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bathroom runner rug

From Materials to Sizes & Styles: Everything You Need to Know About Bathroom Runner Rugs

by Muhammad Erenay 18 May 2023

When rolling out a rug in your home, the bathroom typically isn’t the first vicinity you think about. 

However, just because it’s a small area regularly tucked away doesn’t mean it shouldn’t have a lovely rug! 

And because toilets are small, including a bathroom runner rug set is a less expensive and smooth way to up the beauty in a functional space full of furniture, storage regions, and bathtubs. 

So, How do you discover the best runner rug for a bathroom? We’ll fill you in on all you want to know about bathroom runner rugs!

What Justifies Having a Rug in the Bathroom? 

  • They soften cold, harsh surfaces and provide warmth. Typically, bathrooms feature tile or other hard flooring. Add a rug to your bathroom to warm up the hard floors and make it easier on your feet. We promise your toes will appreciate you!
  • They give charm and flair to a practical setting. Bathrooms are sometimes seen as the blah part of the home. Making the bathroom appear cohesive and as exquisite as the rest of your home may be difficult with its practical fixtures, tubs, showers, and mirrors. But that’s where rugs come in! Roll out a rug in the bathroom to easily add individuality to the room with only one piece. 
  • They aid in avoiding slips and falls. Bathrooms are particularly slick because of the hard floors and damp feet. Roll out extra-long bathroom runner rugs to prevent slipping or falling while in the bathroom and protect yourself (and any children in your home!) from injury.

The Best Rug Material Types for Bathrooms

Typically, a bathroom runner rug is washable. Although using gorgeous hallway runners made of Moroccan or Persian textiles in the bathroom is tempting, bathroom runner materials should be more absorbent and mold-resistant. Some of the best are on the list that is provided below.

  • Wool rugs are a great option for bathrooms. They are opulent designer staples that are water resistant due to the naturally occurring lanolin. Although they can cost a little more than styles made of other materials, they can last for many years if cared for properly!
  • Washable rugs may be utilized in any area, even the bathroom! Our washable runner rugs for bathrooms come in wool, shags, imitation leather, and a standard flat pile, so you may choose any style to take home. We appreciate the idea of washables in the bathroom, particularly for those who see messy child bath time.  Throw your washable bathroom runner rug in the washing and dryer whenever dirt or a mess is produced, and it will come out as clean as the day you bought it! 
  • Synthetic rugs, or those composed of materials such as polypropylene, are ideal for the bathroom. They are effortless to clean, inexpensive, and available in various stunning, vibrant hues. 
  • Cotton rugs are an excellent option for bathrooms and other areas with a lot of moisture since they dry fast and are simple to clean. Our bath mats are 100% cotton since cotton is a terrific material for bathroom rugs.

Bathroom Rugs In Various Styles

You may select from a wide variety of styles when trying to purchase a bathroom rug from Rug Gallery

It might be a good idea to measure your open bathroom floor and the length of your shower or bathtub before you buy your new bathroom rug. This helps you avoid purchasing a shower or bath mat that is inappropriate. 

There are no restrictions on how your runner rug in bathroom will appear, just as there are many styles from shaggy to traditional to modern. 

  • Traditional Rugs

For a splash of color and an eye-catching focal point, traditional block-color rugs made of materials like cotton or polyester may be an excellent visual addition to your bathroom.

  • Shag Rugs

A shaggy bathroom rug may have a cozy appearance and be quite absorbent. A textured, thick pile bathroom rug may give a touch of elegance as you exit the shower or bath.

  • Persian & Oriental Rugs

A wide selection of patterned bathroom rugs is available if you want something a little more modern. Persian rugs are available, giving your bathroom a distinctly modern appearance while keeping you safe. An antique rug for your bathroom, such as an oriental rug, may assist in creating a striking contrast between traditional and contemporary designs.

