Best Kitchen rugs

Are you considering a kitchen runner rug? The best kitchen runner rugs enhance your kitchen's appearance in addition to their practicality.

A rug transforms a space, making it cozier and more fashionable. Thanks to it, you'll also feel more at ease when preparing meals, and if you're used to having one in your kitchen, you could find that you can't live without it.

It is significantly more challenging to locate a kitchen rug runner set because kitchens come in all different sizes and forms. You undoubtedly have a dozen questions. Which kind of rug should I purchase? Should I consider kitchen washable runner rugs? Should I remain lit or go dark? Will a patterned mat alter the design aesthetic I'm going for?

Such a headache! Don't worry; we'll put your mind at ease and assist you in making a choice. You may select the ideal runner rugs for the kitchen by using the helpful guidance in the following paragraphs.

What Is the Size of Your Kitchen?

Before looking into rugs, one of the first things you should do is measure the space in your kitchen. You might be disappointed if you brought your freshly bought rug home only to discover that it doesn't fit your desired area.

Yes, there is a small amount of arithmetic homework to complete, but it should only take a few minutes. Consider potential kitchen rug designs once you've completed that little chore.

What Size of Kitchen Runner Rug Do You Require?

You have measured the size of your kitchen floor and must now determine what size rug to purchase. You must choose how much floor space you wish to display.

Basic measurements to consider while selecting your kitchen rug size:

  • Rug size for a large kitchen: Over 200 Square feet
  • Rug size for a medium kitchen: 100 to 200 square feet.
  • Rug size for a small kitchen: Less than 70 Square feet.

Kitchen Runner Rug Size for Large Kitchen

A single colossal rug may be placed on the floor in a sizable kitchen, or if the kitchen has an island, a runner or two can be placed on either side of the island. You can also get a long runner rug for kitchen. Your countertops' length should be indicated. This will significantly exaggerate the size of your kitchen.

Kitchen island + large kitchen = runner rugs. You'll be looking for rugs in sizes 3'x5', 5'x7', or runners.

Kitchen Runner Rug Size for Medium Kitchen

The finest rug alternatives for a medium-sized kitchen are an area rug or a single runner along the length of a counter (ideally, the counter with the sink). Adding more than one runner since it could make a medium-sized kitchen appear crowded and odd. The sizes to look for in area carpets are 3'x5' and 5'x7. If you prefer the notion of a runner rug, consider a 2.5'x7' rug in your kitchen.

Kitchen Runner Rug Size for Small Kitchen

Avoid lowering your head in shame! A kitchen rug may be used to adorn both large and small kitchens.

If you want to add a rug to your kitchen, keep it with something tiny like a 2'x3' or 3'x5' rug. A runner may also be included if it is 2.5' by 7'.

What Shapes Of Kitchen Runner Rug Are Available?

The majority of individuals start with a rectangle or square rug. It's a wise and fantastic approach to describe your kitchen in detail.

Half-moon rugs are another alternative that looks lovely beside the sink or in front of the stove. 

Even kitchens now include circular carpets, which is modern. Adding a rug with geometrical shapes is ideal for modern kitchen design.

Where Should a Kitchen Runner Rug Go?

The two common locations for kitchen rugs are the kitchen's center or the side of a countertop. You'll see several runners positioned just beneath the bar stools, encircling the island's side.

An excellent suggestion is to ensure the runner fits all the bar stool's legs if you install one. Also, avoid putting your carpet under your island because removing and cleaning it is difficult.

A carpet looks best when positioned in the middle of the room for various kitchen forms, such as the U-shaped kitchen. Small kitchen runner rugs look fantastic at the stove or sink. Avoid placing a rug close to a refrigerator since it will rapidly become dirty!

How Can You Match Your Kitchen's Colors To Your Rug?

Check out the colors in your kitchen to see what you have going on. You must select two or three of the primary colors in your kitchen to color match and tie in your ideal kitchen rug.

Remember that the color of your carpet might alter your kitchen's atmosphere. Colors in the pink, red, orange, and yellow families will feel energetic and warm. Your kitchen will have a relaxing effect if you choose green, blue, and purple hues. 

If you add a dark rug to a tiny kitchen, you've sacrificed a lot of room, even though it will look beautiful in a large kitchen. Adding a light rug to a tiny kitchen might feel more airy.

What Qualities Should Be Considered in a Kitchen Runner Rug?

The three essential qualities you should consider in a kitchen rug are slip resistance, stain resistance, and water resistance. In a kitchen, you'll come across all three.

Certain businesses spray non-slip rubber below their carpets. Non-slip kitchen runner rugs that suit your carpet's size may be purchased from certain companies, but others provide you with a choice. Purchase some rug gripper tape if you don't already have any of these alternatives.

Consider washable runner rugs for kitchen if you want something easy to maintain. Another feature that may be useful for you is a foam standing pad. They are comfy, water-resistant, easy to clean, and stain-resistant.

Is It Okay To Have A Kitchen Runner Rug That Is Too Thick?

Yes, it is the solution. Choosing thinner rugs is safer because it's too simple to trip over a more oversized rug in the kitchen. The kitchen would be the worst spot to trip over a rug!

The term pile can also refer to a rug's thickness. If you're at a carpet store and hear the phrase pile, you'll understand what they mean!

Rugs with a low pile are those that are 14 inches or smaller. Low pile rugs come in flat weave or Saxony styles.

What Decorations Do You Have in Your Kitchen Currently?

This is something to remember as you look for the ideal kitchen rug. If your kitchen is already adorned with solid and vivid colors, you should choose a neutral carpet to prevent the colors from clashing.

If your kitchen is more plain Jane than anything else, and you want to make it livelier, add a carpet in a single color or various colors. This is a perfect choice for people who live in flats and cannot alter the kitchen's colors and furnishings.

Stick to one motif when mixing kitchen rugs with other kitchen accessories. Too many color and pattern combinations might destroy your kitchen's overall style. However, the farmhouse kitchen runner rug is trendy because it can blend perfectly with almost any decor style.

What Kitchen Runner Rugs Go Well With Your Preference for Design Style?

It's convenient to shop for kitchen rug with a design aesthetic in mind. Here is a collection of style themes and the appropriate rugs.

Bohemian = a patchwork of bright colors with neutral or white cabinet doors.

Contemporary = A runner with a blue herringbone or diamond pattern.

Modern = light-colored wood flooring, countertops, and a black and white striped rug.

Rustic/Farmhouse = Neutral-colored jute or sisal flatweave runner.

Traditional = rich red Persian carpets, light-colored counters, and dark-colored cabinetry.

Playing the opposite game is the key. Combine a neutral hue with a bright one or a complex pattern with a straightforward, basic design. You can't go wrong with a vibrant rug in a kitchen with neutral hues.


You now have the answers to some of the more common questions concerning kitchen rugs. You have a guide to reference when choosing suitable rug designs, colors, piles, materials, and lengths for your particular kitchen.

Three things to remember when selecting the best kitchen runner rug are size, color scheme, and fabric type. If you can remember this, you'll be prepared to choose the rug for your kitchen. You can find a stunning 3 piece kitchen rug set with runner from our store at a very reasonable price.