basic rug patterns. Visit the rug store Columbus at the earliest.

Rug Buying Tips

Rug materials

Rug Materials

For aesthetic distribution, there are a lot of descriptive elements. Rug Materials is one of the staple elements before you go on buying a rug. The right selection of rug Materials will make a huge difference.

Wool cotton silk and jute falls in the category of the natural Materials for rug construction. These are durable with a long life span. These rugs are good at hiding dirt. These rugs are eco-friendly, but they are not cost-friendly. If exposed to water spill, they will not be able to retain their original look.

Polyesters, nylon, polypropylene and acrylics are the synthetic materials that are used in the rug construction. These rugs are stain-resistant, less costly, and very easy to clean. These rugs quickly get damaged by the bacterial and insect attack. These rugs are unable to handle the spills. These rugs need quick replacements as compared to the other ones.



Besides the idea that rug variety is mainly available on size, colour, design, pattern, and weaving techniques, how the rugs are made is imperative. There is a big difference in a handmade rug and a machine based rug.

So before buying any rug for your indoor and outdoor area, always consider the weaving method employed to design a carpet and bring it in its parent form.

The rug is a complete and unique piece of art that allows you to sleep, eat and play in one place. It is one of the mysterious interior decoration parts with excellent characteristics and unique patterns and colour combinations.

Rug pad

Rug Pad

Adding a rug pad is also crucial. Rug pads enhance durability and also provide safety. Whenever you buy a rug, buy the same size rug pad so that your rug will live its full life span.

Rug style

These days, rugs are getting famous, and they are in the pattern. Patterns accessible in rugs are generally reliable, textural, free structure components, Materials shapes and flowers. Rugs style brings the individuals' interests and consideration when they are put in a blend with the conventional furniture highlight. Rug styles are currently viewed as an indispensable piece of the contemporary style homes.

The correct shading will coordinate wonderfully with the space in your home, and it will pass on an alternate feeling frequently ,whenever you take a gander at it. Area rugs can turn into the point of convergence of the room, mainly if they give the essential wellspring of shading.


Area Rug

Last but not the least, area is essential. Consider the extent and location before buying a rug. Don't overstate the size else you will buy a wrong carpet that is not worth your entire investment.

Some common mistakes while Rug Buying

  1. Never buy a rug that is too large or too small. However if you are confused then its better to buy the larger one because large size rugs are capable of holding furniture in a great way.
  2. don't buy rugs randomly. make sure you have a good idea about the colour scheme and other embellishments.
  3. Don't bother much, consider the area and find out the best pattern.
  4. Buy a rug regardless of your home style. rugs are multipurpose elements that can make your home worth living.


Rugs are aesthetic transformers of your home. Rugs are capable of adding designs, chic and elegance to your place. Area rugs, when placed indoors and outdoors, give a realistic 3D outlook. Rugs are the staple elements regardless of the home style. They are lovely primary components that ensure excellence warmth and enhance the dramatic look.

Frequently Asked Questions

Rugs Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take an area rug to flatten?

First of all, place the rug in the room where you wish to place it. Appropriately arrange the furniture, make sure that it will be sitting on the corners. Almost in two weeks the area rug will get flat. Place your furniture in the area where it belongs. If the rugs develop curls, you may add roll it in the reverse direction to make sure it's normal as before.

How do you take care of area rugs?

  • Properly vacuum the area rugs.
  • Frequently rotate area rugs.
  • Keep furniture away
  • In case of spills, don't do DIY cleaning.
  • Professionally cleaning is required after six months or one year

What are Persian rugs?

Persian rugs are signature pieces, and these are not mere rugs but a perfect part of the carpet. These rugs are rich in colours and have so many fascinating designs. Persian rugs are designed using natural, wool, silk, and other vegetable dyes rather than synthetic. Rugs with Persian origin are so elegant and beautiful that they cannot be overstated.

Can I put rugs in the washer?

Yes if the rug material is suitable for washing, you can wash it in the washer. Always read the cleaning guide before cleaning the rug.

How to determine the quality of hand-knotted rugs?

One of the best ways to determine the quality of hand-knotted rugs is to find out the no knots on the backside. Higher the no of knots higher is the quality of the hand-knotted rug

How do I wash my wool rug?

Never apply harsh chemical or abrasive reagents on a wool rug. Better clean it with mild solutions and wash it with a gentle press. In severe cases, consult with professional rug cleaners.

Is it OK to use a vacuum cleaner over a new rug?

Vacuum cleaning is a suitable cleaning method. For regular and weekly cleaning vacuum cleaners will work fantastically. All the dirt, scum and grim gets removed with vacuum cleaners. Keep in mind high pressure may cause the rugs to damage, so always apply gentle pressure.

What is the right size rug for the living room?

Always buy the large size rugs for the living rooms. The rug must be large enough that it can accommodate all the furniture easily. Small size rugs give a dirty and awkward look.

What kind of material is used in rugs construction?

Natural materials including wool, cotton and silk can be used. Except for raw materials, human made and synthetic materials can also be used. Polyester, nylon and polypropylene are excellent materials for rugs.

What is a custom contemporary rug?

Contemporary rugs that you can order especially are called the customised mats. You can quickly get a rug that defines the beauty of your place as a bold statement.

Should the color of rug match the wall color?

Rug color must be decided very carefully. Rug buying is a worthy investment in fact. Always select the colors that are prominent and add energy to your place. Rug is a focal point and uses a color that fits best. Use dark color with light colored walls and vice versa.

What are the important considerations while selecting a rug pattern?

Note down the colour of the space, paint of wall and colour of the furniture. If there are sharp colours, find the same rug. For the other colorful accessories, find out the rugs that work well with the throw pillows or bed sheets, try to make coordination between everything.

What to know before buying a rug?

There are specific essential parameters that you must know before buying a rug. You need to know about the location, size of a rug, know the weaves, see the material, consider the colour scheme, and finally buy your rug.

There are certain benefits of adding a rug in your place. Ideas for adding a rug goes beyond specific reasons for its appearance. Read more..
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