  • Hallway Rugs

Make a lasting first impression with our versatile and functional hallway rugs. These rugs are designed to complement the flow and decor of your entryway in various lengths and patterns.
  • Round Rugs 

Whether placed in the center of a room or under key furniture, round rugs are carefully crafted to add a dynamic and captivating element to your decor.
  • Runner Rugs

Runner rugs are ideal for maximizing both style and functionality in narrow spaces Perfect for hallways, entryways, and corridors, these rugs add a touch of design sophistication.

Are you willing to add a runner rug in the bathroom to make a statement? We provide a variety of rugs for usage in and around the house. We have a vast selection of high-quality rugs, whether you are searching for a sizable Persian-style rug for your living room, a cozy rug for your bedroom, or even a solid all-weather outdoor rug. You may reach us in person or place your order online!


What Size Rugs Are Suitable For Bathrooms?

A runner rug in the bathroom may create a warm atmosphere in your interior design scheme; choosing the incorrect size may frustrate your design objectives. 

Bathroom runners are more narrow than other bathroom carpets. Bathroom rug runner 24x60 inches may be used in large and tiny elongated areas. Even longer runners are available, like 6-foot bathroom rug runners measuring 71 inches. A bathroom runner can be inserted between the bathtub and the shower area to cover the base.

The sizes of bathroom rugs, from small to large, are listed here.

  • Standard Bathroom Rug Dimensions

2 x 3 runner rug for bathroom typically known as standard size rug. This size is proportional to the 60 x 30-inch standard bathtub size. 

The typical bathroom rug size is a good compromise between little and extra-large rugs and adequately covers your floor area.  It can also be put elsewhere, such as on the bathroom vanity.

If you're unsure what size rug to buy, measure and arrange your bathroom.  A typical bathroom is 36 to 40 square feet, and standard bathroom carpets fit there snugly.

  • Small Bathroom Rug Dimensions

When working in tiny spaces, make every inch count.  A modest bathroom rug size could be adequate for a roomier bathroom.

Put a rug or two in high-traffic locations like the area outside the shower or at the foot of the vanity.  The ideal size for this use is a 17 by 24 inches rug.

Adding little bathroom rugs with eye-catching designs and forms may improve your furnishings dramatically. 

  • Large Bathroom Rug Dimensions

Do you wish to make a statement? Long runner rugs for the bathroom may be used to accomplish this. They can brighten up your floor and keep it dry if they have a dimension of at least 27 by 45 inches. 

Long bathroom rug runners may have an opulent look since their brilliant colors and designs are more suited for larger bathrooms. Neutral choices are also available to go with your lovely bathroom engineered wood floor or art déco tiles if you're not a fan of complex features and vivid colors. 

  • Extra-Large Bathroom Rug Dimensions

Due to their stark, huge floor, master baths might appear dull. Installing an extra-large bathroom rug is one approach to creating balance.  

A well-designed extra-long bathroom runner rug becomes the focal point of your bathroom when it has a dimension of at least 3247 inches, especially if positioned in the middle. Consider Nordic, boho, and other prints. Additionally, you may purchase custom bathroom carpets in whatever size you need.

How Should You Choose The Colors For The Bathroom Rugs?

The bathroom might sometimes appear very antiseptic, but bath rugs let you inject some color into the space. Ensure that the one you select complements the room's tone and atmosphere.

Choose serene and cozy natural hues like browns, beiges, light greens, and white bathroom runner rugs to create a soothing spa-like atmosphere. Blues can also serve as a metaphor for the hue of the sea.

On the other hand, the colors you choose for the ensuite should closely resemble the duvet, drapes, or carpet hues in the bedroom.

Wrapping Up

The ideal runner bathroom rug should have the right size, look, and level of safety. Examining the available area in your bathroom, selecting a rug with anti-slip matting, and selecting a design that suits your bathroom can help you make an informed purchase decision. A high-quality, washable bathroom runner rug will last many years.

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