Border Rugs

When it comes to accenting your home decor with a hand-made decorative item, nothing beats a Custom border rug. We have border area rugs in a range of designs and colors. These rugs make great wall-hangings too. Our rugs make a practical, durable addition to any home decorating scheme. Because they are designed to match or contrast with existing furniture and accessories.

Appearance Matters

Our bold, block border will stand out and draw attention to an item, while a soft, plush rug will add softness and warmth to a room. We have many custom rugs that double as throw pillows on end tables, or serve as an attractive centerpiece rug in a kitchen area. Our rugs also create an inviting environment in which to dine. You can choose from us these rugs by color because our border rugs are available in various colors. If you're looking for a functional accent rug but would like to use a fabric that is not as expensive, try using our blue border rug as a backsplash or on buffet shelves. They make a fun, non-traditional look that still offers functionality.

Unique Color And Patterns in Border Rugs

Border rugs come with unique colors and bordered patterns to perfectly match your home interior and aesthetics. The bordered pattern adds an elegant touch of distinguishable style. Essentially, the pattern expands the design and reflects traditional design ideas. We owned a unique selection of border area rugs with a range of bordered designs that could fit one’s kind. Our precious area rugs come in a variety of colors and patterns. Applicable to all interiors, our white rug with black border creates a perfect balance of the ambiance of the floor. 

Functional And Decorative Border Rugs

To keep your love for carpet borders, we are intended to deliver the utmost aesthetics and necessary utility benefits. Try our sisal rug with borders to enjoy the blending of aesthetics with the right proportion. Also, our jute rug with black border is one of the customer favorites. We understand the importance of aspired delicacy and durability, so presenting our delicate collection of vintage daisy-bordered hazel rugs that would be a perfect choice for your intrinsically designed living room. 

Buy online border rugs

The best way to find a rug that matches your style is to go online and browse through the vast selections available. Rug gallery in Columbus has several types of border rugs. You can choose a color and design from the selection of border rugs. Our prices will vary according to the size of the rug, the materials used, and the intricacy of the design.

Rug gallery Offer Rugs in Various Styles

We Offer Rugs in Various styles like Traditional rugs , transitional rugs , Southwestern rugs , Border rugs , Contemporary Rugs , Geometric rugs , Oriental rugs , Abstract Rugs